Summary: Meia has always been a kind hearted person, and that becomes her downfall when she interferes at the wrong time. Her decision has cost her freedom and she is desperate to escape…but she can't help but be drawn to her captor like a moth to a flame.

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A Real Mother

"Meia, Meia sweetie! Look over here at momma! Smile to the camera!"

Margret Williams watched as her four year old daughter twirled around in her new little blue dress with frilly lace at the bottom. Her two pigtails bounced as she tilted her head to the side to see what her mother wanted. A smile crossed the chubby face of the little girl and it was contagious for Margret was smiling back now as she knelt down on one knee, not caring that she was ruining the dress that she picked out to match her daughter's. It was Meia's fourth birthday and everyone was in good spirits. The children from the neighborhood were screaming at the top of their lungs as the clown kept them entertained, the weather made it perfect to have the sprinkles going, but most of all little four year old Meia was happy as she stood there waving to the camera.

"Hi Mommy!" Meia squealed out just as she was splashed with water from a nearby sprinkler but not once did her smile fade. She just giggled and playfully squatted at the water before she was scooped up in the strong arms of her father who placed her on top of his shoulders.

"I'm Queen of the World!" The newly turned four year old bellowed as she lifted her hands above her head. Her small fingers grasped at the sky as if she was trying to hold it all in the palm of her hands while she threw her head back in a joyous laugh. It was then that Margret thought that she was so blessed to see the most beautiful smile every day.

"Yes you are precious! "Margret called out to her daughter just as little Meia lowered her head and looked down at her mother with so much love in her large brown eyes that Margret thought it would be impossible to see anything but kindness inside of her daughter's heart.

"I love you forever, Mommy!" Meia called to her mother as she rested her hands on the top of her father's head.

"I love you too, Meia! Always and forever."

The chillness of the barrel caused Margret to reluctantly come back to reality. Her hazel orbs looked up at the face of her executioner, fighting the urge to close her eyes. She was staring at a mirror that reflected her twenty years ago. The only difference was in the eyes; where she had emptiness and sorrow feeling her orbs, the woman in front of her held bitterness and pure hate. Those brown orbs clawed into Margret's skin, a chill of pain washing through her body. She felt sick to her stomach as a wave of nausea caused her to lean forward in her chair while her throat constricted.

The barrel of the gun pushed her upright in her seat once more so that she was forced to look at the woman standing there, shaking with rage. Her jaw was clinched, outlining the veins that began to protrude at her temples. Meia's breathing had become rapid, her chest rising and falling at an alarming rate. Shocking of all was how steady her finger rested on the trigger, a decision in her mind already being set.

She was going to die. Margret knew that it was hopeless to think she would see another day, even in this wretched city. What she didn't know was that her death would be handed to her on the day she was reunited with her daughter, nor did she consider that her death would be at the hands of her only child.

Margret wanted to speak, to say something to the woman she was responsible for giving life to. But what was there to say to her? How could she possibly form any words good enough to speak to the child she left alone to fend for herself? By the loathsome glare that Meia bore into Margret, she knew that she could never say anything worthy enough. But that didn't mean she couldn't try. Dry lips parted to let a voice form from her throat but there was nothing but the sound of silence just as the barrel pressed further into the front of her head.

"You left me."

A soft voice spoke out; the tone laced with anger and held back sadness. Margret watched as the eyes of hatred burned with the passion of disgust as Meia looked her mother up and down. She had escaped from the hell that they both had to endure and she had survived well. Her clothing was expensive, her hair seemed to be treated with the best that money could buy and the jewelry that laced her neck and arms was something that Meia could never afford.

Anger burned within the ebony beauty as her body continued to shake. How was it possible that this woman could sleep at night knowing that she left her child to be abused by the man that was supposed to protect? Meia's brows furrowed as she took a step closer to the woman, slowly lowering the gun from her forehead.

This was Margret's chance to try to reason with her daughter. A sigh left her lips softly as she thought she had a chance to live long enough so that it would not be her daughter who took her life.

"Meia…please…I knew I shouldn't-"

"BUT YOU DID!" Meia bellowed at the top of her lungs, forgetting her surroundings and the people that stood by watching. Her anger was blinding the rest of her senses and so she couldn't see Bane's watchful gaze following onto her, analyzing her every move, down to the tremor in her bones. This was the reaction he had hoped for, to see that anger that she held so close to her heart released. There was no reason for him to interject, for it was something his little moth would have to do on her own. When Crane went to bang his hammer, he raised a hand at him to silence him. He wanted no interruption to the reunion of the mother and daughter.

"You…left me with that disgusting man. You left me to die alone with him. That was YOUR JOB!"

The gun was raised once more and pressed right between her mother's eyes this time, her finger on the trigger. She watched as her mother closed her eyes in fear and gripped at the arms of the chair. The sight of her seeing the woman that she hated for years in fear made a feeling of satisfaction course through her. Meia wanted her mother to be afraid, to know what it was like to be the one who had to suffer at the hands of someone no matter how much you pleaded and cried. There was no one here to save her mother, just like there was no one there to save her.

"Meia. I'm so sorry! I was going to come back for you, I was! There is nothing that can justify what I have put you through but sweetie, you must know that I tried…I tried for so many years to keep you safe…"

Tears began to well up in Margret's eyes as she looked at her daughter pleadingly, there had to be some form of compassion and understanding her Meia's heart, some of the little girl that Margret once held in her arms. But as she searched her but daughter's face, she saw nothing but a crumbling wall as her face was distorted with hate.


"You didn't come to her funeral."

The pressure from the barrel of the gun intensified as the words rolled off Meia's tongue. It stirred confusion in Margret's already teary eyes. For the first time since their reunion, Meia's expression softened to one of pain, her eyes showing her childlike innocent as she scanned her mother's face, looking for an answer.

"Why didn't you come to her funeral? She loved you. She tried to make me understand that you were a good person. She believed in you, she believed that you were coming back." The sound of the safety being removed from the gun echoed throughout the spacious building. Meia's forearm had been shaking in the beginning, unsure if she could actually pull the trigger and end the life of the woman who had held her in her arms so long ago but those old memories, began to blur and were replaced with the face of another woman. A woman who had cared for her until her last breath was taken away from her, a woman who still watched over her even in death.

"She waited for you up until the day she died. While she laid there…suffering, she thought of you. That's what a real mother does. A real mother never abandons her child, she will always have faith in them, and there is nothing she won't do to protect her young."

A heavy silence fell upon the room.

The woman, who sat there in the chair with death pointing her in the face, began to shake in agony. Tears trickled down her brown face that was once etched with beauty but now it crumpled into despair as the bitter words of her only child sunk in. Meia felt nothing as the woman so cry turned into sobs, never did she lose her gun position, she simply stood there and blinked as Margret failed to compose herself enough to speak.

"Meia, please. I am your mother. I love you!" Margret wailed out, her shrill voice penetrating the airy walls. Her tear stained and distorted face looked up one final time at the face of death, pleading for more time to spare on this earth.

"My mother is dead." Were the last words that Margret Williams would ever hear before the trigger that held the fate of her life was pulled without hesitation.

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