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Percy's POV:

My life started its downward spiral three years after the Second Titan War. I was a hero, who defeated Kronos, and who was respected by demigods and gods alike. To top it all off, the love of my life, Annabeth Chase, was my girlfriend. Over the past three years, an era of peace had been in effect at camp and globally, and in that time I continued to perfect my swordsmanship, my agility skills, and I decided to start lifting weights. I knew in the long run strength would help me. Like I said, we were in an era of peace, with a few missions here and there, and a few run-ins with monsters; the usual life of a demigod.

Annabeth and I spent a lot more time together, without having to save each other's lives every single day. We dated a lot, and were some of the elite few who had the ability to leave camp grounds without permission (though Chiron did like us telling him.) So we sometimes went to Manhattan to grab some dinner and a movie. But generally, we preferred hanging out by the lake or relaxing on the beach.

After the second titan war, I was so glad we finally got together. I had always had feelings for her, but wasn't sure if she felt the same about me. I knew I was in love with her when I was so worried about her safety when she was kidnapped by Luke, and forced to hold the sky. I disobeyed Chiron for that very reason; I just couldn't bear the thought of her in danger. Her love for me was confirmed at Mt. St. Helens, right before I fought the Telekines, who were trying to free Typhon. She kissed me, and I knew that she loved me.

Things had gotten pretty serious between the two of us. We had been dating for around three years, and we weren't kids anymore. I was turning nineteen soon and she was already nineteen. I was planning something special for our anniversary, but didn't know what. I was planning on asking one of the Aphrodite campers for advice, but it was getting late, and I knew they would be in bed.

Annabeth and I were hanging out in an isolated part of the forest. We had found a clearing last summer, that no one else knew about. It was on the outskirts of camp, and it seemed like its existence was unknown. There were two large stones, one lying atop the other, making a ramp, so to say, around ten feet high. That ramp led to a cave that was illuminated by moonlight and was an absolutely beautiful place to go. It was so romantic.
The area had lush grass and abundance of flowers around the perimeter. Annabeth adored this area.

We were lying down in the cave, my back against the wall and her head in my lap. I looked down on her gorgeous face, and smiled.

"How was your day, Seaweed-Brain," she teased, stroking my arm. Her sense of humor was the same as usual.

"Tiring; I've stopped teaching the new obstacle course because I've been really preoccupied teaching the advanced students in fighting in the area. In other words, boring," I responded.

"But now that you're with me, I feel better, Wise Girl." I smiled at Annabeth. She was so pretty. She punched me playfully, and I laughed.

Annabeth was looking out onto the field, smiling. She turned to me and said, "You know we will be dating for 3 years in a little less than a month."

"I know, and you are going to love that day," I hinted to her, and she looked at me, wondering what it was. I silenced her question, by pressing my lips to hers, and we embraced in a long, passionate kiss.

She straddled me, looking down at my body. I couldn't help but notice her desire, as she bit her bottom lip.

"You've really gotten ripped, Kelp-Head. When did you start hitting the gym?"

She felt my muscles, and I grinned at her.

"Everyday," I said.

"How about, we get a little more…. Comfortable?" she asked, giving me a wink and a mischievous grin.

"Sounds good to me," I said, as she got up off of me, and walked down the rocks.

"Race you there!" I yelled as I sprinted towards my cabin. I turned around to a grinning Annabeth, blonde hair flowing as she raced behind me.

I love you Annabeth I thought, as she laughed, running after me.

The next morning I woke up, yawning, with Annabeth lying next to me. The sun had just started to rise. I looked out the window of my cabin. Another beautiful day ahead of us at Camp Half-Blood, I thought, as my Wise Girl was stirring next to me.

She mumbled something inaudible, and I looked at her, just grinning. I almost started laughing, and I think I let a little giggle slip out of my mouth.

"What's so funny, Seaweed-Brain?" She asked.

"I just have a surprise for you; anyway, I'll see you at breakfast." I replied, as I grabbed my Camp tank-top and exited through the door. The sky was a magnificent blue; and although weather forecasters predicted rain, we never got it from our camp's magical shields, which block outside weather. I smiled, thinking life was just perfect. I had no idea how screwed up it would become.

Annabeth's POV:

I was in the on the beach, and it was sunset. Percy had just wrapped his arms around me. He kissed me on the cheek and had me close my eyes. When I opened them, he was on one knee below me, an Emerald ring in his hand. It glimmered like the ocean, resembling his eyes. I was shocked; I couldn't breathe.

"Annabeth, will you marry me?" He asked, his casual smile on his face.

