Takato sighed deeply before rolling out of bed. He quickly changed into his gear and glanced in the mirror to see if the seal was still working before heading out the door to the barbeque restaurant.

When he arrived he saw three genin already waiting for him. That was unusual. Shikamaru sat with his hands in the non-seal of thinking like he always did when contemplating something.

Chouji was munching on a bag of chips furiously while Ino sat impatiently snapping at the other two.

"I didn't believe I set a time for us to meet so I'm surprised you came so early." He mused from behind them, making them jump and scowl at him. Shikamaru handed him his kunai and Takato nodded his thanks.

"All right. Now first off, I'll play shogi with Shikamaru. Second, we'll work on your taijutsu. You're all severely lacking in chakra and so we need to build up your stamina for you to gain more. Thirdly, you will work on teamwork. But before all of that, I am going to have breakfast." Takato declared lazily and began to eat.

The three stared at him intently. Takato put the food down with a roll of his eyes. "What?" He said tiredly.

"We want you to train us!" Ino declared. Takato sighed heavily.

"So you've told me. However, a good shinobi will have a healthy diet. So this is my first lesson; Ino, eat more. I don't care if it's for some boy that you're dieting but that diet of yours will kill you if you carry on like that." He said sternly as Ino opened her mouth to protest.

"Shikamaru. Eat more and laze around less. At the rate you're going, you teammates will be dead because you didn't train hard enough." Takato said with hardened eyes. Much like I was, Takato thought grimly.

"And Chouji, make sure you match your taijutsu with your eating habits. You can eat as much as you want, as long as you work it into muscle. Do that and you will become a very powerful shinobi." Takato said with a strong voice. It's true, he was a strong shinobi. It was me who wasn't strong enough to help him…

Chouji nodded his head. Takato pulled out a familiar scroll and the shogi board appeared. "Let's play."


They panted heavily as Takato sat calmly facing them with a half lidded expression they found oddly familiar. "Your taijutsu needs serious improvement on. So I will give you these to work on." Takato said and dropped down the weights into a pile. They grabbed four each and sat as he strapped the weights onto them. They were extremely heavy after their training.

"Now, these will get heavier every week. You will wear them everywhere, non-stop, unless bathing. Do not take them off, ever, unless I instruct you to do so. Understand?" He asked.

The three grumbled but nodded their heads resentfully. "Everyday wake up early so you can do a running lap around Konoha. This way you can be awake and have a shower if you make it home fast enough." Takato instructed. This wasn't going to end up like last time. These kids were going to be ready for it when the time comes.

They would be a team. "Right! Team building exercise." Takato declared. He watched their expressions become mortified as he explained what they would be doing. But he gave them no chance to protest and handed them a blind fold each. "So you will let your partner lead you through this obstacle course." He explained.

The mission was quite simple. They had to be lead through a series of traps and other things to get a key. Once they'd completed that, they would go through the obstacle course once again (this time a different person) to find a box. Then once again go through and find a key, then a box, then a key, then another box. They would only be allowed to bring one item back at a time.

Once they had brought all six items they needed to collect, well, they'd see what would happen later. Hopefully they'd have better trust then now. And so they began with Ino going first into the course with Chouji leading her. There were plenty of close calls and Takato watched closely. They were doing this extremely well. A bit too easily to his liking. They had evaded all the traps he'd set exceptionally. So Takato decided to have a little play on this next round.


Chouji being lead by Shikamaru. "Go forward Chouji five steps." He said lazily.

Chouji nodded his head until he heard Shikamaru's voice. "No wait! Go left five steps." The voice corrected itself.

Chouji hesitated mid-step before moving to the side. Shikamaru stood as he saw this.

"Chouji go right five steps and forward five steps." He said with a raised eyebrow. Why didn't Chouji listen?

"Go backwards five steps before jumping to the right; watch out, it's a big drop." The other Shikamaru's voice said.

Chouji was confused. "Shikamaru, why are you telling me to do one thing and then do another?" He asked his best friend.

Shikamaru's eyes widened. "It's a genjutsu! No wonder it seemed to easy the first round. Chouji use Kai!" He told his friend.

Chouji looked confused, for a very good reason too.

"Come on Shikamaru! Stop teasing him! I know you don't like him and think he's a waste of space but come on. I really want to see what's in that box, we can dump the fatty somewhere else anyway…" Came a voice that sounded exactly like Ino's.

"Fine but I'll tell him it's a genjutsu. I bet you that the fatty will believe me…" Came Shikamaru's voice smugly.

