Disclaimer: I'm even ripping myself off at this point.

A/N: I'm recycling this meme I used for an X-Men: Evolution fic, which I borrowed from a friend. I like to ease myself into new fandoms –even if this one isn't technically new.

The Rules:

1 Write down the names of 10 characters.

2 Write a fic of twenty-five words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1 Promise

2 Cal

3 Niko

4 Robin

5 George

6 Rafferty

7 Catcher

8 Darkling

9 Auphe

10 Sophia

First Time- 4 and 6

"This is awkward."


"What with Cal almost dying and all."


Angst- 7

It's been so long since he was human, he's almost forgotten what it's like: feeling.

AU- 1 and 8


Hurt/Comfort- 5 and 10

At five, she dreamed about a little boy her age, and a horrible woman with dark hair and angry, hard grey eyes.

Crack fic- 1

Niko and Cal glanced at each other, trying desperately to make sense of a world in which Promise Nottinger wore a Dracula cape.

Horror- 10

There's a monster inside of her. She stares at her own stomach, unsure of what is causing the pounding of her heart.

Baby fic- 5 and 9

Revulsion. That's all she felt beholding the dead Aupheling.

Dark- 2 and 8

It's dark in his own mind. He never minded before he couldn't get out.

Death fic- 2 and 3

They had to go together. Anything else was just unacceptable.

A/N: My first official entry to the Cal Leandros archive. Hello all. I'm honored to be among you.