A Coconut Run In The Mall

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This was a little something I wanted to do, just because I saw Sonic listed as a character under the Mario section. And I wanted to write about Coconut Mall without putting it in the fanfic based on Coconut Mall. Heh. Enjoy!

Sonic The Hedgehog was spending the day at the Coconut Mall, having sped throughout the entire mall as he was at the entrance again, stretching his arms about as he saw Birdo and Toadette exiting. Sonic smirked, walking up to the two females.

"Hey ladies. Nice to see you here," Sonic commented as he wrapped his arms around the back of his head, "You got plenty of shopping done?"

Toadette giggled as she clapped her hands together several times. "Yeah! It was really fun! Plus, we're getting ready for the holidays!"

Birdo turned to Sonic, nodding her head as she moved her right hand. "Me and Toadette always come here first thing in the morning, to beat out the usual rush."

Sonic raised his right eyelid in curiosity. "Usual rush? You mean, there's always traffic here?"

Birdo nodded as she placed her hands on her hips. "Yeah. On top of this being ridiculously popular in the Mario Kart grand prix, the shopping scene is literally mind boggling. The earlier you come, the better off you'll be."

Sonic rubbed his chin out of curiosity as he smirked, waving his left index finger. "How about we have a little race around the mall, in karts to make it fair, of course?"

Birdo and Toadette looked at each other, blinking as they turned back to Sonic.

"Golly, Mr. Sonic, are you sure?" Toadette asked, placing her hands behind her back.

Sonic smirked as he patted Toadette on the head. "It'll be fun. Trust me." He chuckled as he winked to Birdo, who sighed and shook her head.

Meanwhile, the Honey Queen Bee was relaxing in Isle Delfino's main capital of the Delfino Plaza, relaxing on the beach as she raised herself, realizing something.

"Wait a moment... there was something I needed to give Birdo!" Hoeny Queen exclaimed as she then took off to the pavement, grabbing her Bumble Bee vehicle and activating the glide function as she began gliding in the air, heading westward.