Then he heard Shikamaru's voice again and it sounded panicked. "It's a genjutsu! No wonder it seemed to easy the first round. Chouji use Kai!" Chouji felt himself shaking. He couldn't believe that the two people he had trusted the most, had called him that.

He could hear those two voices behind him, betraying him… his friends calling him that behind his back. But then he remembered something that Shikamaru had told him long ago…

"Fat? You're not fat. Big-boned, definitely. I'd never say you were fat Chouji." Chouji paused as he remembered this. If Shikamaru had called him 'fat' now and then was claiming it was a genjutsu, then perhaps it was a genjutsu?

It had been going far too easy after all. So bringing his hands together in a familiar hand seal he yelled, "Kai!" He felt his ears unblock slightly and his head seemed to get clearer. There were no more mutterings in the background. He slumped slightly. "Shikamaru! Which way do I go?"

"To the right five steps and then forward five steps Chouji." Shikamaru ordered. Chouji thought about what had been said before the genjutsu and nodded his head before following the orders.

His feet kicked something metal and he held a box in his hands triumphantly. Shikamaru directed him slowly out of the maze and knew that it was his turn now but first he wanted to ask Chouji what the genjutsu had said. "Well first it was just telling me to go in different directions than you were telling me to go in." Chouji explained to Shikamaru and Ino.

"But then, it decided to start making me not try and trust you guys." He said slowly.

"How'd it do that?" Ino asked curiously.

"Insulted me. It used you guys – well your voices – and made it sound like you were going to get the box and then just dump me off somewhere like trash." Chouji said and his fist tightened.

"I could still hear you guys but the genjutsu was good. When you said it was a genjutsu, just before that the Shikamaru voice said I would definitely fall for thinking it was a genjutsu." He explained with a glare at the course.

"So it was trying to play with your mind and keep you from dispelling it that way…" Shikamaru murmured. "But then why did you change your mind about it being a genjutsu or not?" Shikamaru asked his friend.

Chouji smiled happily. "Because of what you said in the Academy before we became genin. You said you'd never say I was fat." He exclaimed proudly. Shikamaru smiled at his friend before looking around them. "Okay Ino, here's what we're gonna do…"

Shikamaru nodded to Ino. "Ready." She said and her body slumped. One of the rules were that the person who was blindfolded could not take the blindfold off. The leader couldn't step into the course to take the blindfold off them.

However, because Ino was taking the blindfold off and she hadn't stepped into the course, she could now remove the blindfold and walk through Shikamaru's body. This was so much looking underneath the underneath that it would make Kakashi proud.

Ino began wandering around looking for the key. She avoided traps and continued walking. After over five minutes she felt like something was wrong. She was sure she'd seen that blue tire before.

She continued on anyway, noting that she was almost out of chakra now. After another five minutes she turned round the corner. There it was. The blue tire. Realising what it was her eyes widened. But her chakra was almost at fulltime low so she quickly put the blindfold back up and released her jutsu.

She made it back into her body and glared at the tree where she had the suspicion her day sensei sat. He'd known she was going to do that and had a genjutsu ready to confuse her. This man was good.


Takato (who was sitting inside Ino's shadow to tell his true location) smirked and rolled his eyes. Ino had gotten too confident and so hadn't kept an eye out for anything odd until it was too late.

He'd even made it extremely obvious by making her see the same thing over and over again. Finally she'd left and he'd released the genjutsu.

He wasn't very good at genjutsu but these were only very basic. Slightly altering the way things look, making noises that aren't actually there, they were extremely simple to make. He looked back up as Shikamaru came back with his key. So now it was Ino's turn leading Chouji to find the next box.

He let them wind Chouji through a path carefully and extremely cautiously. Deciding this was taking too long and they needed to understand that being too slow could cost lives, he began releasing traps around Chouji.

He dodged most of the rain of kunai, only getting sliced a few little cuts letting blood dribble down his right cheek and arms. Ino realised that they'd been spending much too long deciding where to go. Wisely however, she remembered not to rush into things like Naruto would do.

Instead she led her team mate through with a great show of expertise. When Chouji returned with the next box they seemed to be even more alert. Now Takato watched as Shikamaru went and got blindfolded while Chouji sat down to lead him through his voiced commands.

They worked together perfectly and too quick for any of Takato's traps to catch them standing still too long yet cautious enough not to charge right into them by accident. Shikamaru returned with the key under his arm. Now they had a collection of two boxes and three keys.

Takato wondered if they would pick up on the hidden meaning for this test. They were ninja. They never had a straight meaning for anything. Unless they were the Rokudaime that is. Man was that guy blunt and straight to the point. Takato shook his head and his chest tightened. The Rokudaime might be gone in that timeline but not in this one he wasn't.


