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Chocolate-Covered Kisses


The boy had no sooner arrived in Yuuri's bathroom than Miko Shibuya's arms were around him, leaving Yuuri to wonder if she just waited around by the bathtub all day now. She didn't even seem to notice that she was getting wet!

"Did Yuu-chan bring you home for White Day?" she asked excitedly, with sparkles in her eyes.

"Mom, you're overwhelming him!" Yuuri groaned. "Give him a chance to breathe."

"Oh please, Yuuri, all Mother did was hug me." Wolfram rolled his eyes and then turned back to her with interest. "Do days have colors on Earth? And what does it mean when one's white?"

Miko giggled. "No, White Day is just a Japanese holiday!" She sighed dreamily. "And it's one of the best holidays there is, Wolfie-chan." She looked like she was about to launch into an explanation of how wonderful it was when Yuuri suddenly realized that this conversation could be very bad for him.

"Um, I think you're exaggerating, Mom," he butted in, laughing nervously.

Miko's mouth dropped open. "Yuu-chan! Where's your sense of romance?" she scolded him. "You're engaged now; big romantic gestures should be all you think about! You don't want to lose the passion in your relationship before you even get married!"

Wolfram's ears definitely perked up at the words passion and romance. "That's exactly right!" he chimed in. "Yuuri, celebrate this White Day with me!"

"You don't even know what it is yet!" he burst out. Not that knowing what it was would change Wolfram's mind. But still, he wanted to argue.

Unfortunately, this statement reminded his mother of the wonderful explanation she had forgotten to give, and so she began: "Wolfram, White Day is that very special day of the year when all of the boys make chocolates filled with love for the girl or boy of their dreams! Then they bring their chocolates to school and confess their deep feelings for that person and hope that their special someone will accept their gift of love! Why, when I was in high school I received so many chocolates that my little arms couldn't carry them! One of the boys had to help walk me home so I didn't have to throw any away! It was extremely sweet and just the kind of chivalry I expect to see from Yuu-chan if any other boys give you chocolates, Wolfie-chan. After all, you might be engaged, but how horrible would it be to break another boy's heart by throwing away his gift of love! You should accept it as politely as possible, and with much gratitude!"

Wolfram was listening attentively, much to Yuuri's chagrin. He'd never seen anyone take his mother so seriously before. Murata loved her too, but at least he just seemed to be playing along with her. Wolfram soaked her words up like a sponge. And now he'd expect chocolates and big romantic gestures. Great.

"I've never even made chocolates before," Yuuri grumbled.

Wolfram turned to him, actually smiling for once. "Really? I'm the only person to get your love chocolates, Yuuri?" he asked eagerly.

Yuuri paled a little bit. "I never said I was going to—"

"Don't worry, Yuu-chan, Mama will help you so they turn out super yummy, okay?" Miko offered cheerfully.

Yuuri put on a pained smile. "Thanks, Mom. But you know, Wolf and I should probably put on some dry clothes now before we get sick..." It was a true statement, but also the best excuse he could come up with to get her to leave.

"Oh, of course! I already have some clean clothes laid out on your bed for you!"

Seriously, did she just wait around constantly for his return?

"You can't be serious!" Shouri burst out, appalled. "Yuuri's only 16!"

"Look, I really don't care where Wolfram sleeps," Yuuri chuckled nervously, but no one seemed to hear him.

"Shou-chan, don't yell at the dinner table," Miko scolded.

He turned to his father in exasperation. "You aren't going to let this happen, are you?"

Miko interrupted before her husband even had time to think about it. "Of course he is. Wolfie-chan isn't just Yuu-chan's lover, you know!"

Everyone looked at her in confusion.

"He's also a knight in shining armor!" she burst out. "Willing to sacrifice his own life in order to protect his soul mate from another world! Why, isn't it just like something out of a shoujo manga?" she sighed dreamily.

"That has nothing to do with why he's sleeping in Yuuri's room," Shouri muttered.

"It's just like she said," Wolfram finally spoke up. "I'm protecting him, so I can't leave Yuuri's side. Mother understands that."

"Like anything is going to happen to Yuuri while he's asleep." Shouri rolled his eyes.

"It almost has before!" Wolfram retorted in indignation. "Yuuri was almost kidnapped in the middle of the night one time! He might not even be here right now if I hadn't been laying at his side the entire night."

"I think you're exaggerating," Yuuri sighed. "Wasn't Gwendal guarding the door too?"

"Yes, but that's beside the point." Wolfram glared at him and then continued, "Shinou informed Ulrike that Yuuri would be in danger the next time he returned to Earth. That's why he brought me along. I am in charge of protecting him, and I don't take that job lightly!"

