This is what I get from spending too much time looking up my favorite OT3 on DeviantArt.

If I do continue it will probably all be unrelated somewhat AU one shots.

A One, A Two, And Here. We. Go!

Wally West had decided years ago that puberty was a bitch. If not for the fact that he had come out of it looking hella fine (if he did say so himself), he would have been perfectly happy to tell puberty to screw itself and leave him alone.

It just wasn't fair.

Because while he had gotten all the customary zits and other various and almost always highly embarrassing problems associated with growing up, some people that he happened to know had skipped the awkward and gone straight to... well...

"At the risk of sounding like a pervert, i.e., Wally, I'd just like to take the time to appreciate the view before me and say; day-um!"

Fucking Artemis. Never mind that he was starring at Dick's upward facing backside as well while the acrobat poked his head into the freezer. Never mind the fact that his heart sped up and he could feel his face burning when Dick finally turned around with a smirk that screamed that he had given them a show on purpose.

The blatant, verging-on-sexual-harassment-smart-ass-leering was his thing!

"You alright there, Wally?" Oh Megan, you beautiful, considerate per- "Artemis actually beat you to the sexual harassment this time." Son of a BITCH.

He smacked his face down on the counter, then turned and tugged on Artemis's pony tail when he heard her laughing.

"You've been spending too much time with Artemis, Miss M," Dick said, sliding around the counter to drape one arm over Wally's shoulder and another over Artemis's. Wally smirked when she shivered and she stuck her tongue out at him in response.

How childish. Wally was far more mature than she was, and Dick was about to refute this. There was no way his bro would let the girls get away with their affronts to his gentle-manly nature, he was sure- "Besides, Wally can look as much as he wants." Dick pecked him on the cheek, giving Arty's pony tail another friendly tug. She swatted his arm away but that didn't change the fact that they both knew how much she enjoyed it.

Well. Okay then. If he insisted...

"Don't make promises you can't keep man." Dick was still two years younger than he and Artemis, and damn was it hard to forget, even if he was the most mature at times.

Artemis sighed as M'Gann flew out of the room. Probably to go "fix the bikes" with Supey again. At least the trio still in the kitchen didn't make silly excuses when they wanted to be naked in the "fun way" as she liked to put it. Not that there was any of that happening yet. Woe-to-her.

Dick frowned. "I always keep my promises."

Artemis and Wally shared a look. A look that involved at least one eyebrow raised on each forehead and some lip biting that quite clearly said "We're superheroes. It's an occupational hazard." Dick withdrew his hands and pulled a stool over to sit between them. He always liked to be in the middle. If he were to overanalyze it he would say that it made it easier for him to protect both of them at all times.

"Fine," he huffed. "But you guys still see me as a puny kid. I have to do something to get your attention."

Wally starred at Dick incredulously and Artemis burst out laughing.

"Shortpants, Kid Hormones has to go take a cold shower every time you start doing your stretches in the gym and I have not been shy in my appreciation."

"Hey!" Wally yelped indignantly. One time and she never lets it go.

"Well why don't you guys ever come to me? I saw you go help him out in the showers!" Dick stated accusingly.

Ah well that was true... Wallly zoned out for a moment remembering what had been a great ending to a horrible day. It had started out with a nut job with a laser gun and gone downhill from there. And when they got back to the cave, thoroughly exhausted after literally leveling half a small town, Black Canary had given them extra training as punishment. Wally had certainly woken up when Artemis shoved him against them bathroom wall and attacked him. With her mouth.


"Hello? Earth to Kid Dork?" Wally nearly fell off his stool when Arty snapped her fingers.

"Wah-? Oh yeah! Dick, you need to stop trying so hard to drive us crazy because it's working. Way. Too. Well."

Dick stared at him for a moment before spinning around and jumping of the chair. He started walking out the door before turning around with a smirk on his face. "You sure you want me to stop? 'Cause I have this new stretch I've just been dying to show you guys."

Wally groaned and Artemis face-palmed. Of course they should have known that telling him just how much his teasing got to them would only serve as encouragement.

I can never get enough of Rob and Arty and occasionally Wally just being trolls. Hopefully any future chapters will be more interesting. This was established OT3, if you couldn't tell. Wally and Arty were being mindful of Dick's because Ihavenocluewhy they're nice or something.

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