Shikamaru directed Ino to the box. She cautiously picked it up and made her way back to the end of the course. However as soon as she walked out the box disappeared from her hands.

"What!?" She exclaimed in surprise. Shikamaru frowned but directed her to get the box again. Once again the same thing happened.

"Try using Kai?" Shikamaru suggested/asked. Ino made her way back and performed the release to no response.

"Something else Shikamaru." Ino said with a bit of frustration in her voice. They were all hungry, they hadn't had any lunch yet. Ino picked up the box and it rattled slightly.

"Hey Shikamaru, it has something in it." Ino called. Shikamaru's eyes widened as he remembered the rules for this test.

"The person who was blindfolded cannot take the blindfold off. The leader can't step into the course to take the blindfold off them. You may only take one item out of the maze at a time. There are six items we need to retrieve from the course." He murmured under his breath.

You may only take one item out of the maze at a time. There are six items we need to retrieve from the course. Shikamaru sat up right.

He led Ino back through the obstacles and then placed a key in her hand. Then he led her back through the course and then directed her to open it. She failed and so he asked her to return once again. This time he decided to examine the keys and the boxes. He found one that didn't seem to look like it fit with the others and so gave that to Ino.

She went back with his directions and stuck the key in the lock. It opened and reaching her hand inside she grabbed the last item. She picked it up and walked back out happily.

Then she took off the blindfold and they waited for the day sensei to come. When he didn't come Ino started to get impatient. "Where the hell is he!?" She yelled in annoyance. Chouji was staring at the items they had gotten.

"Guys… we only have five items here." He reminded them with a groan. Shikamaru cursed loudly and Ino glared at the obstacle course in annoyance. Shikamaru threw Ino the blindfold. Ino began to make her way through the maze with little trouble (besides walking straight into a trap because she was too pissed at their day sensei) and finally got the key.

She headed back and threw the key in the pile. Instantly Takato appeared in a swirl of leaves. "Congratulations." He said with a smirk. "But from now you guys need to remember what you have learnt today and keep it in mind. You all did very well; your teamwork is strong. However because you did not share your chips Chouji with the others who did not have lunch you will do ten star jumps for every chip you eat until next Tuesday."

The day sensei said with a smirk. He stared at them proudly before he disappeared in a swirl of leaves. The three stared at the place he'd disappeared tiredly. "Did anyone pick up his name the past seven hours we spent with him?" Ino asked. T

he other two looked at her jadedly. "Who cares? He made good points; we follow them and wait for next Tuesday. Man is this going to be troublesome." Shikamaru groaned and lay back. Chouji was already on his feet again eating chips while doing ten star jumps for every chip he ate.


Takato leaned back against the door heavily. "Man, are those kids troublesome. Especially me." He said and then let his head loll to the side. His apartment wasn't the nicest of all places but it was better than Naruto's.

That didn't say much since practically anything with a roof was better than Naruto's apartment. Since he was in privacy, he opened up the scrolls to glance over the seals the Rokudaime had given him and the ones head brought. Sealing scrolls, privacy seals, exploding seals, the Stag summoning contract(his own), toad summoning, snake summoning, slug summoning, hawk summoning, dog summoning, ox summoning, … as much as the future Hokage could give him.

Those were only some of the contracts Rokuadaime had given him. Takato had no talent in sealing himself, preferring to use his shadow jutsu and intellect to deal with problems. Of course, there were some seals, namely the ones the Rokudaime himself had created, that had to be drawn directly onto a surface and not transferred, no exceptions. Because of this the Rokudaime's arms was covered with seals that allowed different things.

Each of his subordinates had the disguising seal that was similar to a solid henge on them located on the left hip bone, as well as the 'home' seal on their left wrist. The home seal was a tracking seal that allowed Naruto to know your exact position through his own seal, therefore using this to come to you. It only took him a few seconds once he had learnt his father's famous jutsu.

Another one of the many seals that Naruto had placed on him was the weight seal. It was located on the back, but invisible, and it was a lot like the weights Lee and Gai used to wear (or still do now in the past) except for the fact that there was no weight limit for them and instead of focusing on one part of the body to build up muscle, it focused on all of it. Takato had one more seal on his forehead that he'd asked Naruto to place on him, more like pleaded.

It gave full power to Naruto about his actions and he could not disobey Naruto under any circumstances. It was invisible to all but Naruto and those had had one themselves. The binding seal. It was deadly for the will to the person who was caught in it. However, the process to put it on was nothing short of painful for both the receiver and Naruto.