"How romantic!" Miko squealed, causing Wolfram's lips to turn up slightly in a smug grin.

Overprotective Shouri still wasn't convinced, however.

"You're still together, and I know for a fact that our parents never would've let a girl sleep in my room when I was 16!" He looked at his father for confirmation, who, once again, didn't get a chance to speak.

"That's different!" Miko replied. "You never dated any soldiers who were in charge of guarding your life. And Yuu-chan and Wolfie-chan are both boys, so I know Wolfie-chan can't get pregnant!"

"Actually, since I'm Mazoku, it is entirely possible for Yuuri to impregnate me," Wolfram cut in.

"What? Really?" Miko gasped loudly, while everyone else at the table—including Yuuri—gaped at him in shocked and slightly horrified silence.

"Yes. In fact, my brother Gwendal had a baby before I was born," Wolfram added in complete seriousness.

Yuuri slammed his hands down on the table. "What?! You're telling me Gwendal had a baby?!"

"Ohh, that's right!" Miko squealed. "Conrad told me he helped deliver Gwendal's baby when he shared that cab with me! But I guess I was so out of it that I forgot!" She held her hands to her face. "Isn't that just wonderful! Hey, does this mean Yuu-chan could have a baby too?"

The color drained from Yuuri's face. "No! No way! There is no way in hell anyone is getting me pregnant!" he yelled.

"Aw, that's no fun!" She turned to Wolfram again. "You'll have a baby, won't you, Wolfie-chan?"

"Honey!" her husband cut in.

But Wolfram was completely unfazed. "Of course I will. I come from a long line of Bielefelds, and unless my uncle finds a suitable companion, I feel it is my responsibility to provide an heir for the family."

"Hey, what do you mean for the Bielefeld family!" Yuuri protested. "I'm the Maou, aren't I? If you have a baby, it's going to be a Shibuya," he stated firmly.

Wolfram just rolled his eyes. "Yuuri, there is no way of knowing that Shinou will choose our child to be the next Maou. So it only makes sense that we would raise him or her to become the heir of Bielefeld land."

"But I'd be the one getting you pregnant," Yuuri insisted. "Hell, if we get married, shouldn't your last name be Shibuya too?"

"Now that is just sexist!" Wolfram rebutted. "I have to go through all the pain of having a child, only to get my name stripped from me?"

Shouri looked downright disgusted with this conversation. Even Yuuri had gotten over the initial shock of this guy's announcement! What the hell was wrong with him?

"I think this proves my point that they should not be allowed to sleep together," he hissed.

Miko giggled. "But Shou-chan, they're engaged. And they adopted Greta-chan! So they're already a family. It doesn't really matter if Wolfie-chan gets pregnant or not."

Shouri gaped at her. "But you just said—"

"When you decide to settle down and start a family, you can bring your lover home too!"

Shouri's face got super intense looking. "16-year-old starting a family...," he grumbled to himself.

"Don't even think about touching my baby brother," Shouri hissed at Wolfram in passing as they retired for the night. "I'm watching you."

"Shouri, I'm not a baby," Yuuri responded. "I don't need you to prote—"

"You mean like this?" Wolfram glared right back at the overprotective brother and wrapped his arms around Yuuri in defiancé, resting one on his chest and one on his waist.

"Eh?! Wolfram!" A faint blush spread across his cheeks in response.

"Yuuri is my fiancé now, so I can do whatever I want," Wolfram retorted, ignoring Yuuri's surprised yelps.

"Well, uh, I wouldn't put it like that but—" Yuuri blushed. "I do care a lot about Wolf, Shouri, so please don't threaten him again."

Shouri's eyes gazed at the two of them painfully. He hated this boy who had stolen his place as Yuuri's protector. He hated that Yuuri let Wolfram embrace him freely, but wouldn't even let his own nii-chan hold him anymore. He was only 16; he shouldn't be engaged! He shouldn't even be thinking about marriage!

"Oh, Wolfie-chan," Miko sang, coming up the stairs with something dangerous in hand. "I found you a uniform to wear to Yuuri's school tomorrow!"

Yuuri frowned. "But I only have one Gakuran, Mom..." Shouri had gone to a different high school, so his old one wouldn't work.

"Who says he has to wear one of those, silly?"

Yuuri almost jumped out of his skin when Miko reached the top of the stairs with said uniform in hand. It...it was her old one. Unluckily for Yuuri, his mother had talked him into applying for the same high school that she'd graduated from. But why did she even still have that thing?! He understood keeping her college graduation kimono, but a high school uniform?! Really?!

