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A Helping Hand

Yuuri had never arrived in Shin Makoku at night before. Perhaps that was because he usually took his baths earlier in the day. Regardless, he was now soaking naked in pitch black lighting.

It didn't take his eyes that long to adjust, but it was still extremely hard to see. Luckily, he was pretty familiar with his castle by now and fairly confidant he could make it back to his room safely...without a towel, unfortunately. But water was easily cleaned up and there shouldn't be anyone wandering around to witness his nudity at this time of night.


The soft, wistful moan absentmindedly escaped Wolfram's lips. That little wimp had been gone for so long. Sure, time wasn't that big of a deal to most Mazoku, but to Wolfram...when it meant a moment away from his love...it was truly torture. It passed much slower than usual, and each second that went by pricked him like a sharp needle.

Wolfram clung to his fiancé's pillow, breathing in the last little bit of Yuuri's faint scent. He'd ordered the maids not to touch the bed clothing until the Maou returned. Still, with time it was fading.

With a sigh, Wolfram flopped back onto his own pillow restlessly. He'd had trouble sleeping ever since he realized Yuuri was taking longer than normal with his visit to Earth. He'd been fine up until that point, but now... Wolfram turned his head to the side and let out a sigh, picturing the double black curled up next to him, making a soft impression in the sheets.

The vision sparked a little twinge of desire in him that he wasn't unfamiliar with. Blushing, he gazed back up at the ceiling. This was stupid. How did mere longing turn into...frustration? He didn't think he'd have to deal with this feeling when Yuuri was gone.

But all he could picture was that innocent, sleepy little face with his black eyes half closed. The Yuuri in his mind yawned and stretched, causing his blue top to ride up and reveal an inch or two of bare skin right above his waist. Wolfram shivered at the thought, then laughed inwardly at his own reaction to such a simple fantasy.

Even with Yuuri's naivete, Wolfram considered himself lucky that the boy still hadn't realized how much he struggled to keep himself under control every night. Unless he passed out before Yuuri retired, the pressing need was always there, and Wolfram could do nothing but wait it out like the brave soldier that he was. On the one hand, he was happy that Yuuri didn't act strangely around him when they were in bed together, but on the other...well, the fact that he didn't guard himself made things even harder on Wolfram (no pun intended).

But tonight...maybe it was a good thing he wasn't back yet, Wolfram mused. Maybe he should finally just take care of himself for once. Surely it couldn't be a good thing to hold back day in and day out like he had been doing.


Hearing the gasp, the double black froze in his tracks. Shit! Someone had seen him? Oh God, this was so embarrassing! Who would be in his room this time of night! Unless he'd accidentally walked into the wrong one... He cowered back against the door, opening his mouth to apologize.


The boy's mouth snapped shut. He knew that voice; he must be in the right room after all. He just hadn't expected Wolf to sleep in his bed even when he was gone. He did still have his own room in the castle, didn't he?

Judging by the sound of the last noise he'd heard, Yuuri didn't think Wolfram had seen him after all. He listened carefully; based on a moan like that, he didn't think he wanted to be seen. Considering the fact that, oh, he was still naked and everything.

But it was basically impossible to just slip over to his wardrobe silently when Wolfram was making those kinds of noises. Instead, Yuuri remained frozen in place and listened, the sound of aroused breathing stimulating his own nerves. He felt a hot blush start from his neck up and glanced around uncomfortably. Even in the dark, he felt exposed in such an open, spacious room.

Yuuri sank to the floor, planning to remain there until Wolfram finished. He bit his lip, wondering if he could keep quiet if he, well, followed the blonde's lead. Unfortunately, the sound of the door creaking when he moved ruined that idea, as all of the labored panting suddenly ceased.

"Wh-who's there?" Wolfram tried to snap, but he was unable to muster the usual bite in his voice. He still sounded pissed, but he had been left a little breathless from exertion.

Mortified, Yuuri kept his mouth shut and didn't say anything, leaving Wolfram to wonder if he was just paranoid. But then he realized it would be extremely uncomfortable to sit on the floor all night, and he no longer had the sexy breathing to listen to. So, with much reluctance, he got to his feet and announced his presence.

"I-it's Yuuri."

Wolfram let out a soft gasp and pulled his blanket around him. W-what? There was no way! When the hell had he gotten there? What had he heard...or seen?

"It sure took you long enough to get home, wimp," he snapped, determined not to give anything away. "Get in bed already. It's late."

Yuuri bit his lip. "Should I get dressed first?" he asked calmly.

Blood rushed to Wolfram's face, and he shot up in bed, looking more than a little disheveled. "What the hell were you doing wandering around naked?" he demanded.

Yuuri blatantly ignored his question and sauntered over to him, fingering the blanket. "You're naked, too," he pointed out.

Wolfram slapped his hand away indignantly. "That's not the point—," he began.

Yuuri cut him off. "Why are you naked, Wolfram?" he asked bluntly.

"W-what?" Wolfram was clearly flustered. And pissed. "I can wear whatever I want to bed! You weren't here! What right do you have to demand an explanation?"

"I think I have a right to know what you were doing in my bed," Yuuri murmured suggestively.

"H-how dare you imply that I was doing anything dirty!" Wolfram yelled back, face red in embarrassment and frustration.

"Why would I be implying that?" Yuuri teased, going for the blanket again. His fingers latched onto it before Wolfram could slap him, and now he wouldn't for fear that his covers would fly off too.

