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Early next spring Rosalind's bones were discovered and taken somewhere to be studied. From the bones they were able to tell she died around the late 1800's and died from stab wounds. They didn't know the while story, they could only guess why and how she died. Only Matthew and Gilbert knew the whole truth.

Once Gilbert's parent's found out that he was still dating Matthew and had no intention of being in a heterosexual relationship with a woman they disowned him. The albino didn't give a fuck about that though because he moved in with his grandfather.

Said grandfather also wrote Gilbert's parents out of his will. Just a little something to say you did a good job raising your kids now fuck off from beyond the grave.

Matthew himself had improved dramatically since Rosalind had left. He no longer suffered severe panic attacks or hallucinations. From a medical point of view he was healthy again. This of course was a huge relief for everyone.

Concerning their psychic abilities, both Matthew and Gilbert had been practicing over and over again. They were almost perfect at controlling their abilities now. Gilbert had even started wearing fingerless gloves. He was still a little cautious though and wasn't too thrilled about the scorpion scar on his palm either.

After spending a few years in Cutter Valley the pair decided that they wanted to travel around Europe for a while. A few week turned into months and a few months turned into years. Eventually the pair settled down in Germany, a small town close to the French boarder. It was peaceful. They liked it.

Eventually though they needed to get jobs and that's where things got interesting. Apparently there are a lot of haunted places in Europe and more than enough people that are willing to pay big money to get rid of them.

While they both had psychic powers it was Matthew who felt more comfortable using them. Gilbert was more interested in the science behind it and developed his skills as a psychic researcher. Luckily for the both of them the psychic community welcomed them with open arms and were more than happy to help them if things got too difficult.

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Matthew sighed a little as he lied down on the couch in the reception room. He really couldn't be bothered to do anything at the moment. To block out the light he had a magazine over his face. He knew it was a little silly, but he didn't care. 'This is boring… I need entertainment or something…'

Almost as if on cue he heard the clickity clack of a rolling chair. "Birdie, this is no time for sleeping! We have things to do!"

"What? Papers to file?" Asked Matthew half-heartedly. "You're better at paper work than me. You do it. You're the one that decided to do most of the desk work."

"That's because you have no idea what people are saying half the time." Said Gilbert. "Learn more German."

"I know enough to buy bread and beer." Said Matthew with a small smile. "That's all I need to know."

"Nice try, but no." The phone rang and Gilbert rolled away to the desk. After a few minutes of talking Gilbert hung up and rolled back over to Matthew, pulling the magazine off the blond's face. "Come on beautiful. We have an old haunted house to deal with."

Matthew rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up, yawning. "Where is it?"

"An old manor in East Germany." Said Gilbert. "Apparently some politician inherited the place and over the past few years people have gone missing… Sounds a little like Amnesia…"

Matthew frowned a little. "Okay… So I'm going to assume that this politician doesn't wish to be named at the moment? We'll find out who they are when we get there?"

"Ja, pretty much." Gilbert got up and started to look through some files. "Sounds like a poltergeist to me… Apparently things keep moving in there."

Matthew chuckled a little. "I bet it was used during world war two for secret Nazi experiments."

"Why is that always the first thing you think of when you hear that we're investigating an old house in Germany?"

Matthew shrugged and stood up stretching. "Blame Hollywood. Every time Germans are involved they are after the Holy Grail, the Arc or are opening the gates of hell."

"Thank you Mr Racist." Muttered Gilbert. He shoved some files into his back pack and tossed it at Matthew, who easily caught it. "Tell you what, if it is Nazi experiments I'll dress up as a slutty nurse next time we have sex."

Matthew blushed bright red at that thought. "A-and If I'm wrong?"

Gilbert smirked. "BDSM."

"Deal." Said Matthew quickly. He slung the bag over his shoulder and quickly walked to the door, doing his best to rid his mind of those images. "Are the cameras still in the van or do we need to pack them again?"

"It's all in there." Said Gilbert. He quickly scribbled down a note and grabbed some sticky tape. "I'm just going to stick this to the door when we leave."

"Okay." Said Matthew. He quickly grabbed the keys from the front desk and walked out the door. "Oh, that reminds me I got a letter about a class reunion the other day. It's in a few months…"

Gilbert chuckled a little as he followed Matthew out the door and stuck the note to the door. "Liz will probably knock me out because we never actually played wither her band."

"Oh yeah… Oh well. Stuff came up."

"Ja, but she'll still murder me when we get there."

Matthew rolled his eyes as he locked the door. "You would make a terrible ghost."

The albino chuckled as he walked out to the van. "Ja, I guess I would… But would you try to perform an exorcism on me or would you keep me around?"

Matthew chuckled as he followed Gilbert, climbing into the passenger seat. "I would get you cremated and keep your ashes in a pure silver flask. How about that?"

"Such the romantic." Said Gilbert as he climbed into the driver's seat. He started up the van and they started the long trek to their destination. "If I do end up becoming a ghost one of these days I'm going to be pissed if you keep my ashes in a silver flask."

The blond smiled and looked out the window. "It's starting to snow again… Reminds me of back then."

"You say that every time it starts to snow." Said Gilbert.

"I know… It's just a happy and sad memory at the same time." Said Matthew quietly. "Happy because I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life and it felt good to help someone, but sad because well… the work can be depressing."

"But the good outweighs the bad, ja?"

"Oui. The good always outweighs the bad." Said Matthew. He yawned a little and closed his eyes. "Do you like this line of work, Gil?"

"Of course I do." Said Gilbert. "It's kind of cool to do something that's not normal and it helps that they pay is pretty good."

Matthew chuckled lightly. "Okay…"

After a few hours they pulled up outside an old mansion. It looked like it had been restored a few times because some of the brickwork looked out of place. Matthew was so caught up with looking at the architecture he didn't notice Gilbert getting out of the van. It was only when the albino opened the passenger door did Matthew snap out of his daze.

"You coming Birdie or are you just going to sit there?" Asked the albino with a grin.

Matthew chuckled and quickly got out of the van. "Of course Gil. Let's get to work then eh?"

The End

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