"Mom!" he burst out, pulling away from Wolfram to try and cut her off before the other boy could see.

"Look, Wolfie-chan, isn't it cute?" she asked happily, dodging her son to hold the outfit up against Wolfram's torso. She let out a small squeal. "It should fit you perfectly! And look how the color suits you...it reminds me of your soldier uniform!"

"Oh, you're right!" Wolfram looked pleased. Sure enough, her sailor fuku had a bright blue skirt and a big yellow bow in the middle that went perfectly with the color of Wolfram's hair. He didn't even question why it had a skirt. "I suppose only Yuuri can wear black because he's royalty."

"No, that's not exactly how it works...," Yuuri mumbled wearily.

Miko handed the uniform to Wolfram and turned to her son reassuringly. "Don't worry, Yuu-chan! Wolfie-chan is so cute, no one will notice the difference anyways!"

Shouri turned away in disgust and headed to his room for the night without even offering his family an "Oyasumi."

Normally Miko would have scolded him for being so rude, but right then she was too distracted to notice. "Make sure you don't fool around too much tonight, okay boys? You'll need to get up early for school, and I want to prepare a big breakfast for Wolfie-chan before you go!"

Yuuri's eyes widened. "Mom!" he protested. "I would never—"

She just closed her eyes and smiled. "Like Wolfram said, he needs to provide an heir for the Bielefeld family!"

Yuuri stood there speechless, while Wolfram smirked and pulled him into his room. "Goodnight, Mother!" the blonde called out to Miko.

"Goodnight, Wolfie-chan! Goodnight, Yuu-chan!"

Yuuri was exhausted from trying to fend off Wolfram's advances all night, and school didn't help him at all. Boys who hadn't spoken to him all year had suddenly become very chatty, thanks to the fact that he'd given his mother free reign to dress his fiancé up like a girl. But honestly, it wasn't like he'd had any other choice.

One of the guys, Satou Taiga, leaned on Yuuri's desk before their class started. "So, Shibuya, who's the cutie?"

This was the first time in his life that Yuuri was actually starting to wish Wolfram hadn't left his side. "Wolfram," he sighed, glancing over to the group of girls that had gathered around his fiancé. One of them was playing with Wolf's hair and laughing, and Yuuri bristled slightly as he noticed that Wolfram seemed to be enjoying all of the attention. Wasn't he here as a bodyguard?

"Eh?" Satou returned. "That's a strange name. Is she foreign?"

"Hm?" Yuuri's eyes darted back to his classmate. What a dumbass. Couldn't he tell just by looking at Wolfram? It's not like a whole lot of Japanese people were blonde with huge, green eyes. "Yeah." He didn't feel like giving Satou any further explanation.

"Oh, I could've sworn she worked at that cute little maid cafe downtown." Satou got up and sauntered over to Wolfram, and the hairs on Yuuri's arms stood up. "Hey, cutie."

Ugh. He was such a creep! What had been the point of asking for Wolfram's name if he wasn't even going to use it? He was kind of known for being that kid, but it was pissing Yuuri off more than normal.

He watched as Wolfram glanced up and narrowed his eyes. "Cutie?"

Satou ignored it. "Shibuya said you're a foreigner, but you work at the maid cafe downtown, don't you?" He winked and added with a whisper, "Don't worry, your secret's safe with me."

Wolfram straightened up haughtily. "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. Maids don't work at cafes."

A couple of the girls giggled. "He's talking about a cosplay cafe, Wolfie-chan."

Wolfram's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Cosplay?"

The girl who had been playing with his hair, Hara Miu, dropped her mouth open in surprise. "You've never heard of cosplay?"

"Satou just said he was a foreigner," another girl piped up.

"Ah, right." Hara smiled at him sweetly. "Cosplay is where you dress up in costume and pretend to be a character from an anime or something. In Japan, we have lots of different themed cosplay cafes, where the waitresses dress up as maids, and nekomimi, and little sisters, and things like that."

Part of her definition was lost on Wolfram, thanks to words like 'anime' and 'nekomimi,' but he turned to Yuuri in curiosity. "Yuuri, do you like maid cafes?"

"Eh?!" Yuuri's face turned bright red. It was bad enough seeing Wolfram in a sailor fuku, but in maid cosplay? That sounded way too dangerous. "I've never been to one."

But Wolfram noticed how embarrassed Yuuri seemed at the thought, and he smirked like he was planning something. "Take me after school."

