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The headlines tell a million stories. They tell of heartbreak, newfound love, devastating disasters, or gossip of the century. For Kendall and Annabelle Lee, they told a tale of what was once the hottest romance until it fizzled down to a burned down wick.

Teen's Hottest Romance Down the Drain!

Kendall Knight+Annabelle Lee= The Past?

Boy Band Breaks Actress' Heart!

Will They Ever Get Back Together?

Annabelle Lee and Kendall Knight blossomed into being one of Hollywood's hottest celebrity couples after Big Time Rush went on their world tour and Ghostbusters 3 was released. Together Big Time Rush and herself were launched into the spotlight. News of the two seeing each other only seemed to get them what felt like an infinite amount of publicity which Gustavo and her own publicist absolutely adored. However with their newfound success the two became incredibly busy, and they desperately tried to not let it cripple their relationship.

With Big Time Rush becoming incredibly famous, the boys were working harder than ever. At age twenty they moved out of the Palm Woods and the four of them decided to get a house together right on the beach. They were making music videos, going on tour, writing songs, and making so many appearances it seemed overwhelming, but of course the boys could handle it.

After Ghostbusters 3 Annabelle Lee's acting career really took off in a more mainstream light. She was offered a role in another television show that lasted four seasons on the SyFy network and she absolutely adored it, her strength seemed to be with anything paranormal, so she guest-starred on Ghost Adventures where fans of hers were able to watch her freak out after being scratched and burned by an unseen specter. Then she began to do more movies and guest star roles which really had her scheduled filled to the brim. With photo shoots and interviews, it seemed to be too much but of course she could handle it.

However the relationship between Kendall and Annabelle couldn't withstand the test of time.

Time just seemed to not be on their side.

Kendall Knight sat in his room the night before his birthday party and sighed glancing at the copy of GQ magazine on the bed. On the cover was Annabelle Lee lying on a bed with dark grey satin sheets. She was lying on her side seductively biting the stem of a deep red rose with petals surrounding her. She wore a tight red bandage dress that perfectly outlined her curves as she lay on her side. The title read Annabelle Lee Back on the Market and underneath, a subscript that read AL Tell All on BTR's Knight. Kendall of course had to find out just exactly what the hell was in that article. Granted it had barely been over a year since the two broke up, but the two had kept it well hidden until they eventually came public with their split just a few months before. Now at his age of soon-to-be twenty-three, he was still hung up about his ex-girlfriend and needed to know exactly just what she was saying.

The first question he read…

So Lee, it's true you're back on the market right?

Well yes it is true, I suppose I am on the market but I'm not quite…'for sale'? Oh that's such a strange saying! I am single, but I'm not trying to date at the moment.

Kendall breathed a sigh of relief, no need for him to see her dating anyone just yet, he still had time to mull over his break up with the love of his life. The article proceeded to ask her questions about what she did during her one year break from acting. This break conveniently occurred right after the two decided to split up, it was for the better. During her break she traveled with her father, staying in Italy and Spain before settling down in Georgia. During this time although she began to do more and more photo shoots and magazine spreads, something he knew she was always apprehensive about. However after the split it seemed as though she threw all her apprehensive feelings to the wind and did just about anything. No matter where he went Kendall saw her, whether it was on a magazine or a billboard, it absolutely killed him.

Here I decided to ask Miss Annabelle Lee what exactly happened between America's Sweethearts that would cause them to break up, and here's her response after taking a breath and instantly giving me a teary-eyed smile:

Have you ever heard someone complain about there not being enough hours in the day? Well there aren't, and I never thought I would be one of those people to whine about that. In my teenage years things were so easy, school, act, spend time with the boyfriend and go to bed. I felt like I had all the time in the world and nothing was a rush. As we got older and our careers started to take off, things just got so much more difficult. It's really….god it's really all about time management and it sucks so bad because I'm still sixteen in my head.[At this point Annabelle giggled and shook her head] Yeah I've…. Lost a lot of my accent and my speech is so different, I don't sound like a Georgia girl anymore, but inside I'm just the sixteen year old that likes to drink smoothies and laugh at absolutely nothing with friends.

Well I guess I should stop avoiding the question. Kendall and I, and god bless Kendall Knight, just… couldn't make it work. Even when they say 'if you love someone enough you'll make the time for them' it just doesn't get any easier. Our schedules and our busy lifestyles just wouldn't let us be, and I wish that wasn't the case. That feels like such a lame and sorry excuse but it honestly was the case and if I could, if that would have saved the relationship I'd drop everything in a heartbeat. But I don't want them to think Kendall did something wrong and it was his fault or it was my fault, we both just couldn't manage.

After hearing about her breakup I asked about her future plans.

I honestly don't know. I'm still considering taking some time off, I have actually signed on to do Big Bang Theory, but …I don't know I'm kind of just getting myself together at this point and trying to get by.

"She doesn't blame me…" Kendall muttered as he stared at the glossy pages. He couldn't believe what he had just read, because he was pretty sure it was all his fault. As the two of them got more successful the fights just seem to pick up and become so much more frequent. What turned into spats of jealousy from her kissing when acting during their teen years turned into battles of 'who cared the least' so to speak. Frequently she had to cancel on him, and occasionally he'd have to cancel on her, or their private date turned into a hang out with the guys. The romance just seemed to simmer down, and it went from a relationship to nothing at all in a downward spiral.

Quite honestly, Annabelle blamed herself. She always found it to be her fault for cancelling on Kendall even though he tried so hard to make time to be with her. In a way, her break from acting was a way of her trying to sort her life and get her priorities in check. She never wanted to make the same mistake twice.

Down the hall in another bedroom, Carlos Garcia was on his laptop and chewing on some beef jerky as he read over his email.


To: cornydawgz


I still don't know if I should go Carlos, what if Kendall doesn't want to see me? We've spoken but we haven't really seen each other, I don't want to ruin his birthday.

~Love Always,

Annabelle Lee

To which Carlos told her she had to go anyway, because a party was a party and nothing bad ever happened at parties. Annabelle never responded, but Carlos knew in his heart that she couldn't say no, and she would be one of the first people there with the biggest gift for Kendall. Carlos got up from his bed and ran over to the living room where Logan and James were playing videogames. "Alright guys operation Kendall needs to stop being a whining bitch in progress!"

"Are you sure she'll come dude?" James sighed. "You asked her to come to fourth of July but she didn't show up."

"That's different her dad was at the base doing some salute or something. "Carlos waved his hands around as he spoke. "THIS will work."

"It better, if Kendall starts belting out Michael Buble one more time…"Logan threatened, and as soon as he said that the sounds of Michael Buble filled the house.