It was just another day like any other at the bar for Italy and Germany. The Italian had ordered a simple glass of red wine while the German held a mug full of beer. Germany was silent, listening to Italy babble on and on about pasta, girls, tomatoes, and other things he really didn't care about. He wondered why the man loved pasta so damn much, and when Italy finally stopped to take a breath, Germany decided to ask.

"Hey Italy... why do you love pasta?"

The red-haired Italian blinked his light brown eyes and smiled goofily. "Well, you see…"

i"No!" Chibitalia wailed, running away from Holy Roman Empire, his little feet padding on the shiny wooden floor of the house.

"Please come back! I only wanted to give you food!" Holy Roman Empire called out after him in desperation. Chibitalia refused to listen, and continued to evade him.

Throwing open the front door, the little Italian ran and ran, until he was sure Holy Roman Empire was no longer following.

He paused when he saw a large wooden ship docked at the harbor. A young-looking Asian man was standing in front of it, with dark hair tied into a ponytail and warm chocolate brown eyes.

"Ah xiǎo háizi, aru," The man said, blinking. "What are you doing here? Are you lost?" he bent down, hands on his knees.

Chibitalia backed away in fear "U-Um…" he stammered nervously, feeling sweat break out over his forehead.

A loud rumble came from the Italian's belly.

The older man laughed and said, "You can call me China. Would you like some food?"

Naturally, Chibitalia was unable to resist the temptation of a good, hearty meal. China took out a barrel filled with long, while doughy strings. With agile movements, he kneaded them together expertly. It only seemed like a matter of mere minutes before a plate of the delicious looking dish was completed and steaming in front of the small child.

"Grazie!" Chibitalia broke out into an adorable smile, small pink blotches spreading over his round cheeks. The food was gone as quickly as it was prepared.

"You're welcome, aru. It's getting quite late, aru. You should probably go back home now. Do you know your way back?" the Asian man asked, smiling a little in response.

The small Italian nodded, and China said, "I'll have somebody escort you back home then, aru. Oh, I know! You can take some noodles too, and give them to your parents. It's a very popular Chinese dish, aru! You'll have to get your own sauce though, because we just ran out."

Chibitalia smiled and agreed, "Okay. Grazie, Mr. China for the noodles."

A man walked with him back to the house, where Holy Roman Empire was waitingl, anxiously wringing his small hands.

Upon seeing them, he cried out "Chibitalia! I was so worried about you! Are you alright?" His big blue eyes were wide with fear.

"Si, I'm fine. Look what somebody gave to me!" the tiny Italian showed off the noodles with gusto. "Let's use some of that tomato sauce Mr. Spain gave us with this!"

Bidding the escort farewell, both children entered the house, eager to try China's noodles with tomato sauce.

"...It's delicious!" Holy Roman Empire exclaimed, shocked. He certainly hadn't expected the dish to be so tasty.

"Let's call this... pasta!" Chibitalia suggested, beaming at him. /i

"You see, that's why I love pasta so much. It brought me back to Holy Roman Empire...and holds memories of a former friend."