Wolfram gritted his teeth. "What are you doing?" he muttered.

"I did interrupt you, didn't I?" Yuuri asked calmly. "There's no way you could have finished..."

"What?" Wolfram's eyes widened in horror, and he grabbed Yuuri's wrist in a death grip. "What did you see?"

"I didn't see anything," Yuuri countered, but his voice had taken on a husky tone. "I'm just trying to climb into bed like you told me to. I'm not allowed to share the blanket with you?"

"This isn't your side!" Wolfram protested, as Yuuri did exactly as he said he would. "Get off of me!"

The demand incited Yuuri to laughter.

"What's so funny?" Wolfram snapped.

"I never thought I'd hear you say that to me," he smiled back. "What's gotten you so agitated, Wolfram?"

Yuuri's calm, innocent act was really starting to get under Wolfram's skin. How in the hell had he turned into the bright red, flustered one of the two? Yuuri hadn't been able to humiliate him this much since his proposal and their subsequent duel. What were the chances that he would somehow return just in time to catch Wolfram on the one night he'd decided to give in...and return naked at that... This situation was absolutely unbelievable!

"Get off of me," he repeated through gritted teeth, but instead Yuuri ran a teasing finger down Wolfram's chest. The light touch sparked feelings that Wolfram had thought were gone for the night. "What are you doing?" he muttered, struggling unsuccessfully to keep his eyes off of Yuuri's bare body.

"I'm trying to find out what it is you're hiding from me," Yuuri smirked, starting to tug on the blanket.

"Stop!" Wolfram insisted frantically. "I'm not hiding anything! I just want some privacy, damn you!"

"Well, you should've thought of that before you stripped naked in my room..."

"You weren't here!" Wolfram howled, his eyes shut tightly. He couldn't handle it...the disgusted look he knew Yuuri would give him when he saw the way Wolfram's body was reacting... He knew Yuuri didn't want to be with a guy, so why would he force Wolfram into this kind of position? It was twisted...and wrong...and he'd never pegged Yuuri as a sadist, unless he had gone full Maou.

But for whatever reason, Yuuri was extremely persistent, and soon Wolfram's blanket of safety was crumpled up on the floor along with his pride.

The blonde turned his head away, a pained expression on his face. He refused to gaze up into those dark demon eyes that were most likely mocking him.

And then Yuuri did something completely unexpected and out of the ordinary. Something that made Wolfram gasp sharply and cry out a little bit.

"Y-Yuuri! What are you..." He risked a glance back up into Yuuri's face, only to find an unreadable smirk.

"I knew you weren't finished," he murmured.

Wolfram's cheeks had never burned this much in his entire life. "...doing," he ended in a barely audible whisper.

"I...I heard you when I walked in the room, and I just wanted you to make those noises again...," Yuuri said sheepishly, his cheeks a light pink. "It was really, well, hot..."

His wish was already being answered, because Wolfram was finding it extremely hard to breathe normally. "That...doesn't...make sense," he panted. Oh God, did it feel better when it was Yuuri's hands that were on him...

The double black pursed his lips together. "Well, I mean, they were—are—sexy noises," he insisted.

Every now and then, his grip would suddenly get tighter, and then loosen up as if he was afraid of hurting Wolfram. Yuuri's fingers were clumsy and uncertain, but even still, they felt wonderful just because they belonged to him.

"Boys aren't...sexy...to you..." Wolfram clenched the sheet in his fists, trying to stick with it enough to keep talking. But all he wanted to do was close his eyes and moan as Yuuri continued to touch him.

Yuuri blushed deeply. "N-no! Of course they aren't. I'm just...helping you out. Because you're my fiancé."

Helping him out...that was a funny way of putting things. Wolfram wondered just how far Yuuri would go to "help" his fiancé...

"And, you know, it's not like I don't understand your needs. Maybe when yours are taken care of, you could even...help...me...too." He started laughing nervously, his hands getting rough without him noticing it. And then he immediately backed off again. "Just—just kidding, of course."

Wolfram let out a soft moan. "Yuuri...I'll do anything for you."

"Anything?" His cheeks darkened again, as an even dirtier thought formed in his mind. "Because I heard it feels even better when..." He stopped and coughed awkwardly. "Never mind."

"When you use your tongue?" Wolfram murmured faintly, his eyes glazed over in pleasure. "Mmmph...I bet that would feel really nice..."

Yuuri absentmindedly tightened his grip again. "I-I wouldn't know!" he blushed, shutting his eyes tight in embarrassment. "D-d-do you want me to...try?"

This had to be a dream. Wolfram had expected that was what Yuuri wanted from him, but for him to volunteer to do that for another guy so willingly? It was just downright out of character.

"God,I love you...," Wolfram moaned.


The word froze Yuuri in his tracks. "Wolfram, I'm just doing this to help you..."

"Then keep helping me."

"You mean you're okay with that?"

Even in this state, the blonde managed a little eye roll. As much as he accused Yuuri of cheating, both of them knew he wouldn't offer out his sexual services to help just anyone. Especially another guy.

"I mean if you try helping me with your tongue, then I'll try helping you with mine."

Yuuri's face heated up and he felt a little lightheaded at the thought. There was no way he could turn down that offer right now. "O-okay," he agreed weakly. "B-but..."

"No love stuff," Wolfram assured him, "for now. Just two guys...no, two fiancés...helping each other."

"Y-yeah, helping. Okay."

And just like that, he bent his head to "help" out.

Who would've thought that it would be this easy?