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The headache was starting to be a real bother by the time Razor had slipped inside the room that the Doc had pointed out. The lean tom tugged the door open before shutting it closes, leaning his back against it. Even with the sense of calm running threw his veins thanks to being around Doc's apartment in general, he still felt terrible. This, he supposed, was quite expected.

Razor took a breath inside his lungs before he let it out, feeling his chest heave before slowly release. His head continued to the throb as the souls whined and sobbed in distress. But they were quieter than they were before by some sheer luck. Razor breathed rubbing his forehead with his paw, massaging the scalp as Vixen continued to try and calm the souls down. A soul could only do so much.

Vixen, you tried. It's alright, they'll be gone shortly.


Razor moved his paws to rest them against the sides of his neck, taking this time to glance around the room he was in and Doc led him too. His ears twitched, feeling and sense of calm, and pulling which meant he was in the right place. Razor headed toward the source of the pulling in the den, walking around the chairs and the shelves. He paused once, raising an eyebrow as he came toward and…wall? Secret passage huh…? Razor glanced at the said wall, his eyes looking at the details searching for the way to open it.

His paw moved, resting against the bricks, pushing into the material with his claws, feeling the one brick shift. A smile escaped his lips pushing harder, before seeing the wall itself give a low creak before shifting to sway open to the side, leaving just enough opening to slip inside. Razor slipped inside, keeping it open as he headed toward the object that was inside the said room.

The object was a full body mirror, large and a bit dull in color. The frame was a black and red tint, engraved with English words, words of death and decay, of the deceased. A phrase of mourning and goodbye, wrapped around the frame and the glass. Something so peaceful looking…yet deadly. Razor leaned back on his heels of his paws, flexing his fingers as he removed one of the gloves as he titled his head just a bit. Taking a cautious look around, he placed this paw against the glass, focusing on his thoughts before whispering, "Di morte" softly into the glass.

Razor softly pulled away, watching the said glass begin to turn faded shades of gray, black around the edges. His eyes kept focused as the shapes formed into a figure seeming to be inside the mirror, and looking at Razor's direction. The figure was tall, had a pair of ears and but was wearing a black cloak that wrapped around its form, the hood down but against its back. A soft blink of its eyes before it softly nodded in greeting, speaking softly, its voice ancient, "Sir C. Razor, welcome back. Using another reapers portal are you?"

"I'm at Doc's, the retired reaper from his area. I have a massive soul count that needed to be transferred ASAP." Razor replied, voice calm and steady, the souls seeming to have calmed down greatly at the sight of the figure.

"Ah, understandable then. Send them threw. We plus there wasn't any issues?"

"Ah, none at the current moment. Though, there is a large excess amount of souls do to an apartment building that exploded here. The building is completely gone, having collapsed in on itself, sadly." Razor took a breath, flexing his claws before resting the paw against the glass once more. He took a tentative breath before shutting his eyes and concentrated. He felt the connection link in the back of his mind, feeling the souls drift through the mirror and into purgatory. "They are somewhat frantic and unsure from the blast so be warned." He replied, leaning back as he removed his hand, placing his glove back on feeling Vixen go back to sitting on his shoulder.

The figure gave a nod in response, darting down the information that was given, marking each count quietly before a frown escaped its lips. "It'll be taken care of. Ah, this is a massive amount 300 totals, and a range of ages." It paused in mid-word, glancing at the kat in front of it, then at the soul then back again. "You need to be aware of that your job is going to not get any easier."

"Ah, whatever do you mean?"

"There is a line of massive death counts heading you're direction, consisting from a multi-car accident, to a severe structure fire, to an airplane crash. Each having death tolls ranging from 50 to 200. It might just be a conquience, but you should be on your toes. We have feeling that it's something darker at work." It replied, giving a pause in reply, seeming to be thinking over something carefully.

Razor caught the look in its eyes, feeling Vixen tense against his shoulder. "Anything else?" He questioned, some part of him dreading the answer. Silence never meant anything good.

"Ah, yes. Among these massive deaths, there have been a few reaper incidents as well. Reapers have gone missing, and turning up dead later after a few weeks. The latest was only three hours away from your current position. We are looking into it, but if you can, please contact as soon as you hear anything else."

"Understood. I'll inform Doc what's going on as well. Might help having a second set of eyes and ears around the area."

"Agreed. See you in due time."


With those parting words, Razor watched as the mirror faded to an light glow before heading back to its original state, making it seem as a normal mirror once more. The kat gave a sigh, tugging the sheet over the item before heading back the way he came, shutting the passage as he went. Well, wasn't that excellent news.

/Razor, what do you think of the news? It sits uneasily within me at the moment…that much issues heading this direction is not a good sign/

Razor glanced at the soul on his shoulder out of the corner of his eyes seeing the being's visible distress. It was unsure by what was coming in their direction, but that didn't mean it wasn't nervous or worried about it. No, Vixen was very concerned.

"Vixen, I don't know. It's chaotic that's for sure. But what…I don't know. We'll have to be on our toes and just see what happens. Keep your ears open and senses alert." He whispered softly, pausing at the door as the soul paused once again.

/It shall be done, Razor. /

With a nod, the Swat Kat glanced at the window in the den, feeling an uneasiness sitting on his spine. That was just more things to worry about. It was enough to deal with the strategically cunning Dark Kat, the mutant scientist , and those metal tin cans the MetaliKatz. Now, he had to worry about something else heading their direction? Katz' what a thought! Razor dragged his paw over his fur, sighing out a breath as he walked out of the room heading toward the Doc and his partner. Yes, he should tell T-Bone about what was going on. Because hell, he needed all the help he could get. And a can of milk which sounded excellent right about now.