Okay this is my attempt at a Walking Dead fic. Daryl Dixon has become my favorite character and I think he's the hottest guy living, other than Hugh Jackman of course haha, but here I go and please read and review: tell me if this sucks, if its good, if I shouldn't even think of doing another chapter or yes to another chapter. Thank you!

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Don't leave my side

Chapter 1



I said as I lost track of my dear. I had been tracking it for two days and wasn't goin' to let another walker have it.

"Where'd ya go Bambi?"

I said to myself. My crossbow was ready in my hands, ready for a quick use. Movement to my left stopped me and I raised up the bow, waiting and listening. A small framed girl stumbled from behind an old oak. She held into a branch for support, but it snapped and she fell to the ground.


I called. The night's darkness didn't blind me to the fact that this girl was hurt. She lifted her head to look at me.

"Are you bitten?"

I asked. My voice echoed and it made me more aware of the silence that hopefully would stay that way. I heard her mumble. I took two steps, bow pointed at her head.

"I asked you a question and I'm not known for asking twice."

The light from the moon illuminated her face. Her long hair was tied back and looked black in the night, her small round face looked pained, and blood covered her tiny arms.

"Help me."

She whispered, it sounded forced. Though she didn't answer, I knelt in front of her and examined her blood covered arms.

"My brother...he was taken from me...they...those monsters...tore him from me."

She sobbed, I instantly felt uncomfortable. I looked around for walkers one last time before shouldering my bow and lifting the crying girl from the ground. Shane wouldn't be happy, but I was bringing her back to camp.