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And just for clarification, all the Avengers are living at Stark Tower, along with Loki, who is paying sentence on Midgard in hopes he will redeem himself.

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"Here's the paperwork on the Avenger's last mission," Agent Hill said, handing a large stack of papers to Fury. The leader of SHIELD thumbed through them, sighing exasperatedly when he saw that Stark's wasn't included.

"Where's Stark's paperwork?" Fury asked suspiciously.

"He hasn't turned it in. I'm not sure if he's even filled it out yet," Maria answered.

"This is unacceptable for him to keep turning in his papers late!" Fury snapped.

"Actually, he hasn't turned in any of his papers sir. For any of the missions," She added, watching as Fury clenched his jaw angrily.

"I'll talk to him," Fury growled, stalking off towards Tony's lab.

Hearing soft music, he paused outside the door, listening. It sounded like a guitar riff from one of the songs Tony was always listening to. What was the band, ACDC or something? Narrowing his eye, Fury barged into the room.

Tony sat straight up in his chair, quickly jamming something under the desk with his foot.

Ignoring this, Fury barked "You haven't turned in your paperwork Stark."

"Uh, yeah, I was just getting to that. If you could just give me a minute, I'll deliver it to you ASAP," Tony said, getting up and walking over to his suit. Fury watched flabbergasted as Tony suited up, flying over to an unusually high shelf and getting out a huge stack of papers. Turning around Stark accidentally banged his head on the ceiling, causing him to drop the bundle in surprise. The papers separated, fluttering down like moths to land on every available surface, including Fury's head.

"Stark!" Fury cried, taking the paper off his head and glancing at it. It wasn't filled out.

"Woops! My bad," Stark said, landing back on the floor, his suit making the papers beneath him fly back up into the air. "Dummy, sweep all this up will you?" he ordered. Dummy beeped affirmatively and scuttled around the lab collecting the papers.

"Have you filled any of these out Stark? There's some here from before the attack on New York!" Fury exclaimed, examining some of the forms he'd grabbed.
"Uh... that would be a 'no.'" Tony said unconcernedly, as Dummy handed him the stack, whirring happily.

"These are important!" Fury said angrily, bending down to pick up a couple pieces underneath Stark's desk that Dummy had missed.

"Really? You never missed them before today," Tony smirked, taking the Iron Man suit off.

"What is this?" Fury ignored Tony's remark, pulling out a gold and hot rod red electric guitar, which Fury assumed was the source of the music he'd heard.

"Oh, that!" Tony said, waving his hand dismissively. "That's, uh, just a birthday present from Rhodes that he gave me a couple years ago, and I was angry at him at the time so I shoved it under the desk."

"You shoved it under the desk a few years ago?" Fury asked, "Before Stark Tower was built?"

"Uh... yeah?" Tony tried.

Fury ran his along the surface of the guitar, noticing how there wasn't any dust. "Do you play?" He asked, pinning Tony to the wall with his one-eyed gaze. Tony squirmed slightly.

"At one time I attempted to teach myself, but I quickly lost interest." Tony said, a bit too quickly. "So no, I do not play the guitar."

"Right," Fury said slowly. "Well, I'll leave you to fill out all those papers. I want them in by tomorrow morning. Got it?"

Tony gulped. "Yes, sir."

As soon as Fury exited the room and was a safe distance away, Tony ran over to the guitar, picking it up and stroking it gently. "Don't worry my baby, I won't let Fury hurt you!"

The huge pile of forms already forgotten, Tony resumed practicing ACDC riffs.

As Fury walked back, he heard an incessant, fast-paced guitar riff coming from all the air vents, that sounded suspiciously like a song by Dragonforce. It was so fast the notes were starting to make him dizzy. "What is that?" He growled.

He pressed the button on the gadget in his hear, speaking over intercom. "Agent Barton. Would you find whatever is making that awful racket in the air vents?"

The guitar playing stopped.

"Uh, what racket?" Hawkeye asked.

"The guitar riff that's playing in the entire mansion through the air vents!"

"...I haven't heard anything."

"What?! You're in the air vents all the time!" Fury snapped, annoyed.

"Is it still playing, sir?"

"No," Fury relented. "But if you don't find whatever was making the noise I'll get the Black Widow to do it."

"No! I'll do it! I'm good, I'm good with the mission!"

Fury heard what must have been Clint scrambling around madly in the air vents. Something banged, and a few guitar notes wafted through the ventilation system.

"What was that?" Fury demanded.

"Nothing! That was nothing! I'll go find your poltergeist now!"

There was some more banging, and suddenly Clint dropped out of the air vent right above Fury.

"Barton?!" Fury exclaimed, as the man almost landed on his head.

Clint was wearing sunglasses and was clutching a black guitar case to his chest.

"I... uh... YOU SAW NOTHING!" Clint yelled as he ran at top speed down the hall.

Fury shook his head and walked off to the gym to see if he could find Natasha, and tell her about how strange Barton was acting.

Coming into the gym, he found Steve finishing off a punching bag. The punching bag flew across the room and nearly crashed into Fury.

"Rogers!" Fury snapped.

"My apologies, sir," Steve said, flushing. "That was not intentional."

"It better not have been," Fury said sternly. "Have you happened to see Natasha?"

"She was in here earlier, but she left a while ago. You might want to try her floor," Steve supplied. "I was actually about to retire to my rooms myself."

Fury nodded, before hurrying off to find Natasha.

As he walked down the corridor, he began to hear the sound of a violin. However it stopped when he was a few feet from the door.

"Romanoff," he said, walking into the room.

She glanced at him, in the middle of putting a violin case in her closet.

"Fury," she acknowledged.

"What are you doing?" Fury asked suspiciously.