Once on, full control was in Naruto's. The bound was slave to Naruto's will. If one were to ask Takato why he would want a seal placed on him, he would answer with one simple question. Would you want your enemy to take control of your body? Because if Madara could control the great Kyuubi, Takato had no chance. Sighing, he closed his eyes and fell asleep on the floor, not bothering to get up into bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


"You can do a mission Takato." Hiruzen decided as he spoke to the time traveller. Takato nodded his head. He knew this would come, it wasn't like it never would anyway. Looking at the B rank mission given to him (Only a B rank?) he sighed. Kill this person, kill that person. It wasn't like Takato wasn't used to it, merely he didn't see the point half of the time. Ah well. He got paid. He nodded his head and bowed before jumping out the window and heading for the main gates out of Konoha.


Shikamaru had dragged himself back home after their temporary sensei had disappeared.

Now, the next morning, he had woken up early like the day jounin had instructed, eaten breakfast and was now running a lap around the village. It would have been hard enough without the weights on but with the weights it was torture. Shikamaru ended up back at home four hours later and collapsed onto his porch outside in exhaustion.

His mother had come running out and he had hungrily devoured the food placed in front of him much to his mother's surprise. His mother had in turn informed her husband who came out to see not only was his son up a lot earlier than his usual time but also see that he was eating ravenously.

"Son, what's with the sudden change?" He asked with a frown. It wasn't like it was a bad sign but Shikaku wondered what would make his son act so different. Shikamaru paused between bites to look up at his father.

"We had a sensei yesterday and he said to me 'eat more and laze less' because he said at the amount of training I was doing, all my teammates would be killed." He said and took another bite. His eyes hardened.

"The thing was, when he said it, it wasn't like he was saying might more like they would be killed. I could see it in his eyes; he'd seen it happen before." Shikamaru said and shivered. Shikaku's lips pursed as he watched his son's reaction. "What was the name of this jounin?"


Ino wrapped the towel around herself tiredly. She'd just taken a cold shower after a very sweaty and tiring run around Konoha. To tell you the truth, she was sorely disappointed in herself. Not only was she more unfit than she'd originally thought, her appearance had sorely disappointed her. It was hard to move around in her chosen outfit and her hair flung widely as she ran which only added to her weight as she had ran. She was going to change that.

She decided after careful deliberation that Sasuke would like an independent, strong and beautiful kunoichi more than a weak, dependent, 'pretty' kunoichi like Sakura. Forehead was the perfect example of someone like that. Ino was going to be better.

She dressed herself in a tight-fitting but easy-to-move-in outfit. It was still coloured purple of course.

She strapped on the weights much like her one day sensei had done and stood up with a firm expression on her face. Walking out she bumped into her dad. "Oh sorry Dad! If you need me, I'll be at the hair dressers." She exclaimed and disappeared from his sight.

"What's Ino doing up so early?" Inoichi's wife asked behind her groceries.

"Something about going to get a hair cut I believe." Inoichi said with confusion. One thing he could never understand was the brain of a teenage girl. No matter how many times you go into their brains it didn't help.

They must speak in some sort of code or something. He watched as his wife refilled the cupboards from them being emptied yesterday by none other than Ino.

When he'd asked she'd replied with simply, "Day jounin said to eat more. If I don't I will die from malnutrition and then I won't be much help to Sasuke." All Inoichi had on his mind now was who was this 'day jounin'?


Chouza had come to see a peculiar sight when he'd woken up in the morning. His son was doing ten star jumps for every chip he ate.

"Son, what are you doing?" Chouza asked curiously. Chouji finished and was panting slightly.

"Well you see, after I ran around Konoha –"

"You ran around Konoha?" Chouza repeated in disbelief. Chouji nodded his head and continued.

"After I ran around Konoha I got hungry again. But for me to eat a single chip I have to do ten star jumps." He explained and then once again did ten star jumps once another chip was eaten.

"Why would Asuma tell you to do that?" Chouza said curiously.

Chouji shook his head. "It wasn't Asuma-sensei who told me it was our day sensei." Chouji explained.

"Your day sensei?" Chouza repeated in confusion. Chouji nodded. "Every Tuesday he will train us he said, unless he's got a mission or we do. Therefore he is 'day sensei' as he is our sensei for one day." Chouji finished.

"Why not just call him by his name?" Chouza asked.


Asuma was waiting for his team to show up at their training grounds. Suddenly he felt three chakra points coming his way.

