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Git, I am your maid


"W-What? A-Are you sure my lady?" The queen of England sighed, lowering her gaze to the ground in guilt. "It is true, my dear England. I should have not bet this and I should have not involved you..."

England grit his teeth, his large emerald eyes slid shut before he slowly opened them again. "It is alright. I will -twitch- do what is required."

The queen slid her eyes closed and whispered quietly, "...I'm sorry." He nodded his head and left the room, sighing loudly after the large doors closed shut behind him.

His pride as a man was hurt very dearly during their little chat, but his gentleman side understood perfectly, the bet was made and his queen had lost. They must honor their words. He will do what he needs to do, after all, now he must do what the bet was about...and it involved the other countries.

He sighed, "Bloody hell. It seems I must held a world conference..." he sighed, clenching his arm. He would worry about that later, for now he first must go back to his mansion and ask one of his servants if they have one of...those...in his size.

"Why me?"


All the countries waited patiently -well most of them- for England to show up. The Brit is usually the first one here, especially when he is the one who called the meeting, but the Brit is no where to be seen.

The countries -who bothered to care- noticed this and became agitated. America chuckled nervously, "Soo...what you think he called us here?" Romano scoffed, "The bastard can do the hell he wants, why should I care!"

"Ve~ Romano, be nice! Who knows what Mr. England has in store -gasps- w-what if he serves us his food?!" Both Italians and the ones who heard the comment paled. 'Anything but that!'

"Wahhh~ Doitsu! What you think he called us here?" Germany sighed, patting Italy on the head to calm him down. "I'm sure its nothing bad, Italy." Japan nodded, " Hai, nothing to worry about, Italy-san. I'm sure what ever England-san has to say isn't all bad."

The countries stopped their chatter once they heard a deep sigh come from behind the large doors. England slowly opened the doors, and braced himself for humiliation, after all, who would wear...This? All countries head whipped to the door to see England walk in gracefully to the middle of the room for all to see him.

All gasps and blushed at the outfit that The Brit is wearing. The outfit was fashioned after a French maid's dress and was completely black all the way around except for a separate white corset-like piece on the upper body part that zipped up the back.

In the middle of the corset, a black ribbon went back and forth across the front to form a small bow towards the top. Above the bow was a ruffled bit of white fabric with the 'sleeves' attached. The sleeves were really just two thick silk straps that went over the Brit's shoulders and connected together at the back of the corset that had loose black fabric hanging off to rest on either arm once the outfit was put on.

Their eyes moved lower to the frilly, lacy white apron that attached to the black dress and wrapped around the front of the skirt and tied into a large bow at the back. The dress itself was adorned with frills and came down to his waist, slightly revealing some of the Brit's black panties -hell yeah he had to wear those things, the dress is f*cking short!-

They blushed more at the last accessories to his outfit; a pair of white stockings that had black lace and a small bow at the top followed by a white choker with a black lacy pattern, a loose bow and a white headpiece. Overall, it looked drop dead sexy on England! -and too revealing-

England, oblivious to the stares and blood lost from his fellow countries, stared down onto the floor in embarrassment -and shyness-.

He took a deep breath and began to speak, never taking his eyes off the ground. "I-I called all of you here today because I have to come into terms to a certain 'bet' my queen. She was in a card came and they each gave something. Her opponent offered their finest servant for a week to one of the countries if they lost..."

England cheeks took a slight pinkish color, "...My queen offered me in the bet."

He took another large breath before raising his head, "Since she has lost, the terms come to notice." The Brit then popped out three colored balls in thin air, one red, another blue, and the last one green.

"All of you are to gather in the middle of the room and wait for me. Once all of you are here, I will throw these balls in the air, and the three countries who receive one of them...I will be their maid and servant for a whole day."

The countries all took the news in shock, before some took on a perverted look, while others blushed like crazy, and the few who are left stared clueless. England then nodded his head, signaling the countries to move.

They all jumped up in a rush and flew to the middle of the room, while the Brit calmly walked up to an open seat. Once all the countries took their places, England sighed, blushing lightly before raising all three balls into the air. "I apologize for all of this but I always keep my words. Ready?"

England bit his lip, nervous at the outcome 'Please, let me get the ones who will not annoy me...'

England then threw the colored balls into the air, watching as they fell close to the clutches of the countries.

Who will receive one of the colored balls?

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