"Putting my guns away. I was just cleaning them," She said smoothly, turning around and walking over to him.

"You keep your guns in a violin case?"

"How else do you think I carry them around in public?" Natasha said, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Of course," Fury said. "I just came to talk to you about Barton."
"What about him?"

"He was acting strange today. There was music and banging in the air vents, and I asked him to investigate it, and then he nearly landed on my head and ran away with a guitar case."

"Oh? And how is that any stranger than normal?" She asked, amused. "He sometimes carries his bow and arrows in there."

"Next you'll be telling me that Steve carries his shield around in a suitcase!" Fury exclaimed.

"He does actually," Natasha deadpanned.

Fury banged his head on the wall. "I'll be talking with him," he muttered, quickly exiting the room.

Natasha smirked at his retreating figure, before retrieving her violin.

"Rogers!" Fury barked, barging into Steve's quarters.

Steve looked up sharply from where he was sitting on the couch holding a red, white and blue bass guitar, his fingers stilling mid-strum.

"Yes sir?" Steve asked nervously, quickly slipping off the shoulder strap and slipping the instrument under his chair.

Fury paused. "You play bass guitar?"

"Yes," Steve said immediately, "Wait, no! No I don't!" he amended.

Fury eyed him.

"...Maybe?" Steve said weakly.

"Uh huh," Fury said disbelievingly. "Explain yourself."

"It isn't mine!" Steve wailed, nervously stroking his shield for comfort.

Fury's eyes traveled to the shield. "Right, I wanted to ask you about your shield. Do you really carry it around in a suitcase?"

"Yes. Wait, no! No I don't!"

"Do you or do you not?" Fury demanded impatiently.


"Are you Tom?" Fury asked suddenly.

"Tom?" Steve said, perplexed. "Who's Tom? I'm Steve!"

"Just making sure," Fury said. With that he swept out of the room.

Steve watched Fury go, wearing the expression he got whenever Tony was trying to explain how to work a phone. As Fury's footsteps faded away, Steve pulled out his bass guitar from the pathetic hiding place of under his chair and resumed trying to play "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction.

On his way to the kitchen for some coffee, Fury passed by Banner's lab. Glancing through the glass walls, he saw the scientists fingers skittering across a piano keyboard. Curious, Fury punched in the access code and entered the lab.

"Banner?" he said warily.

Bruce blinked and quickly knocked the piano keyboard back into his desk with his hip, putting his fingers on the computer keyboard instead.

"Did you need something?" Bruce said quickly.

"What's in the top drawer of your desk?" Fury asked.

"Scientific... stuff... why are you interested?" Bruce answered, eying Fury cautiously.

Amidst the scientific papers on Banner's desk Fury spied some music sheets.

"I just..." Fury started. "Need some coffee." With that he turned around and hurried out.

As soon as he was gone Bruce pulled out the drawer and started playing again, smiling as his fingers danced across the keys.


Fury jumped, spilling his coffee on his hand. "Ow!" He yelped. "What was that noise?"


"Jarvis? Where is that noise coming from?" Fury demanded.

"It is coming from the basement, sir." The AI informed him.


"The basement? All the way up here? This is the hundred-and-somethingth story! Who knows how many Tony has anyway..." He snarled, striding towards the elevator and hitting the 'down' button.

The elevator had only gone down a few floors however when it stopped, and Hawkeye and the Black Widow rushed into the elevator with him.

"I am going to make whoever is causing that noise sorry they'd ever been born," Natasha growled.

"Ditto," Clint said, his bow in his hand and his quiver on his back.


They only made it down a few more floors before the elevator stopped again, and Steve joined them with his shield.

"Where is that noise coming from?" he asked them.

"The basement," Fury deadpanned.

"What?!" The three Avengers exclaimed.


The made it down one floor before the elevator halted again.

"Avengers to arms!" Tony exclaimed wearing his suit with Bruce trailing after him. "To the basement!"

They joined the crowded elevator.

"Oof," Clint muttered as he got pressed into the wall. "You need some bigger elevators, Tony."

"Yeah, yeah," Tony said, waving his hand in his characteristically dismissive way, almost knocking off Bruce's glasses.


"Good thing Thor isn't in here too..." Steve said.

The elevator moved unbearably slowly.

"Group hug!" Tony suddenly exclaimed, managing to corner them all and hug them.

"Tony!" Fury barked.


Finally they reached the basement, and they all stormed out of the elevator almost before the doors had finished opening.

They stopped, their mouths dropping open.

Thor had found a drum set among Tony's junk and was happily playing away.


"Put down the drum sticks!" Fury ordered.

Thor ceased his drumming.

"Thor!" Fury shouted. "What are you doing?!"


"I really should have gotten rid of that thing years ago," Tony muttered to himself.

"Well Thor, you're not that bad actually," Bruce said. "Just a little loud."

"Thank you my friend," Thor grinned.

Fury looked around at all the Avengers. "You know, you should all start a band." He declared.

They stared at him, aghast and terrified.

"What? You all play musical instruments. Thor plays drums, Romanoff plays violin, Banner plays piano, Rogers plays bass, and Barton and Stark both play guitar."

"Clint plays guitar?!" Natasha shrieked, whirling on the archer. "Why didn't you tell me? I thought we were supposed to be partners!"

"Hey! It's not like you told me you played violin either!" Clint pointed out, raising his arms.

"You're all the world's greatest heroes, yet you were all too embarrassed to admit you played instruments," Fury sighed, shaking his head.

"Huh," Tony said thoughtfully. "A band isn't a bad idea actually."

The Avengers all nodded.

"But who's going to sing?" Bruce pointed out.

Everyone glanced around nervously.

"My brother sings," Thor said after a pause.


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