The Street Fighters personal lives.

Has anybody ever wondered what the Street Fighters do when they aren't kicking ass?

No matter how much of a hardass you are and whatever it's for good or evil. You can't fight people all the time 24/7. So I present to you, the everyday lives of the street fighters!

Let's start with Ryu, Ken and Blanka!

Ryu sat in his home during a power outage reading a book. Suddenly his mobile phone rang, he answered it.

"Hello?" Ryu spoke. It was Ken.

"Hey, Ryu you wanna come over and watch some movies?"

"Dude, there's a power outage, you can't watch movies.

"Oh yes I can! I have Blanka round."

Blanka sat next to Ken's television with the plug shoved up his butt. He was using his electric attack to power up Ken's television.

"How long do I have to keep doing this?" Blanka asked in a whimpering voice.

Ken lowered his phone. "Not much longer, this movie ends in 20 minutes!" Ken smiled.

"Was it really worth doing this for 10 bucks?" Blanka sighed.

Ken went back to Ryu "C'mon my place is well heated. In fact hang on for a minute."

Ken walked over to his fireplace. "HADOUKEN!"he shouted and shot a fireball into the firewood. He then picked up the phone again. "What do you say?"

"Well…..O.K!" he replied smiling.

And now let's go to Dhalism!

Dhalsim stood at the bus stop. He was dressed in a shirt, tie and black trousers, ready for his day at work. Weird image to think of eh?

"Ahhh…." He smiled thinking to himself "While I do miss India, taking this job in America was well worth it."

An ordinary man stood next to him, he was trying to light a cigarette but he was having problems with his lighter. "Stupid thing." He muttered. He then turned to Dhalism "Hey you got a light? Can you help me out?"

"Certainly." Dhalsim replied. "Yoga Flame!" he shouted breathing fire into the man's face.

The man's face turned black and burnt like in a cartoon. His cigarette was lit. "Errrrr….thanks."

"You're welcome." Replied Dhalsim. His bus arrived and he got on it.

When he arrived at his office, he greeted his receptionist. The receptionist was a woman named Linda. She smiled at seeing him.

"Ahhhh! Mr Dhalsim! Glad you could make it! I wish I could talk, but I'm really busy. I gotta get this report to the boss by noon. Stupid Nick didn't show up this morning so the boss is giving me his work. Hey, I hate to be a pain, but please could you get me my coffee mug from that table over there?"

"Sure." Replied Dhalsim and stretched his arms over to the table. He then picked up the mug and handed it to Linda.

Linda's smile dropped. "I wish you'd walk like everybody else."

"Hey" Dhalsim smiled "You should see me at home when I'm watching T.V, when I want something from the fridge. I rarely leave the couch!"

Linda just closed her eyes and turned back to her computer.