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Chapter Two


When we all met back up at a diner (still in our FBI suits), we went over everything.

"Okay so Bekah and Dean-" I said. "-what did you find out?"

"Well, Elizabeth's neighbors said that the husband was really nice." Bekah said.

"And apparently he gave to charity, dogsat, babysat, helped homeless people, and more." Dean added.

"Okay, now Daph and Sam." I said.

"Well, the eyewitness, whose name is Claire by the way, said that when he was exiting out the back way-" Sam said.

"That he started peeling off his skin. And at the same time the actual husband was leaving." Daph said.

"And you guys?" Dean asked.

"Well, the bodies looked normal." I said, and looked to Cas to continue.

"What?" He asked.

I shook my head, "Since Cas can't take a hint, I'll continue. The evidence however, it was weird." I said.

"There were shedding's, and many." Cas said.

"So?" Sam asked.

"It's the Alpha." I said.

"Are you sure?" Dean asked.

"Everything escaped when the Leviathans took over." Sam said, shrugging. I nodded.

"Crowley even attempted to get the girls and I to help." I said.

"Well, then why don't we get Crowley's help?" Dean asked.

"Bekah? Think you can get your dad to help?" I asked, looking at her. She nodded.

"Good. C'mon guys. We got a demon summoning to do."


When we got back, Bekah set everything up. Of course, I contributed the blood, wrapping a cloth around it, as I spoke in Latin to summon the king of Hell. When I completed the ritual, and opened my eyes, we waited.

A few moments later, he appeared.

"Ah, girls, how wonderful to see you." Crowley said.

"You too." I said.

"And why are you with these three douchebags?" Crowley inquired, giving the guys a disgusted face.

"Cause, we can't handle the Alpha Shape shifter ourselves!" I exclaimed sarcastically.

This instantly made the demon go wide eyed and made him attentive. "You found him?"

"Yea." I said. "And we need your help catching it."

"Well, whatever you need me to do I'll do." The snake like demon said. I suspected his speech to be mysterious as well as suspicious.

"What's the one thing that can kill it?" I asked.

"Why, the Colt of course. Which these three young men happen to have." Crowley said. I twisted and observed the boys.

"You have the Colt?" I asked.

"Yea, but no bullets." Sam said. I sighed.

"Crowley-" I said, and faced Crowley yet again. "Do you happen to have another bullet?"

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't." He said. I scowled at him.

"You do, and you know it." I said.

"You sure?" He asked.


"Well, if you release me, you can have it. However-" he said. "-you owe me the first soul of a human, other than the boys and your girls of course, that you see."

"Very well." I said.

"Jessica!" Dean yelled.

"Dean, we have to get rid of the Alpha before he kills even more people." I said. I didn't want to do that, but I had to. Take one for the team, I guess.

"You are turning into one evil son of a bitch." Crowley said, smirking.

"I'm only doing this to save many other lives." I said, looking away. "I really don't want to do this. You don't know how painful it's going to be, to take a soul for someone from someone." I said.

"Oh suck it up!" Crowley said. I looked at him, before blowing my top.

"You may say suck it up Crowley! But I know how sad you were when you were younger." I said. "You'd cry every night into your pillow-"

"Okay, shut it! If you want the bullet, then let me go, and give me the first soul you see." Crowley said. I nodded, and walked over, breaking the devil trap. He handed me the bullet. I took it, and he vanished.

"Cait, how could you do that?" Bekah asked angrily. I quickly turned and looked at her.

"Beck, it's the only way to kill this thing! Would you rather a bunch of people die, or take away one soul and let a lot of people live?" I yelled.

"Fine. But you better make it up to us." Bekah, said, before stomping off.

And things just got fun.

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