Mackenzie Brown Mr. Levin English 8 Honors September 3, 2011

George's Journal Entry

Dear Diary,

It's been real tough. Yesterday I shot my brother in the back of the head. I've never felt so miserable in my life. Lennie went an' killed Curly's wife on accident, snapped her neck in one swift move. From the looks of it, Lennie hid the puppy that he killed and the girl must've walked in on 'em. She probably flirted with him. Knowin' Lennie, he probably got to touchin' her soft hair, probably too hard. She most likely got to yellin' at 'em and his response to yellin' has always been to grab. I'm guessin' he grabbed her hair and she started screamin'. I bet he thought I was gonna' take away his job as the rabbit keeper if he got into trouble. Anyway, somewhere in between, he probably held her too hard or got to shaken her 'till finally her neck jus' went and snapped. I reckon Lennie ran to the bushes in the woods where I tol' 'em to go in case of trouble. I dunno' why he stole Carlson's Luger. Maybe he thought we could use it to hunt or somethin". I hate to think that he might've shot someone with it had it not been me who found 'em. When I got to the bushes where he was, he asked me 'bout the farm we was gonna' hav' together. I tol' 'em all 'bout it. I tol' 'em it wasn't his fault an' that I ain't never been mad at 'em before, not even now. Then I raised the gun as I heard the footsteps of the other men closin' in and shot Lennie right in the back of the head. I know it souns' bad. I feel terrible 'bout it. I keep tellin' myself that I saved 'em from a worse fate. 'Cause if Curly had gotten 'hold of 'em, well, he woulda' torture d Lennie for sure. Death was better than what woulda' come to 'em if I ain't gone an' shot 'em. Slim keeps tellin' me that I saved 'em. I guess I hav' to believe that if I'm to move on. I dunno' what to do 'bout the farm we was gonna' buy. I don't think it would be the same withou' Lennie. The more I ponder it, I don't really see it in my future anymore. For that matter, I'm not even sure if I'll stay here with Slim! I just can't stand it! I already miss the big oaf so much! I tell myself that this is what Aunt Clara woulda' wanted for 'em. I'll never forgive myself for not takin' care of Lennie proper. Please forgive me Lennie.