A/N: Hey everyone! So this is a new concept I'm trying out called filler chapters. I've been extremely busy lately and haven't been able to find time to work on the next chapter. I don't anticipate this changing anytime soon so to keep you guys entertained I'll put up these short filler stories. Their content can vary (some can even be interactive!) and they are no way tied to the main story. Let me repeat that. THEY ARE IN NO WAY TIED TO THE MAIN STORY. Well anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!

"What are you doing Naruto?"

Sakura walked into the small break room that was located on the second floor of the building where they filmed Timberwolf V1's fanfiction story: Naruto's Problem. She looked quizzically at the aforementioned title character who was currently glued to the floor, staring at a small TV screen with a strange contraption nestled in his hands.

"Hello? I asked you a question baka."

Naruto didn't answer, his gaze still transfixed on the screen; his fingers twitching rapidly. Sakura walked over to where the blonde was sitting and leaned in over his shoulder, wanting to see what he was so focused on. She saw what appeared to be a small pixelated man jumping over similarly-sized pixelated brown monsters. From what she could tell there were also green pipes with strange looking flowers in them that popped up every once in a while.

Oh he's playing a video game. What a stupid baka, Doesn't he know that video games rot your brain? Well he doesn't have a brain so no harm there. But still! He's setting a bad example for our viewers! Sakura looked at Naruto, wondering if he even knew she was there. She decided to find out.

Leaning in to his ear she huskily whispered, "Hey Naruto...it's really hot in here...do you mind if I take off my clothes right now?"


She tried again. "Hey Naruto! Let's go get some ramen!"

Still nothing. The pinkette stood up in a huff with a pout forming on her face. Hmph! I guess I have no choice. A few seconds later, an audible "Ow" was heard as Naruto rubbed his cheek.

"What was that for?" groaned Naruto.

"For being a baka!" glared Sakura, who had picked up Naruto's controller.

"W-wait what are you doing with that Sakura?"

Sakura's glare remained though an evil smirk had crept over her face. "Your punishment is that you don't get to play anymore. Instead I'll be playing."

A look of despair swept over Naruto. "But Sakura you don't even know how to play! And I'm on the last world! And there's no save option!"

"Read my lips Naruto. I. Don't. Care. Now let's see here. Ooh what does this button do?"

Naurto's eyes bulged out as he watched Sakura maneuver his character closer and closer to the edge of the platform. Time seemed to slow down as he leapt at his teammate, knocking her town and regaining control of his controller. His moment of triumph was brief, however, as a tug of war ensued between the two.



A short while later in their struggle, the controller slipped from both of their grasps. They both watched in horror as another slow-mo sequence initiated-the controller flying through the air and ultimately smashing right into the TV.

Silence settled over the room. All of a sudden the door opened to reveal a towering figure.

"What's with all the commotion you guys? I'm trying to take my afternoon nap and..." Timberwolf's eyes widened as he noticed the shards of glass on the floor along with the controller-embedded TV. He stood there, stunned.

Sakura and Naruto gave each other a quick glance before zipping out the door, their voices in unison saying, "Gotta run, bye!"

Civilians walking down the street on the other side of town heard the following roar.