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Git, I am your maid


"What is it that you would like me to do, Kiku-sama?"

England was currently standing in a very nice house filled with small books and paintings. He marveled at the cute designs on the sliding doors and the small vases that stood on sculpted tables. Indeed, Japan's house is so nice and comfortable.

Japan shifted on his legs awkwardly his flowered designed Kimono moved fluently with his movements, "A-Ah, right. Its just I am not sure on what to make you do..." He crossed his arms and lifted his finger to his mouth in thought. Really, he didn't know.

It was a miracle on how he actually won, after all he was shoved into the crowd that went crazy for the colored magical balls. The green ball just flew into his hands and rested there for a while before it bounced off in another direction. He had to admit though, the ball felt so nice as it glowed in his hands. He felt as if something was flowing all around him.

Though, You could only imagine how awkward he was when he was suddenly glowing green infront of everybody. He sighed, 'What a strange predicament I am in.' He glanced at his small library filled with paintings and his manga, the books piled over each other in attempt to make more room and the book shelves looked ready to collapse.

Though it looked decent to a normal person's eyes, to Japan, it looked like he was living in a garbage dump. He shuddered, "Ah! I am terribly sorry, how disgraceful for you to come to my home and see this mess." England tilted his head in confusion before taking in the room. It was beautiful indeed, one would say it was spotless, but for some reason in Japans and in England's eyes, it was not acceptable.

He nodded in understanding. "Its quite alright, not to worry. Why don't I clean up here and reorganize your book case? After all, I am here to serve you." Japan blushed lightly at the small warm smile England gave and just nodded, sitting down on one of his small pillows.

The Brit bowed and made his way to the book case, dusting here and there along the way. He stood infront of the variety of books and paintings and examined them, before he began to organize them. He first piled all the paintings on the floor before dusting and polishing the book shelves. He then alphabetize the paintings, pushing them into their assigned place and making sure they are straight and none are bended.

The Brit then once again dusted them off before stepping back to admire his work. 'I always thought these dusters looked flimsy but they do an excellent job.' If people were to see his work now, they would have thought everything was brand new...it was all so shiny.

He nodded in satisfaction before he made his way to the books. "Ah it looks like there are a lot more books than I thought. Hm..."

"Eh? Why don't you just make him another book shelf? Or perhaps order a new one? That way, he has more room and has a new book case."

England smashed his fist in his hand, nodding. "Ah! That is a great idea! Thank you flying mint Bunny. Hmm...ordering will take too long so I'll just make one. Can you call all our magical friends and see if they will help me?" The flying green bunny nodded, flying off in a different direction before disappearing.

England grabbed a broom and started sweeping the floor as he thought."Hmm...I'll just start fixing up here before they return." With that, he put the broom away and bended over beginning to put all the books in piles. "Ok, this goes here...and that goes there...and that- wait hold on."

The Brit stopped what he was doing and examined the book. 'T-These look like comic books...' Curiously, he opened to the first page and noticed it said "STOP! YOU ARE READING IT THE WRONG WAY! YOU DON'T WANT TO RUIN A GOOD ENDING, DON'T YOU?."

He chuckled, "Oh, I see. These must be those books Japan was talking about. How interesting that you read them from right to left and start from the back."

Forgetting what he was suppose to do, England flipped the book to the correct side and sat down on one of the room's chairs. He opened his legs slightly to try to get comfortable before he began to read, forgetting that he is in a dress, -a short one I might add.-


Japan bit his lips as he watched England move back and forth, from dusting to organizing. The Brit's full attention and energy was into making sure everything was organized and well put, not knowing what he was doing to the poor Asian country.

It was pure torture.

The Brit seemed to not realize at all that he is in a very small revealing dress, bending over to pick up things and accidentally showing his black lacy panties to the Asian country.

It was especially hard when England stretched out his arms to push paintings into their places. His nipples could be seen through the dress, fully erected because of the dress's fabric. The soft grunts and relief sighs that came out of the Brit's mouth were music to his ears and made his body react in a certain way.

Japan tried desperately to look away, opting to just stare at his beautiful chrysanthemums that stood proudly in one of his vase or to meditate quietly outside infront of his small clear pond and watch his fish swim back and forth, but tried as he might, he couldn't stop staring at the English country. He couldn't help it, the English nation was too cute for his own good and hard resist.

He sighed, giving up to stop himself and quietly watched the Brit, resting his arm on the small table. The Brit stood back and admired his job well done before turning to the other book shelves. Then he suddenly stopped, seeming to ponder on something as he furrowing his eye brows in thought. Japan giggled softly, taking in the sight. 'He looks so cute when he is thinking...'

The Brit then seemed to have a conversation with someone before smacking his fist in his hand as if he made up his mind. He continued the conversation before he furrowed his eye brows again in thought. Japan gave a small smile. He of course acknowledges the existence of England's magical friends, but he still was not able to see them, maybe its because he does not fully believe in them.

Even if he does not, it always makes him happy to see the Brit light up when he talks to his invisible friends. Japan watched as England swept the floors before once again began to clean up the book shelves, taking his collection of manga books and putting them into small piles.