I began to cry, out of joy, as I said yes over and over, nodding my head.
We embraced, and then Percy disappeared.

When I woke up, Percy was already awake, looking out the window.

"Percy?" I tried to mumble, but apparently it just sounded like gibberish. He chuckled at me, and I was slightly annoyed. I put on a smile though.

"What's so funny, Seaweed-Brain?"

"I just have a surprise for you; anyway, I'll see you at breakfast." And with that he was off. Well good morning to you, too, I thought as he put on his 3 sizes too small, orange, tank top, leaving the room. I proceeded to get dressed, putting on my clothes which were strewn across the floor. I needed to get back to my cabin, and check in on my younger siblings. I was the oldest in the Athena Cabin nowadays, and my brother's and sister's looked up to me as their example. And sleeping in my boyfriend's cabin is not a good example.

I scampered across the lawn separating my bunk from his, and I snuck inside, careful not to wake anyone up. It was the break of dawn, and I didn't expect anyone to be awake at that hour. Lucky for me, no one was up. I lay down in my bed, thinking about my dream.
Percy, proposing to me? I thought. I was excited and happy at this thought; I did love him after all, but I was nervous as well. I didn't know if that was the surprise he was talking about, or something else. Either way, I couldn't wait for August 18th, the day of our anniversary and his birthday.

"Annabeth," a voice pierced through my thoughts, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned, and saw a 16 year old boy with brown hair staring at me. His grey eyes were looking upon me, as if he was trying to read my mind. He had a quizzical look on his face.

"Malcolm! Don't scare me like that!" I said to my second in command in a scolding, as I regained my composure. He had grown a lot since the Second Titan War, but he was the same, annoying little brother, who was always curious about what others did. I could only guess what he was going to ask next.

"Where were you last night and why weren't you sleeping in the cabin?"

What's it to you, I thought, trying to think of a lie.

"I… uh… was up late, and… uh… decided to sleep… outside," I lied, trying not to look guilty. But he just shook his head, laughing under his breath, as if he already knew.

"Look, Annabeth, I know where you were with Percy, it's written on your face," he smirked, "just tell us if you won't be here. We get worried."

I blushed a bright red, embarrassment clear on my face. Malcolm smirked, but I glared at him and it quickly went away.

"Just don't tell anyone, alright?"

The conch shell sounded about an hour after my return to my cabin, and I went to go eat with Percy, who was alone at the Poseidon table. I got some pancakes and orange juice, and sacrificed them to Athena. Percy did the same with his blue steak and eggs.

"Still craving blue foods?" I asked him. Percy grinned and nodded. We then sat down at the Poseidon table, and we started talking about our adventures together and all the fun times. I reminded her of how we weren't exactly friends when we first met, and she just laughed and said, "Well that's changed now."

We were starting to mention Grover, and how he was gone for a long time scouting a certain demigod who seemed to be a son of Zeus, but he had not returned yet. Just as I was about to ask where he was, we heard a familiar scream from the top of the hill, by Thalia's tree. Grover was out there yelling for help, with a kid around 16 up there as well, fighting three hellhounds and an empousai. Percy got up in a flash, and sprinted to the top of the hill, uncapping Riptide. I followed him, taking out my trusty knife, just hoping Grover was okay.

Percy's POV:

Annabeth and I had talked about Grover when he suddenly appeared, fighting off some rather large hellhounds and an empousai. Speaking of the devil, I thought, as I uncapped Riptide and ran after him. I arrived, noticing that a boy with electric blue eyes was there fending them off, struggling in the process. This must be the son of Zeus that was mentioned.

I slashed riptide through the empousai, which turned to dust, and Grover sighed with relief and yelled, "Perce! Thank the gods!" I smiled at him, but then quickly refocused on the hellhounds, which were about to rip the boy apart.
I feigned a strike at the middle hellhound, and then redirected it towards the biggest one on the left, piercing its heart. It instantly turned into yellow dust. Then Annabeth arrived, taking out a second one.

"Well look who decided to show up!" I smirked, and she sneered at me. She dodged being clawed by the last hellhound, when the new demigod slashed through it, ending the battle. Grover was panting like crazy.

"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood," I said to him. He wiped the sweat off his brow, turned to me, and said, "Good to be here. My name is Zade."

I noticed his electric blue eyes, like Thalia's, but could not put the pieces together. I couldn't tell who his godly parent was.

"Do you have a godly parent?" I asked. Annabeth face-palmed.

"You really can't tell, Seaweed-Brain?" she questioned with disbelief, and slight humor.
The boy looked up at me, and shook my hand.

"I am the son of Zeus."

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