Personal lives of the Street Fighters

Chapter 5

Here's the first thing written for 2013! I hope everybody had a Good Christmas and a Happy new year! If you're reading this in a different date or year other than January 2013, well er….good day to you anyway!

Aside from Ken, Ryu was good friends with some of the other Street Fighters, yes, each though Street Fighters can beat each other senseless, they can remain friends outside the tournament.

Ryu was good friends with E Honda (also known as Edmond Honda) who unlike some of the other Street Fighters who had immigrated to the United States. He had chose to stay in Japan, In Japan, as well as a sumo wrestler, he had also made his living as a Japanese restaurant owner. Since the last Street Fighter tournament. He had settled down in Japan and married a female sumo wrestler.

They also gave birth to a son named Kenzo who was actually just a normal looking boy. It was quite awkward for him, seeing as how he was from a family where both his parents were sumo wrestlers.

Although nobody would dare bully him about it. Not since that one incident…..

Kenzo (Now 8 years old) was waiting after school for his parents. Takeshi the school bully was waiting with him. (Now as this is taking place in Japan, imagine that everything said here is in Japanese.)

"You better have my homework done for tomorrow, Kenzo, or I'll beat you senseless!" Takeshi threatened.

"Yes Takeshi" said Kenzo scared.

Unlike his parents Kenzo was a wimp, who always believed that conflict was never the solution.

Takeshi's father Suguru showed up. "How was school today?"

"Great….." Takeshi smiled "I put Yuki's head down the toilet made Anzu eat her crayons and forced this skinny loser to do my homework!"

"That's my boy!" Suguru smiled. He then threw his beer can at Kenzo.

"Ow!" Kenzo souted

"Hey! Leave my son alone!" Shouted E Honda.

"Dude your father's a sumo wrestler?" Takeshi said surprised.

"And his mother too." E Honda's wife Asuka appeared. She was dressed similarly to E-Honda except she wore a huge bra. She had long brown hair

"Hey, fatty." Shouted Suguru to E-Honda. "Lay off the buffets."

"Why you!" snarled E Honda

"Hey, your mom has the biggest breasts I've ever seen." Smiled Takeshi "Not that that's a good thing on a body like that!"

"Why you!" snarled Asuka

E Honda then did a sumo head butt towards Suguru knocking him to the floor he then sat on him refusing to let him get up. Asuka then tackled Takeshi and sat on him too.

"Hmmmm…" smiled Asuka "I think I got a special move of my own."

"What's that, dear?" E-Honda smiled back.


Asuka then let out a great big fart right on top of Takeshi. The smell was horrible.

Asuka put a finger right to her mouth. "Oh dear, went a little too far. I just soiled myself."

E Honda smiled. "Hey! I think I've got one too."

"No stop!" screamed Suguru "I'll do anything."

"Don't bully my son, again." Snarled E Honda.

"That goes for you too." Snarled Asuka to Takeshi.

"Of course!" Takeshi was nearly unconscious due to the smell and the shock from having a sumo with a huge soiled nappy sit on him.

Kenzo threw Takeshi's homework book down at him. "Do your own work" he smiled devilishly at Takeshi.

Kenzo walked way smiling with his family thinking he could one day do a sitcom called "My parents are sumo wrestlers!"

No matter how hard Takeshi washed, he never felt clean, he also couldn't get the smell out of his clothes.

Going back to the communication with Ryu and E Honda, they had kept in touch with each other mainly by e-mails, chatting to each other online by webcams and by Facebook. (Yes in today's modern world, Street Fighters can have facebook pages)

Once in a while they even send photos and letters by normal mail to see how they were getting on. One day E Honda had made arrangements to come over and visit Ryu who had immigrated to America. Ryu had decided to have his house cleaned up for his visit. He also decided he'd see how his flower garden was going on. Everything was perfect for E Honda's visit except for just one thing.

Ryu had locked himself out. Ryu's door was unlocked on the inside, but you had to have a key to get in from the outside, which Ryu forgot to lift up.

"Goddamnit!" Ryu snarled. "How am I going to get in?"

"Maybe I can be of assistance?" Honda had arrived.

"Edmond Honda! Great to see you. Listen I'd love to help take your bags in….if I could get into my house."

"Ahh….so you got locked out eh? I think I can help you out. A similar incident once happened to me when I was locked out of my restaurant in Japan. I have what you call a very special key."

"A special key? Maybe you can use It on my door." Replied Ryu.

"No problem. Stand back, Ryu."

Ryu stood back from his door. What was Honda going to do?

"Dosukoi!" Honda shouted and performed a sumo headbutt on the door. The door was knocked down granting Ryu access to his house.

"Great…." Frowned Ryu "Now can you fetch me my tool kit so I can repair my door?"

But Honda didn't hear, headbutting a door was much different then headbutting a person. Honda was walking along all dizzy.

Ryu sighed "Are you alright Edmond?"

Honda replied in a girly voice "Duhhhh….did anyone get the number of that pickup truck?" And crashed to the floor.

Ryu rolled his eyes and smiled "Ahhhh…..Edmond, what am I going to do with you?"