The chrysalid emminated a steady heartbeat. It's gooey structure started to tear, as the creature inside started moving around. It made soft, almost scared noises. Suddenly, the chrysalid ruptured. The creature inside slithered around a bit, before bolting quickly up the stairs of the nightclub.

The sound of techno music pulsed in it's ears. It growled in joy. This music, it made it... Happy. It halted at the door, before standing on it's hind legs, and, after recoiling back a bit, slammed into the door, sending it splintering to the shiny floor below. The strobe lights reveale part of it's form. A long, deadly, somewhat scaly tail that ended in an almost bladed end swished behind it. It's gently glowing red eyes somewhat changed color in the shifting lights. It carefully strolled to the middle of the dance floor. The music beating in it's ears, making it's heart pulse to the bass. Slowly, it morphed into a more human form, a more female form. Then, it was a human female with black hair, her tail remaining. She looked around with her glowing eyes. Everyone was terrified of her.

Then, in an odd act for a mutant creature, she began to dance. She let the techno music guide her movements. An odd mix of a roar and a snarl escaped in pure joy. Others cautiously joined her, before everyone got back into the spirit.

"Who are you?" The club's owner and DJ asked her.

"I don't know," She said simply. "Who am I?"

"Hm, well, since you came from my basement, I'm guessing you were born or mutanted down there," He said thoughtfully.

"I was born here?" She asked him.

"Sure," He gently and carefully petted her head. Suddenly, she pulled him, hugging him, wrapping her tail around him.

"Dad!" She declared to him, and in turn the whole club.

"Yea, I'm your dad!" He joyfully said, hugging her back.

"What's my name?" She innocently asked.

"Hm, how about Kansen?" He asked. "It means infected. Since you're obviously infected with something, that's should be your name."

"I like it!" The newly named Kansen said joyfully. She released her father, and happily ran around the club, chirping and roaring happily. Everyone in the club laughed and greeted her. Some even showed enough courage to pet her and rub under her chin.

"Kansen," Her father called to her. She raced over to him, hunched slightly, and her tail swishing rapidly behind her. "You're my daughter now, and I refuse to let anything bad happen to you."

"Thank you, Dad!" She chirped, hugging him again.

"Okay, you were just born," He laughed, gently guiding her upstairs. "Time for you to get some sleep. Tomorrow night, or in the morning, you can come back down and have some fun."

"Okay, Dad~," Kansen agreed, slightly yawning. Her efforts to escape her chrysalid and to dance at to the music had clearly worn her out. She crawled into her father's bed, circling it and snuggling down into the soft sheets. Her father chuckled and mumbled something about getting a second bed before returning downstairs to his club.

Kansen drifted into sleep as the techno music blared downstairs soothed her.

Sorry to put this down here. I do not own the Resident Evil Franchise, Capcom does. I own the club, the owner, and Kansen, nothing else.