Nina's POV
I knew I shouldn't. I needed to disappear. But I couldn't just leave. Not like this.
I crept into Fabian's room, gripping the letter tightly.
The letter. I can only imagine the pain it will cause him, but I can't just leave. I wish there was another way. But there is none. Not now.
I smoothed out the crumpled paper, quickly reading it over in the dim light.

Dear Fabian,

I'm sorry. For everything. By the time you will read this, I will have gone. Please do not try to find me. I don't expect you to understand. Just know that you must try and forget me. It is best. You will not see me again. I'm sorry. I love you.
I could feel fresh tears coming on, but I held them back. I can't cry now.
I placed the letter on his desk. He would find it in the morning.
I couldn't bring myself to look at his face. So I left. I walked out of the house and kept walking. I didn't know where I would go, I just knew I had to go somewhere. I had to go somewhere that was not here.
My breath was frozen white in the cool night air. The first light of dawn has yet to appear on the horizon. The night was grey and dark. There were no stars. The moon was hidden behind the clouds.
A deafening roar cut through the peaceful night.
I froze. This was not supposed to happen.
I whirled around to see thick, black smoke pouring into the sky.
I dropped my bag and ran back through the forest.
"FABIAN?! AMBER?!" I started screaming into the night.
"PATRICIA?!" Tears streamed down my face.
I crashed onto the lawn. Anubis House was engulfed in flames.
I heard screaming, then realised it was me. I ran across the lawn, though I knew in my heart it was too late. I was almost to the house when something gave way and the burnt remains crashed to the ground, sending fire and smoke flying everywhere.
I sank to the ground and sobbed. This was my fault. I was foolish. I should have left long ago.
Sirens sounded in the distance. I was snapped back into reality. I couldn't stay. Somehow I got to my feet and disappeared into the night.