Corrupted Realities

Chapter One: The Revelation

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AN: So I was very disappointed that no one at all wanted me to continue my story, other than the 5 people that followed my story, so I decided to try another story idea that I have rattling around in my head. First thing you should know about the story, is that it revolves a lot around Naruto being trained by an OC, with their own storyline that twines into the Naruto storyline. The OC's part in the story is not HUGE, other than in the training of Naruto, so those of you that do not like OC Naruto stories, the OC's storyline is not going to take over the story, just a minor arc of it really. So without further interruptions, Corrupted Realities.

"Sarutobi, you know just as well as any of us here that a jinchuruki should be properly trained as early as possible, it is about time Konoha has a proper jinchuruki, not some coddled brat like his mother, and Mito. Even if you won't let me take him into ROOT, he needs to be mentored and trained and become strong fast. You know that Sand, Rock, Mist and Lightning all have young jinchuruki right now, even Waterfall has a young jinchuruki as well. Naruto is six years old, and needs training now."

Danzo stood firm before Sarutobi, and the rest of the village council, his voice holding a respectful tone, yet under toned with authority he didn't have over Sarutobi.

Sarutobi sighed, once again grimacing with indecision, reluctance and finally, resignation. "Alright, we will again call a vote of the Shinobi half of the council, regarding whether Naruto be trained as a Jinchuruki or as a normal child, going through the academy."

As it was the third time in the week that a vote had been called over Naruto's training, Sarutobi didn't expect things to change, with the same 55% to 45% vote to be tallied, in favor of Naruto to be trained as a normal child.

But today things were indeed different. The most avid supporters of Naruto to go through normal training, the Akamichi, Nara, Yamanaka and Aburame clans, all decided in favor of Naruto being specially trained. This flipped the vote tally to 70% to 30% in favor of Naruto being specially trained under the Hokage's supervision.

Hugely surprised, Sarutobi turned to the four clans, surprise, questioning and incomprehension written on his face. Expecting to receive some kind of explanation from one of them, he was again surprised to receive no such elaboration.

A smirk formed on Danzo's face, his lips already moving to form a sentence before Sarutobi swiftly cut him off "No, Naruto will not be trained in your ROOT Anbu division Danzo, we do certainly not need a mindless jinchuruki to be controlled."

Sarutobi leaned further back into his chair, his mind racing at his options. He wanted to avoid having Naruto privately tutored at an early age, as it would surely attract other villages to Naruto, as Konoha did not usually train their Jinchuruki. It might even push them to train their jinchuruki earlier, again causing more problems. Sarutobi let out a wistful sigh, wishing for his favorite pipe that was currently left on his desk in the office.

Fugaku Uchiha stood from his chair, loudly clearing his throat before speaking "Now that we finally have agreed on Naruto being trained, I think we all want to know who is going to train him, and if there is an option that one of the clans would be able to train him themselves."
Sarutobi took a second to reply, thinking through what he had prepared in case the council would rule to have Naruto trained. 'The only two good options for Naruto left now is for either myself to train him, or get him several instructors to train him many different areas… both of which seem rather unattractive, as I am definitely too old to be training a new student these days. I guess Naruto may have to be clan-trained after all.'

The council was all beginning to get impatient, except for maybe Shikaku taking a nap, and Chouza snacking on a bag of chips. Fugaku again spoke, "Hokage-sama, your answer?"

"It is my decision that I will have to think further on this before making a sure decision, and I am now classifying everything that was said in this council meeting, and for no one to speak of Naruto being privately trained to anyone. And that means ANYONE. We can't have other villages getting word of this and sending assassins after Naruto."

"There were quite a few grumbles of disappointment at that, each councilman or woman wanting to know who would be training the boy. With a nod from Sarutobi, the council room doors were opened by Anbu guards standing inside the room, and the council all trickled out of the room, except for Chouza, Inoichi and Shikaku, who stayed behind.

Slightly confused, Sarutobi spoke, "Now what are you three waiting here for?"

Shukaku stifled a yawn, before speaking, "Now I am sure your first real question is why we voted for Naruto to be specifically trained so young?" After receiving a nod from Sarutobi, he continued, "And that is because we learned of a certain relative of Naruto, who is very much alive, and currently residing in Tanzaku Gai, running a ninja supply store in the South-west part of the city."

Putting two and two together, Sarutobi spoke up, "And that is great for Naruto, but I cant exactly have a no name Uzumaki come train Naruto, the rest of the council will throw a fit."

The Ino-Shika-Cho trio all nearly choked as they tried to hold their laughter back. All three exchanged glances, snickering at their own thought or joke. Raising an eyebrow, Hiruzen was now indeed very curious about this Uzumaki.

Catching his breath first, Chouza spoke up, "Now lets just say that he is NOT exactly a "no name Uzumaki."

"And who exactly is this Uzumaki that is so special?"

Snorting, Inoichi laughed again, before speaking, "Special is right haha, he is a special kind of special."

Raising his eyebrow, Sarutobi was thoroughly confused and curious. "Alright, so who is he then?"

Shukaku finally finished laughing, speaking with mirth still in his voice "Isao."

Sarutobi stopped, his thoughts racing, and the three clan heads watched as surprise, deep thoguth, and then determination found its way upon their Hokage's face.

Inoichi and Chouza snickered again, and all three of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio walked out, and Sarutobi heard them laughing as they walked down the halls.

Finally Sarutobi was left alone in the room, again wishing for his pipe. Beckoning with his hand, Sarutobi signaled over an Anbu. "I need you to go find Isao Uzumaki, and have him report to my office, whenever possible. He is in Tanzaku Gai, running a ninja supply store in the South-west portion of the city. If he declines my summons, you will hand him," At this Sarutobi pulled out a scroll and held it out for the Anbu. "This. It should make him obey my summons without any issues."

The Anbu bowed, grabbed the scroll, tucked it inside of his vest and asked "What does this Isao Uzumaki look like?" Sarutobi laughed lightly at that, before replying "If you haven't heard of him, he looks like a normal Uzumaki male. Red hair pulled back into a ponytail, broad shoulders, and a tall frame. He wears a back and grey jacket with the Uzumaki logo on the right shoulder. He is a loud, boisterous man that you can't miss."

The Anbu again bowed "Hai, Hokage-sama." The Anbu stood straight again, before disappearing in a quick shunshin.

Again sighing, Sarutobi spoke aloud "I need my pipe now."

AN: Okay so this is just kind of an exert from the story, I have quite a bit more typed up, and I can do more with the story, but I only want to bother writing more if I get a good response from this. I am hoping to get maybe 10 people to follow it? Then I will post more. Otherwise I will just ignore it, and try another story idea I have. Another note, if I continue the story, the romance in the story is a long while away.