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Chapter 4


I had never eaten deer before, but this was delicious. The meat strips Daryl and T-Dog had torn from the carcass tasted like the beef I missed so much.


A small voice asked. Carl sat beside me chewing on his remaining dinner. I laughed.

"I've lived off of scraps and old food since this thing started."

I told him. None of them knew about me and until they asked, I wouldn't tell. That was just me.

I noticed that Shane stayed as close to Lori as he could, when Rick wasn't around, and Carl was with him most of the time. Glenn was with Dale or T-Dog most of the day and Amy stayed with Andrea. Carol and her daughter stayed together at all times, sometimes Carl and Sophia would play together though. Daryl was almost never around, stubborn redneck was always hunting or doing whatever it was he did.

"So what's the plan?"

Glenn asked. Rick and Shane looked at one another.

"The CDC building."

Rick said.

After what felt like hours of shouting and cursing, I found out why they wanted to leave. Walkers had visited them in the night when half the guns and guys were gone and killed a hand full of the people here. Carl and Sophia stayed close to me, not wanting in the grown up's argument. It wasn't long before everyone was packing up their belongings and loading them into vehicles. One family had announced they were headed another direction, Morales and Miranda were their names.

"I have to do what's best for my family."

Morales told Rick.

Regrettably the RV and Rick's car was full, T-Dog's van was filled with supplies, Shane's jeep had Glenn in the passengers seat, so I was forced to ride with Daryl in his blue pick-up when we got on the road.

"Awfully quiet."

He said keeping his eyes on the road. His country accent would never get old, though mine wasn't far from his.

"I got the impression you didn't wanna talk to me."

I said sarcastically. He huffed a laugh. I sighed.

"Not really much to talk about anyways."

I added returning my gaze to the passing trees.

"You said something about a brother earlier."

He said a few minuets later and I laughed.

"You don't have to make conversation you know?"

I looked at him and watched a half smile form on his face.

"Tired of this freakin silence."

He explained. I hated silence more than anything else so I got what he meant.

"His name is Gerrett. He's nine years younger than me but he acts like its the other way around."

I said and he nodded.

"So how old are you?"

He asked. I laughed.


He asked.

"I'm really talking to the loner known as Daryl Dixon."

I laughed again. When he didn't laugh I stopped.

"I'm sorry, it's just ever since you found me I haven't seen you interact with any of the others."

I looked at my hands in my lap.

"Big deal, I keep to myself."

He shrugged.

"My turn again. How old are ya?"

He asked again. I didn't realize I had done that.

"Thirty-six and he's twenty-seven. You?"

I asked.


He answered.