Japan raised his eyebrow in confusion when the Brit suddenly stopped what he was doing and examined one of the books. He chuckled when he noticed the Brit was holding it backwards. England seemed to realize this too because he gave his own small laugh before turning it to the correct side. Japan gave a small smile at the book once he noticed the title, it was after all one of his favorites. 'Hm, how ironic that Asa-san would pick up D. . Wonder how he would react when he starts reading it.'

To his surprise, England sat down in one of his reading chairs and opened the book, more surprising that he was reading it correctly. Japan's aura beamed with happiness. 'Ah, how nice of Asa-san to acknowledge manga.'

Though his happiness did not last long when the Brit opened his legs slightly to get more comfortable and revealed some of his panties. Japan blushed, ducking himself to the floor to hide his burning face from the oblivious Brit. He took deep breaths and tried to force the blood away from his face before calmly standing back up. He didn't dare look back at England, afraid that if he did, he will become like France and just stare at the Brit like some perverted old man.

"Um, Excuse me, Kiku-sama. May I ask a question?"

'Why me?'

H-Hai, what is it?"

England bowed before answering, "I was looking over some of your books and they are very interesting.-" Japan smiled at that, it always feels nice that somebody enjoys his books. "-but I wanted to ask, what is Pockey?"

His eyes widen and stumbled a little in his step, staring at the Brit in disbelief. 'Thank goodness I was not enjoying my tea, I would have done such a cliché thing...' He shook his head and answered, still in shock. "Asa-san, your country does not have Pockey?"

The Brit blinked before crossing his arms and furrowed his eyebrows in thought. "Hmm, I do recall seeing a few by the name of that, but I never tried some before." He then tilted his head, his Emerald eyes seemed to become larger, "Is it like some treat?"

Japan nodded, trying to force his blush down before picking up a small bell and ranged it once. A door slid opened and a few servants came into the room and bowed. "Would you please go bring some pockey for our guest? It seems he never tried some before..."


England's eyes widened and backed away slowly clutching the small duster and book tightly in his hands as he was mauled by three pairs of hands.

"Nani?! How could you have never tried Pockey?"

"That is unheard of!"

"Mr. you are going to love it!"

"Yea- Ehh? Ah, kawaii~ He is wearing a dress!"

Japan panicked lightly from the door, he found the sight slightly amusing and frightening at the same time. He never seen his servants act so out of character before, but he also never have seen the Brit look so terrified.

The servants seemed to have realized something and they stopped attacking the Brit and bowed deeply, " Gomennasai, Japan-sama, Mr. maid-sama, we shall go receive what you have requested."

Once they left the door, an awkward silence filled the room before Japan gave a soft snicker. "Seems they like you." The Brit sighed, smoothing out the small maid dress, "Was it that surprising that I never tried this Pockey?"

The small Asian country snickered lightly again, "Well to us, yes. Pockey is a biscuit in a form of a straight stick and is dipped in chocolate. It is quite good actually, one of my favorite things to nip at during the day." England nodded, dusting off a few things during the explanation, he couldn't help it, he sees something dirty, he cleans it. He of course blames America for this habit, always leaving everything on the floor...

"Japan-sama, we have brought the pockey. Is that all?" Japan nodded, "Yes, thank you. You are excused." He grabbed a few red boxes and opened on, lightly tapping it on his hand until the stick treats came out.

He took one out and plopped in into his mouth. "There, you have now tried Pockey. Its good, yes?" England eyes widen slightly, lightly licking the tip and savoring the taste. He took it out of his mouth and gave a small grin, "Yes, it is. Though..." he cast his eyes towards the book and opened up.

He flipped through a few pages before stopping and read through. "Ah, I apologize Kiku-sama. It seems I am eating it wrong."

Japan tilted his head in confusion, "What do you mean?"

The Brit rubbed his head sheepishly, "Well, according to the book, it says that Pockey is to be eaten with someone else. This doujinshi proves it also since it shows two people eating it together." Japan blushed lightly, seeing that the two people were both males. "A-Ah yes, that is true. Usually Pockey is eaten that way but that-"

"Oh, so the goal is to meet at the middle. I see, ok Lets do that." Japan stuttered, trying to explain something before England suddenly plopped one in his mouth. He then put his mouth in the other end and lightly began to suck and lick it. Japan blushed, mesmerized at the sight.

The Brit's eyes were closed shut and his mouth moved fluently, taking more and more inside his throat. He could see his tongue peak out slightly every time he took some more in. Lost in the situation, Japan closed his own eyes began to eat it as well. His face flushed at the feeling of England's lips getting closer and closer to his own.

His own mouth took more slow bites and he felt that they were about to touch when...-

"Yo! Japan! I came to pick up my order of-" The person who owned the voice stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the sight of them almost kissing, before quickly grabbing the Brit away.

The Brit's eyes flew opened and gaped at America, "W-Wha..?"

"Aww~ Iggy! If you wanted to do that, you should have done that with me!"

America was about to tackle hug him again before his sight viewed a very angry England. "Kiku-sama...May I?

