Goku goes off and searches for some dragon balls so he can make a wish. He's in the forest so there are all kinds of bushes and trees laying around. He doesn't even know what the wish is supposed to be but the little tike goes off and searches anyway.

"I'm sure there are some dragon balls around here somewhere," Goku says to himself looking around.

Oolong, the communist pig shows up. "Hey, Goku, what are ya doing?"

"I'm looking for Dragon Balls. Have you seen any of them?"

"Great freakin idea, but I haven't seen any. Heck. I'll help ya take a look." The two look around. They search around bushes and behind trees.

"Hey, goku. I think I found one!" Oolong says.

"Really? Are you sure about that?" Goku asks.

"Yeah. Take a look at it." Oolong shows him the golden yellow, square block with crystals on it that's the size of baseball. "It's here, ya see?"

"Um, I don't think this is it," Goku answered.

"Hey, trust me. These blocks will work just as much as the dragonballs would work. Look at the crystals on it." "I put these blocks here for a reason. It will be a crackup when the whole ball of wax blows up in goku's face." Oolong thought with a smirk.

Oh. Alright." The kid takes the crystal covered block and puts it in his fanny pack. Then he took it easy. "Now all I need is six more. My device tells me the rest of them are here."

"Freakin A! Let's keep lookin. We'll find those blocks in no time."

The two guys keep looking around until Goku sees something behind a large stone. "There's another one. Yay!" The kid jumps up and down with the crystal block in his hands.

"That's great, goku. All you need is five more. We can find those blocks in no time," Oolong said. He starts to look around and then he finds another one. "Here it is!"

"Oh, boy! Now I can need four more. Let's keep looking, Oolong."

"Great freakin idea, Goku. Let's go."

The two of them keep walking around the forest until another block is found. And another one is found. Then another one is found. Goku breathes a sigh of relief when the last one was finally found. "I got it. Now I can make a wish."

"What 's it gonna be, Goku? How about wishes for a couple of hot women with good bodies to do our bidding?"

"I don't know about that. I was thinking about."

"How about making us irresistible to chicks?"

The spiked hair kid thought. "I know what I want."

"What's that?"

"You'll see."

"Make sure it's good."

Goku gathers the blocks together and raises his hands together and calls for the dragon to appear.

"I am the dragon. What have you summoned me for?!"

"I want to make a wish."

The king sized dragon looks down and takes a good look at the crystal blocks of stone gathered before him. "You can't demand wishes of me."

"Why not?" Oolong asked.

"You don't have the balls!"

The dragon disappears in a puff of smoke.