I lived with my mother and father in a 2nd story farm house from when I was born until I had only reached the age of 8; my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed on the day before my birthday. Once I had recovered from losing my mom, my father announced that he could no longer pay to support us alone. So my father went out and found a woman to marry, she had 2 daughters. I was 10 when they became married, I enjoyed life, it wasn't perfect but I still had my father. 3 years later my father died from smallpox 3 weeks before my mother had. I was alone with my stepmother and 2 stepsisters. I knew they didn't like me, but I had no idea how evil they really were.

The sun was just rising and you could hear the soft clucking of the chickens, the dog snoring, and the mice skittering across the floor. I had just awoken to the castle's clock saying it was 6 am, I was getting dressed into my usual rags and slippers when, "Berry!" I was used to being called like a slave, "I'm hungry Berry! Make me some breakfast!" I've been living with this for 3 years, yeah I'm 16, and so I'm use to it. My stepsisters, Moe and Miwa, loved to make me do every thing for them such as, their laundry, make food, clean the entire house. My stepmother, Mint, was the worst.

One day they made me follow them around to carry their bags while they shopped all day! "Berry! Get up here now!" Just so you know my room, is in the lower part of our 2nd story home. We have 5 bedrooms and yet I have to sleep where the servants would. Bruce, our dog, was lying down asleep dreaming of chasing our cat Brutus. I guess in a way I always hoped some 'Prince Charming' would come and rescue me from my life, but that only happens in fairy tales, and my life isn't one of those.

Before going upstairs, I gathered corn to feed the chickens with; once I finished feeding them I gathered 3 plates, 3 cups, and a teapot. I headed for the kitchen upstairs and set the teapot on the stovetop. Then I gathered Moe's laundry sack in my left hand, Miwa's laundry sack in my right hand and Mint's laundry sack balanced on my head. I head off to do their laundry then when I came in the tea was whistling, I poured their tea and brought up the sets of tea the same way I carried their laundry sacks. My stepmother has decided that her 'babies' must have ANOTHER birthday party. This will be their 2nd 18th birthday in 6 months. My stepmother is 35 how she has 19 year olds I don't know.

Today we went into town to shop, and the King and Queen's Paige announced the prince would be having a ball. I was so excited; when my stepsisters brought it up I asked if I could go also. My stepmother made a deal with me, if I cleaned the entire house I would be allowed to go. As I said earlier we lived in a 'semi-mansion' I knew I would never make it to the ball or meet the prince. I knew it was worthless to try, but I attempted anyways. First I cleaned the Servant's quarters and the rest of the basement. I started with the kitchen, I would have to do the dishes, sweep the floor, mop, and clean up after Brutus and Bruce.

Then I would start with the 2nd floor, it was fairly clean, but I knew I would have to dust, sweep, and mop. And that was just the basics, I would also have to make sure every window was closed and cleaned and that the curtains were washed and positioned in the correct position. Then make my stepsisters' beds and my stepmother's bed. Make their breakfast, sweep and mop again, do the laundry, dust, and so much more. The more I thought about everything I had to clean the more I realized I really never would go to the ball.