Every city, every planet, had someone who took care of the dead. Every place had someone who brought the spirits to their rightful places, made sure they crossed the astral planes, and weren't taken by the darkness. Each made sure they were safely where they belong and not in some other place...a place of pure evil. They were given the code Reapers, for they always turned up when the dead called. Some choose different names, some didn't care.

Reapers had abilities that ranged depending on the person. But all had the ability to talk to the dead, and see the dead. Some saw white spirits. Others saw shapes. But some saw dark shapes, their forms having twisted in a creƤture of some sort. They all have a sixth sense, one that allows them to know exactly when someone dies. There is one ability that some have that others do not. A few had a rare ability, a gift that could be used for others gains. Some could have their spirit leave their body, and go into other things, other people.

It is known that when a one reaper retires or is, god forbid, somehow killed, that a new one is to take his or her place. The selected reaper knows they're duty at a young age, most visited either by a special mental link or in person.

His feet stood calmly, paws shoved into his jeans as he looked across the city that has become a home and he loved every second of it. Sure, it wasn't always the best place to live. This city did have a nasty habit of having villains of shapes trying to take over. The lean tom cat sighed, leaning back against the railing, removing his hands to stretch them above his head. A day like this was quiet, peaceful even. Well, for the most part.

His ear twitched, hearing something in the distance. The male turned his head, pausing as he saw a figure slowly walking over toward his direction. It was an older cat, with a few gray hairs in his fur. He wore a black coat, a pair of simple black shoes on his feet along with a pair of pants. The other slowly approached, stopping to stand next to the other, quiet for the moment.

"Nice morning isn't it? Peaceful, quiet. But calm."

"Hm, that is true. But I'm sure that will eventually change. It is MegaKat City after all. It never stays quiet for long." The elder responded, watching other cats slowly walking around the streets, cars beginning to drive by. "I'm sure you know why I called you Jake." He added, gaining a grumble and a stretch from the other. "If you need any help, I'll be here. Even if I am retired, I can still help a few souls in my spare time."

Jake Clawson gave a smile, twisting his body to look at the city that began to buzz and bustle in morning activities. His arms rested on top of the metal, ears twitching quietly. "Thanks Doc. I'll keep that in mind. Reapers always could use a hand anyway hm? I guess I'll be seeing you pretty often at the morgue huh?" He replied with a laugh gaining a mhm in reply. "I figured you were going to retire soon anyway. The souls have been coming to me for the most part. Saying how 'its your job' 'come on come on' all that stuff." The orange cat waved a paw in reply.

"Ah, so that's why they haven't bothered me so much. They went after you. Hopefully it's not too bothersome. And you can handle it, plus what's already on your plate."

A smile escaped Jake's lips before a laugh followed. So many things on his shoulders, yes. All different but enjoyable. "I know but I'll be able to deal. As long as they don't come calling at the same time, I think I'll be good." He paused, glancing at the rising sun before turning his head as he heard the soft voices in the wind.

A snort, the elder laughed before patting the others shoulder with a shake of his head. "You hope. But now since you said that, you probably jinxed yourself. Listen, if your busy with a nasty somewhere, and don't think you'll make it in time, contact me alright? As you said, a reaper helps a fellow reaper."

"I'll keep that in mind." The tom shoved himself off the rail, arms stretching as his tail gave a sway.

"Heading off hm?" Gaining a nod, the elder softy smiled. "Are you going to tell your partner? I believe he does deserve to know this."

"He does. But not now. Some other time perhaps."He replied softly gaining a chuckle before he slowly walked away, heading down the stairs and into the streets below.

The elder merely watched, before looking upwards to the sky, seeing a small spirit drift in front of his view. The elder narrowed his eyes a bit before shaking his head. "I'm worried...I know he can handle it...but I got a bad feeling something is lurking. And waiting." He whispered into the wind, watching it swirl before seeming to drift into the sky.

Perhaps he was over thinking and it was nothing. Then again, who could possibly know of the danger that was in fact lurking...and just waiting for the right moment to strike all these kats lives.