Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the town

only two creature were stirring, with no one else around

The stockings were flying trough the room with no care

then my pants and my shirt went up in the air

we were making out and landed straight on the bed

While visions of extacy danced in my head.

The breathing got heavy, and the mood was extreme,

It was just getting started if you know what I mean ;)

When out on the bed, looking at Will who s above

I looked in his eyes and I knew at that moment it was love

Away to his lips, My hands going down his back

Tore open the buttons of his shirt that was black

The moon was just shining, On Will from below

Gave the lustre of sparkle in his face with a glow

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear

But this wonderful man who said baby come here !

Without hesitation, He entered nice and slow

I knew in a moment that he was ready to go

More rapid he went, the faster I came

And I screamed, and I shouted, and called Will by his name!

Oh Will! Oh baby , don t stop this is to good

He gave it to me harder like I knew that he would

To the top of bed! then with my back on the wall!

He gave it to me hard, He gave it his all!

As we both came together, Like I knew that we would

We both took a breath, as fast as we could

So up to the top I took position and he knew

That this was the start of our story part two

And then, in a twinkling, I heard the beat of his heart

Then closed my eyes, I was ready to start

As I drew in my head, and was turning around

I watched him close his eye, and not making a sound.

His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how sexy!

I still could not belive he was actually my baby

His body was perfect from his head to his toes

He even had a few freckles on his cute little nose

And he looked like an angel, sparkling like ice

What a bundle of joy he has brought to my life

He took out a small box that was drawn up with a bow

And gave it to me and said babe here you go

As I opened the box, He smiled and he said:

This is for you my angel and my face came all red

As I looked in the box, there was a shiny gold band

Will got on one knee and said: Would you be my man?

I spoke not a word, And looked straight to his eyes

He knew he caught me off guard, with a beautiful surpise

I jumped out of bed and screamed Yes I ll be your man!

He spoke not a word, and placed the ring on my hand

This is my christmas story, from both of us indeed

We are both very happy, each other is all that we need

But before we go to bed and call it a night

Merry Christmas from Will and Sonny, and to all a good-night!