Follows on from Chapter Two: Cord

Recap: Castle tripped over the extension cord connected to his Christmas tree lights and is now out of commission for the rest of the case with a broken leg.

She kissed his temple gently. "Now, remember what the Doctor said: keep that elevated. I have to go now. I might not be able to be here much until after the case is over. " She kissed him on the lips.

"Be good for Alexis and your Mom."

"I will."

She stroked his cheek gently before standing up and turning to Marth and Alexis, who were standing in the doorway.

"You have my numbers?"

"Yes, yes," Martha assured her. "He'll be fine. Now, go catch bad guys."

Castle pouted. "Yeah, without me."

"Hey, Dad, you'll have me for the next three days," Alexis comforted him, cuddling up to him.

He softened and gave a small smile.

Beckett watched them fondly.

When he looked up however, she was gone.

He woke up to find her snuggled up to him, fully clothed.

She sighed when she saw his eyes were open.


"Hey," he smiled. "Tough case?"

"Hmm," she replied. "It's over now."

"Who did it?"

"I'll tell you later," she said. "Right now, we need to get you washed up."

"I don't know if I can stand up in the shower."

"I'm not talking about a shower."

"A bath?" he asked hopefully.

She shook her head.

He looked down to see a bucket, soap... and a sponge next to her.


"Mmhmm?" she asked slyly.

"I think I'm, ready for my sponge-bath."

She very carefully slipped off his pyjama pants, followed by his boxers.

Beckett grabbed the wash-cloth out of the warm water she had filled the bucket with, soaped it up, and began to wash his back, massaging smooth circles into his skin and then rinsing him off. She moved to his hair next, asking him to inch forward a bit and lean his head back, placing the bucket behind him and rinsing .

He couldn't control the reaction of his body as arousal overtook him, his heart beating rapidly at the feel of her skin on his.

His heart rate increased at the sensation of her flesh against his own, consumed by desire.

Beckett slowed her movements, putting the bucket back down next to the bed and placing the cup next to it.

His eyes were locked with hers as he caressed the back of her neck and helped her remove her coat.

The garment slid down next to the bed, but still he didn't avert his gaze from hers.

He closed the remaining distance between them and captured her lips with his own. He ended the agonising separation between their bodies as he initiated a searing kiss.

She followed his lead, pressing herself against his slick chest. She returned his kiss with care.

She studied his naked body once again when she emerged from his embrace, undressing in front of him. He tried very hard to control his breathing as she slowly revealed herself to him. He would never get tired of seeing her naked form. Gently, she pushed him down onto the bed, allowing him to lay back as she straddled him.

He cried out when her legs spread out on either side of him. She covered his jaw with kisses as her hands wandered all over his body.

Her lips found his, and she began to whisper against his mouth between kisses. "I missed you. I missed. God, I missed you."

She inhaled his scent deeply and found his tongue with her own.

He grasped her face and pushed her back far enough for him to look into her eyes. "It's been three days," he chuckled in amusement

"Two days too many," she whispered, slowly allowing him to lace his fingers through her hair and pull her head back down to his. She reached her hand between them and grasped his erection, lifting her hips slightly and shifting them downward until he was once again inside of her.

He thrust up to meet her as she rode him with vigour.

She stroked his face softly and returned her lips to his, her other hand fisting in his hair as she snapped her hips up and down.

They found a rhythm matched by their eager mouths until she finally cried ou in ecstasy, Castle following close behind until she allowed herself to fall, sated, onto his breathless body.

"So, I guess I'm gonna need another sponge-bath," said Castle after a while.

"Hmm, maybe the tub."

"Oh, no, at that rate, I'll never get clean."

"I'll be a perfect lady, I promise. How's your leg?"

"Fine." He smirked.


"You like taking care of me.

She smiled back, before looking away. "Don't get used to it. Once your legs better, you're back to washing your own socks."

"You washed my socks?"

"Actually, Alexis washed them – but I put them in the dryer."

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