"Are you kidding me?!" the double black burst out. "No way! You'll get all kinds of crazy ideas! Or worse, accuse me of flirting with the maids and get all possessive!" He had forgotten that the rest of the class was listening.

Satou scowled. "Please don't tell me you're dating Shibuya?" he asked Wolfram incredulously, as if he couldn't believe someone of that league would stoop so low.

"Yuuri is my fiancé," Wolfram said proudly. Satou gaped for a moment and then went back to his own desk in disgust, while all of the girls squealed and began to uproar.

Questions flew at him from all directions. "What? You're already engaged? Is it an arranged marriage? Ah, that's so cute!"

"No, Yuuri asked for my hand himself," Wolfram went on. He could talk about this subject for hours. It had been humiliating at the time, but nothing made him happier now than reliving the moment when Yuuri had struck his cheek. "But both of our families were very pleased..."

"Wow, I never thought he was such a romantic!"

Yuuri sank down in his seat, burying his face in his hands. This was going to be a long, long day.

"Mother, I'm home!"

There was something wrong about the fact that Wolfram was the first one of them to call that out, Yuuri thought to himself as they came in the front door.

Miko rushed over immediately. "Welcome home! How did you like Yuu-chan's school?" she asked excitedly.

"Oh, well, everyone was very friendly," Wolfram replied, but it was clear that his mind was on something else.

"Oh? Did anything happen?"

"Yuuri won't take me to a maid cafe."

There it was. Yuuri stiffened up as Miko gasped and began to reprimand him. "Yuu-chan! Maid cafes are wonderful! I worked at one when I was in high school, you know. Not because my family needed the money, just because I loved the fact that I could cosplay for work. The environment is so sweet and innocent and everything there is cute! How could you deny Wolfie-chan the chance to see one while he's on Earth?"

"Hey, it's for my own safety!" Yuuri protested. "You haven't seen this guy when he gets jealous; he thinks I flirt with anything that moves! I'll be physically harmed if I take him to a cafe full of cute girls!"

Miko giggled. "You're so silly, Yuu-chan. I can't believe that Wolfie-chan would do anything to hurt you."

"Mother's right, that's ridiculous," Wolfram chimed in, earning himself a glare from his fiancé.

"Right, like you aren't the biggest tsundere I've ever met," Yuuri muttered.


Although the last bit of the conversation was lost on Miko's ears, she didn't give Yuuri a chance to explain the word. "Don't worry, Wolfie-chan, I have the perfect solution!" she exclaimed suddenly. "Follow me."

Yuuri watched with relief as his mother pulled his fiancé away. "I'm going to be in the kitchen for a while, okay Mom?"

"Sure thing, Yuu-chan! Just make sure you clean up after!"

She'd probably understood what his intentions were right away, since Yuuri never wasted time in the kitchen. Cooking just didn't interest him. But whether he wanted to or not, Wolfram had kind of forced him to try and make chocolates for White Day. Now that everyone in his school knew they were engaged, it would look really bad if he didn't give him anything. Hell, people were already asking why Yuuri still had the second button on his Gakuran.

Yuuri was in the kitchen until dinnertime. Try as he might, he just didn't have a knack for this kind of thing. He was starting to realize it was extremely lucky that the Maou had maids to cook for him, since he doubted Wolfram would be much better at this than he was.

The meal passed quietly, and for some reason, Wolfram excused himself before anyone else.

"Yuu-chan, would you help me clean up in the kitchen?" Miko asked quickly.

"Oh, uh, sure, Mom." He hadn't gotten the chance to do it before dinner, and he felt rather guilty about that. "I'll meet you upstairs, Wolfram!" he called out as he followed after her.

"How'd your chocolates turn out, Yuu-chan?" Miko asked excitedly once they were alone. "I'm sorry Mommy wasn't able to help you."

Yuuri let out a sigh. "I think they taste okay, but they look terrible. They aren't pretty at all like the ones you make us on Valentine's Day." He showed her the ugly, brown lumps that he'd created. "I tried using the molds, but...I don't know what happened."

"Oh, Yuu-chan!" Miko gasped, pulling him into a huge hug. "Wolfram is going to love those!"

Yuuri furrowed his eyes together at the response, looking extremely skeptical. "I really doubt that. I think I should just go buy some at the convenience store."

"What? No!" Miko stated firmly. "Yuu-chan, the important thing about White Day is that the chocolate comes from your heart! Why, everyone knows most boys can't cook. Unless you're an extremely rare and exotic male specimen, your chocolate is bound to turn out ugly."

Yuuri frowned. For a pep talk, this sure was depressing.

