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The Doc's apartment rested down on 6th street, not that far away from their current location. The area itself was quiet, warm and inviting. It wasn't in the slumps of the city, nor was it around an area that was often broken into. Despite that an explosion happened just down the block, the area was relatively quiet and calm. A sense of peace could be noticed and felt.

The Doc led the lean tom into the main lobby and toward the elevator. A chuckle escaped his lips while nodding to fellow cats as they walked past, waiting for the shaft to arrive. "As you can tell, it's a rather peaceful little building. And it's pretty close to the morgue. One of the many reasons why I love this little area. Come, come, inside." He gestured, drifting inside the elevator as the doors opened waiting until Razor was inside before closing the doors pressing the button for the top floor. A quiet smile escaped his lips feeling the slow pull. "This is much better then being outside in that lobby. How's your head doing?" He questioned after a quiet moment seeing the other leaning back against the wall.

A grumble, followed by a weary sigh. His eyes closed softly at the thought laughing softly. "Throbbing pretty badly now. Honestly, it feels like I got run over by the Metalikats car twice." He replied rubbing the back of his neck with his paw. "Thanks for the save by the way Doc. You didn't have to do this."

"Ah but in a way it is my duty. We have to help each other now in days don't we? After all, it's better to help now then to not. Because, of course, you never know when yourself runs into some trouble, yes?"

A mere shrug escaped Razor's shoulders, before he leaned back resting his arms on his sides. "Suppose so, Doc. " He responded, glancing over at the other cat. He slowly glanced back over at the countdown above, watching as the numbers went higher. He thought over what the souls have complained about unsure how to react.

Vixen, think we should mention it?

Don't see the harm in trying sir. He is one of us anyway...

"Doc, do you think that something is going to happen? Like something that could go severely wrong?" He questioned as he walked into the hallway, looking at the elder who walked past him.

"That is always a possibility Razor. I mean, catz, look at the what became of the world now. Ah, we'll worry about that later."

Razor nodded in reply, but didn't further comment. It gave him a sense of relief that he wasn't the only one who felt that. It gave him a sense that he wasn't going crazy. He glanced ahead as he walked next to the elder cat, toward the end of the hallway. He paused as they reached the door, seeing the window being tugged open and a burly body fell into the window falling onto the carpet flooring on one knee. Razor gave a chuckle, seeing his partner grin at his general direction.

"Why do you two insist on using the window and not the door? Can't you two be like normal cats?" The Doc merely rolled his eyes in reply, while going into his lab coat pocket looking for the key to his apartment.

A chuckle escaped the other Swat Kat as he slowly stood to his feet. T-Bone brushed off the stray dirt from his flight suit, coming to stand next to his partner. "It's sometime's easier than using doors actually. And it make's it so people don't see us." The tabby gave a calm grin, crossing his arms against his chest.

And yet Razor knew exactly how his partner was feeling. T-Bone may think that could hide his emotions from others but he couldn't quiet hide it from everyone. Both kats knew each other for too long. They both could easily tell when something was bugging the other. Sure they could try to hide it, but it didn't always work.

The lean tom held back a sigh and patted his partner's shoulder. a small sign that everything was going to be alright in some shape and form. As the Doc turned his back to unlock the door, Razor felt his partner lean closer to his ear.

"Mind telling me what the hell is going on?" The larger tabby wasn't amused by not knowing what was going on. Nor was he happy that his partner new and didn't tell him. It stung deep inside his fur.

"Don't worry buddy, everything will be explained."

A grumble, before he narrowed his eyes. "I hate when you tell me that."

Razor chuckled in response at the annoyance in T-Bone's voice. He wasn't surprised about his reaction. In fact, he totally excepted it. He felt the larger tabby lean back as the Doc unlocked the door and gestured for them to come inside. Razor held back a sigh, feeling his muscles and mind relax at being inside another Reaper's home. A sense of relief and calm tugged at his bones.

"Doc, I never expected your apartment to be this unique." Razor quietly replied looking upwards at the ceiling, letting the other reapers sense of calm wrap around him.

Indeed, the apartment was a rather decent size despite being in the city. It was an open floor plan, causing you to walk into the living room, the kitchen toward the left. Toward the right there was a door, most likely toward a bedroom, then another door which led into a study. The apartment itself had hardwood floors, was surrounded by warm rich colors, and many abstract paintings. There was also a few odd skeletons on the shelves, showing that the Doc had an odd interest in the dead and skeletons apparently.

"Ah, yes I do don't I? It fits me well, and its a lovely place to call home." A shrug escaped the cat's shoulders before he slowly moved toward the kitchen. "It's a place I call my own after a long day in the office and cutting open corpses."

"An...interesting image." T-Bone remarked giving an wince in response. That wasn't exactly something he was interested in imagining.

"It is isn't it? Come, have an seat and a glass of milk. You heros deserve it with all the effort you've done." The Doc smiled at their direction. He took notice as T-Bone sat in one of the chairs at the table, while Razor seemed to pause. The two shared a quick look before he titled his ear toward the direction of the second door. The other understood, before slipping away.


"He'll be back. He's going to take care of that headache. Now, warm or cold milk?"