Finally, he thought and opened his mouth to speak when he realised it was none other than the famous Ino-Shika-Cho team. Raising an eyebrow he waved.

"Inoichi, Shikaku, Chouza, to what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you here?" Asuma asked interestedly. He already had a hunch though…

"Why would you leave my daughter with some stranger!? You don't even know if he is truly a jounin!" Inoichi fired off. Asuma raised an eyebrow while the other two were looking at him differently.

Shikaku was thoughtful. "Did anyone manage to catch his name?" He asked everyone else.

Asuma scowled. "I went and asked the Hokage about that but he wouldn't tell me. All he told me was that it would be a good idea to take this training offer." He said grumpily.

His cigarette hung from his mouth and its smoky wisps swirled around Asuma. Chouza was solemn. "He didn't do anything wrong, in fact he managed to convince Chouji to get up early in the morning and run around Konoha." Asuma's eyebrows raised.

"Shikamaru too. But he was also eating which I can tell you he hardly ever does." Shikaku added.

Inoichi sighed. "You should have seen Ino. Wearing proper ninja gear and running off to get her hair cut because it was too long to do anything but get in the way." He said with a sigh.

Asuma had forgotten about the cigar in his hand. "I wonder what he said to them to make them change their minds…"


The man was sleeping in his bed peacefully. Takato snuck up stealthily and with one flick of the wrist, murdered the man. Turning around, he ran straight into some henchmen. Troublesome, Takato thought exasperatedly. They attacked as a unit, fast but not fast enough to catch Takato.

No he wasn't fast, but unlike them, he'd been in a war. Catching them with the shadow jutsu he made them strangle themselves using one of his new jutsu. They fell to the floor with a thud. Takato cursed his luck as he heard a shout escape from one of them and a few seconds later an alarm started. Many guards began running around to find the intruder and Takato slipped off unseen in the shadows.


"Hardly worth a B rank." Takato muttered as he ran back on the way to Konoha. Probably the only reason it had been a B rank was because of the fact it was an assassination mission.

But most of the time those were easy. "Much too troublesome." He sighed as he carried on through the trees. Though the fact that any genin or chuunin who did that would most probably botch the mission helped it become a B rank as well. It was where Takato would put it anyhow.

"I'm such a hypocrite – sort of." Takato mumbled. It was getting close to sunrise now and so would begin the day of Thursday. He sighed heavily. He'd been travelling for hours now; the trip itself was more energy consuming than the mission.

He sighed heavily once again but finally let a small smile slip as Konoha came in sight. Kotetsu and Izumo, the two chuunin guards, sat waiting there. Kotetsu looked up as Takato slowed and walked up to the gate.

"Who're you? Never seen you before." Kotetsu said curiously. Takato shrugged.

"I doubt you'd recognise me. Just coming back from a mission." He said and tapped his Konoha forehead protector. He had moved it to hang loosely around his neck instead of around his arm like he had when he was younger since it made him look different and therefore, people were even less likely to recognise it as him.

Izumo took in his appearance before nodding his head slowly. "I'm sure I saw him yesterday… alright, let him in."

They let him through and he nodded his thanks. Making his way back up to the Hokage tower he entered and bowed to the Sandaime. "I completed the mission Sandaime." He said during his bow.

"Excellent. Well then, have a good day Nyugan Takato." He said with a smile. Takato nodded and took the pay off the desk and stuffed it in his pocket. He wondered what he should buy to make his apartment more… colourful. Perhaps a pineapple. One of the decoration ones. That would be okay. And a fan.


Takato wandered round the area aimlessly. He wasn't really looking for anyone, as he was wondering aimlessly, but he couldn't shake the feeling something familiar had just appeared. He ran a hand through his blonde hair before sighing and before almost walking into someone.

He cursed; he was doing that a lot lately. He needed to stop being distracted. He looked at the person to apologise and saw beautiful bright red eyes staring back at him.

He blinked twice before he recognised who he'd almost bumped into. "Sorry." Kurenai apologised. Takato waved his hand.

"It's fine. My fault. I should've watched where I was going." He explained with a small smile. "Though we didn't actually walk into each other." Takato said with a small smirk.

Kurenai smiled slightly before nodding and walked backwards. "Well Goodbye then." She said and turned around and began walking forward again. Takato watched her go.

Well, that was scary. I thought I was looking into Takahime's eyes for a moment, Takato mused. Kurenai and Asuma's daughter had been a pupil of Takato's past life. The thought pained him and he shook his head clear of the thoughts. A soft sigh escaped his lips and he began to walk back up to his room to eat at the barbeque restaurant.