Toadette Kong Racing

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I really don't like Diddy Kong Racing in the slightest. Back when it came out years ago, sure I liked it a tad bit, but now? Boy, has it aged horribly. More than Mario Kart 64, and that says something. However, since Toadette is also starting to get a bit dated, which is backed up by the fact that she turns ten next year alongside Double Dash, I figured I mix the two things up. Enjoy the ensuing train wreck!

Also, I just wanted to comment that this is the 567th story I've written. But, it won't keep that record for long, quite obviously. Heh heh... ah, who am I kidding.

Toadette finally managed to make it all the way to Timber's Island, with Petey Piranha flying her overseas from the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon seeing the island, Toadette took over from tehre, waving goodbye to Petey as she flew towards the island using her pink pigtails to fly.

"Hmm? So this is Timber's Island... looks like an odd place..." Toadette commented as she hovered over the mountain, landing in the meadows in the middle.

Timber turned around, talking about with Pipsy and Tiptup as he spotted Toadette. He pointed at her, turning to Pipsy and Tiptup. "Oh hey, there's someone new we haven't seen before!"

Tiptup approached Toadette, with Pipsy following him. He tilted his head to the right. "Hey, little girl? Are you new here?"

Toadette puffed up her cheeks as she placed her hands on her hips. "Well of course I'm new here! I never have been on this island before!"

"Do you know how to race?" Pipsy asked, placing her right hand on her hip.

Toadette scoffed as she blew a raspberry at them. "Duh, silly willies! I'm a great racer!"

Krunch popped up out of nowhere, standing behind Tiptup and Pipsy as he rubbed the back of his head with his right hand. "All right, kid, what's your name?"

Toadette posed as she winked, pumping up her arms. "The name's Toadette! And who are all of you guys?"

"And gal." Pipsy growled as she folded her arms.

Toadette giggled nervously as she placed her hands behind her back. "And gal. Sorry about that."

After the various racers introduced themselves, Toadette fully understood the brief history of the island, being quite intrigued.

"So, you guys saved this island from an intergalactic pig twice?" Toadette piped as she gasped, placing both of her hands over her mouth. "Golly... I never could do anything like that."

Bumper rubbed his right arm as he blinked. "Well, it really was nothing. We got practice from T.T. and Drumstick to beat that joker."

Toadette dropped her arms by her side as she opened her eyes. "Who are those guys?"

Krunch scoffed as he rolled his eyes, folding his arms together. "Only the best racers amongst us."

Toadette thought for a moment, before gasping as she snapped her fingers. "Well, since you all are accomplished racers, how about we have a quick race?"