"But that's way better than cheating and buying some flashy candy at a convenience store," Miko went on, "because this chocolate is filled with your love, and that's what Wolfram wants most of all! Besides, if you put it in a cute little gift box and tie a bow around it, he won't realize it's ugly right away!"

"...um...thanks, Mom."

"No problem, Yuu-chan!" She had another twinkle in her eyes. "By the way, did you know Shouri is going to a party tonight?"

"...no, why?" So far all of this talking had just made Yuuri extremely bewildered.

"No reason!" Miko giggled. "But your father and I are going out, too, so you and Wolfram will be all alone." She winked at him.

"Eh?!" Yuuri burst out, feeling slightly panicky. "Does Wolf know that?!"

"Of course, silly! He's waiting for you up in your room right now!" Miko ruffled his hair. "Don't be too rough on him, Yuu-chan. Wolfram's not a dirty baseball boy like you."

"He's a soldier!" Yuuri cried out in disbelief. "And I have no intention of—"

Miko put on her best pout. "It would be so nice to have another cute baby around here," she interrupted.

Yuuri stumbled out of the kitchen, feeling a little lightheaded. He was starting to really wish that Shouri and Wolfram had never opened their big mouths the night before.

"Wolfram?" Yuuri whispered as he tentatively entered his room. "I don't know what my mom said to you, but—"

"Welcome home, Master."

Yuuri's eyes widened into saucers and he stopped dead in his tracks. Wolfram was dressed up in a black and white maid cosplay, with tons of ruffles and a cute little headband to boot.

"Wh-wh-what's going on?!" he sputtered, cheeks darkening in color as he flailed about. "Where did you get that?! T-take it off right now!"

Wolfram raised his eyebrows and smirked, already dropping the sweet and innocent act. "You already want me to strip? Well, that was fast." He reached a hand behind him to pull the zipper down his back.

"No!" Yuuri frantically jumped after him. He struggled to get a hold of Wolfram's hands and prevent him from going any farther, accidentally knocking him down onto his bed in the process.

"Wow, Yuuri, I would've borrowed one of the maid's uniforms back at the castle a lot sooner if I knew this was how you'd react," Wolfram teased him softly.

Yuuri's cheeks turned even redder as he realized how this looked. "I-I wasn't trying to..."

Yuuri attempted to get up, but Wolfram used this opportunity to get on top of him. He grabbed Yuuri by the chin and pulled his face upwards, brushing their lips together. Yuuri's heart was racing and his breath felt hot against Wolfram's skin.

"You'd be a terrible maid," Yuuri whispered.

Wolfram looked surprised. "Why? Did I do something wrong?"

"You'd constantly try to seduce me," Yuuri groaned, "and no cleaning would get done."

Wolfram laughed softly. "But, Master, you're the one who told me to take my uniform off and pushed me down...," he pointed out in that falsely sweet voice again. "So tell me, what do you want me to do to you?"

Yuuri trembled underneath him. "W-Wolfram, I feel really weird doing this here," he protested.

"Why? Mother said she'd give us some time alone..."

"Yeah, but I feel like she's going to ask—ah!"

Wolfram's lips were moving down his neck, while his fingers began to unbutton Yuuri's Gakuran.

"W-wait!" Yuuri burst out suddenly, and Wolfram actually stopped in surprise. His hands flew to the second button on his uniform, and with a little bit of effort, he yanked it off and placed it into Wolfram's hand, closing his fiancé's fingers around it.

"Yuuri, what's this for?" he asked in confusion.

"I-it's the button closest to my heart," Yuuri explained, unable to meet his eyes. "In Japan, that counts as a...a love confession."

The last couple words were whispered quietly, but Wolfram caught them all.

"Yuuri...," he mumbled, gazing down at him softly. He clutched the button tightly, as if it was something precious, and his heart felt like it was going to burst.

"I...I made you chocolates, too, for tomorrow," Yuuri added sheepishly. "You kind of gave me no choice, you know, telling everyone we're engaged..."

Wolfram grabbed him again, pressing heated kisses against his lips. "You didn't have a choice anyways," he said smugly. "You love me."

Yuuri's eyes were half-closed as he kissed Wolfram back."They look terrible," he muttered.

His entire body felt weak and feverish pressed against the other boy's like that, so it was to his delight that Wolfram's hands picked up the task he'd almost forgotten about, stripping Yuuri out of his clothes.

"That's okay," Wolfram said reassuringly, and Yuuri felt some of his anxiety melt away. "As long as I get to eat them off you."

"Wh-what?! Hey! W-Wolfram!"