" "You may."


"W-Wait Iggy, I didn't I swear!"


"C-Can you please let go of my neck!"

"WHERE WERE YOU, AT A GARBAGE DUMP?!" The Brit's hold faltered a little bit and gave America a chance to escape the hold.

"W-Well, look at the time. See you two tomorrow. The Hero now takes his leave!" He quickly made a dash to the door.

"YOU GIT! GET BACK HER- and he's gone." England sighed, taking light breaths from the yelling and slight strangling. Japan fumed silently from the background, glaring at the door that the American country left by.

He just interrupted something very important and then fled like a coward. It made him a lot better when he saw him shrink in fear from the scolding he was getting by from England. He felt even better when he was being strangled.

He was about to kiss those lips dammit! Of course he was angry, no, livid, at America.

England then bowed, "I apologize for his intrusion to your home and causing you trouble. I will see to it that he learns his lesson" (A/N hmm...wonder what that lesson would be...ehh, I will decide IF he gets pick) Japan just nodded, trying to calm down.

He didn't need to though when he suddenly felt a soft sensation on his cheek. He turned to see England staring at him with concern eyes, his hand resting softly on his cheek. "You ok?"

Japan nodded, "H-Hai..." He sighed softly, 'My face will forever be red...' England nodded, taking his hand away and glared at the floor. Large foot prints and small wrappers of trash littered the floor, where was that imbecile anyways?

He muttered low curses before he grabbed the broom and began to sweep the trash away. Japan itched to go help him, but the look England gave him told him not to. He grudgingly sat on his pillow and watched him clean.

The Brit continued to clean until he heard a familiar sound. He turned to see all his friends there, smiling and laughing, "We came to help!" He gave a small smile, "Thank you, everyone."

He commanded them certain jobs before sweeping once more. Tinkerbell and Flying Mint Bunny grabbed sponges and scrubbed the floors, leaving no trace of someones large foot prints. Hook and Uni received wood and build a new book case and lightly organized the books.

Once everything was fixed and clean, England gave a large grin, "Thank you my friends." It felt good to clean, he was able to stop and think about things that you are too busy to even bother with. And when you are done, the sight of the finished job is a very nice reward.

His magical all nodded before Tink laughed, flipping the Brit's dress up. "You look cute in that maid outfit Arthur! You should crossdress more often. T

he Brit blushed brightly, grabbing the broom and swung it at Tink as she laughed. The others joined in before disappearing, giving their goodbyes.


Japan sipped his tea, astonished of what he was seeing. Sponges were moving on their own, things were floating everywhere, and a bookshelf just built itself from ground up. Not to mentioned all the things moved and cleaned at the flicked of his finger. England is a strange one, maybe he really can use magic...

Japan smiled softly sipping his small cup of tea as he watched his books organized themselves as the flying sponges scrub away the dirt and the large mud foot prints on the floor. He was thankful for that. Go sponges...scrub away the dirtiness from that imbecile has left behind!

Japan grinned, the floors look magnificent and the bookshelves are well organized, everything was so nice.

England stopped cleaning, admiring his work with a small smile before he suddenly grinned, making Japan's heart skip a beat. The Brit looked so happy. The small Asian country sipped his tea and smiled, 'I guess cleaning does make him feel good'.'

Then the Brit's small black dress suddenly flew up and Japan found himself looking for a napkin as he quickly covered his nose.


He rang his bell once more and the three servants entered the room, all holding trays full of food. They set it on one of the small tables before leaving the room with a small bow. He grabbed a small bowl of rice and snapped some chopsticks in two, before beckoning England to come and eat.

The Brit put the broom down and sat on one of the pillows, examining the food carefully before grabbing a small bow of rice and tried to put some in his mouth. Japan chuckled, watching the Brit struggle with his food, the rice just fell from the chopsticks and if he succeeded some grains of rice would just fall on his face.


When England's bright green eyes stared up at him, something just snapped.

"What is it Kik- huh?" Japan hovered over England and licked his cheek, then his nose as he cleaned up the rice off his face. "J-Japan wha-"

"No No, what is it that you need to call me?"

The blush on the Brit's face intensified forcing his face to look the other way, "K-K-Kiku-sama..."

Japan nodded in satisfaction before resuming his licking, ending up on England's soft small lips. He licked it a couple of times before planting a determined kiss on the Brit's unsuspecting lips. England's eyes widened in shock, feeling a tongue prob his bottom lips.

Unconsciously, he opened them a tiny bit, allowing Japan to plunge into the warm cavern. England's eyes slid shut and he kissed back, getting lost in the sensation. He moaned softly as Japan mapped out his mouth with his tongue, leaving nothing untouched.

They broke off the kiss when the need of air came to noticed, resting their foreheads together as they took long deep. Japan was the first to recover, licking the Brit's now moist lips before pushing his head down wards towards his member.

"Asa-san, I need you to do something for me..." England stared up in confusion, his face held a dazed look and his large emerald eyes were slightly glazed over.

Japan smirked, dropping his kimono on the ground and took off his boxers before positioning his maid.



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Scotland: 3

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