I stumbled across an old document on my computer labeled BAZINGA!, and opened it up to reveal a story containing a few of my previous stories, almost like a drabble collection. It had the mini fairies on RedBull, and the Cubby Bunny plot, and this little gem.

I've gotten a lot of requests to continue Sugar High, and have decided to write Bunny on coffee. However it's taking a bit longer than expected, so I decided to post this instead.

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This will be a reader-led story. I need you guys to send in your pranks for Jack to play on the other Guardians. He can prank anybody, and any amount of times. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve myself, but the more the merrier! Leave ideas in a review or PM :)

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It starts about a week after Jack is given access to the television.

North's in his office, putting the finishing touches on a flying race car, when Jack slams the door open. Jack's out of breath, and his eyes dart about the room nervously before landing on the desk.

He watches in rapt attention as the snow spirit dives under his desk, then reaches back out to take his staff under with him.

The older man blinks in confusion, ice pick and race car still in hand. "Jack, what are you-"

"Sh!" Jack hisses. It's odd to hear the boy without actually seeing him. "Don't tell him where I am!"

North opens his mouth to ask just whom he should not tell, when Sandy floats in, sand-steam blasting from his ears and looking quite put out.

North takes one look at the little golden man, and bursts out laughing.

The little golden man is no longer the little golden man – he is now the little hot fuchsia man.

Sandy crosses his arms over his chest, glares at North, and waits for him to catch his breath.

It takes a good few moments before the bearded man can actually speak.

"Sandy-" North says in between his laughter. "What happened?"

Judging by the hiding (and snickering) Jack Frost under his desk, he can already guess, but he's playing along.

Something in his belly tells him that he should side with Jack on this one - plus, he can never go wrong with a pink Sandy.

Sandy produces quite a few images; most of them are Jack and himself.

North doesn't quite catch it all, but he manages to piece together a story of how Sandy had arrived, been ambushed by elves, and promptly turned pink, much to the amusement of one Jack Frost.

The prank itself is quite impressive – He can't even fathom how Jack managed to color Sandy's dream sand like that.

But Jack did, and now North's hiding a fugitive under his desk.

"I am sorry, my friend." North shrugs, feigning innocence. "But I have not seen him. Perhaps the kitchens?"

Sandy huffs, but nods and floats out.

North waits until the pink man is gone (really, how did Jack do it?) before peaking under the desk.

Jack's cowering in the back corner, his staff propped at an angle to fit alongside him. His knees are brought to his chest, and he grins at North sheepishly.

North chuckles. "I do not know how, but I am impressed."

Jack's grin grows wider. "Thanks! Er, do you know any other good places to hide?" He tries to straighten up, and ends up hitting his head on the bottom of the desk. He glares at the offending wood and rubs the sore spot while North chuckles again.

The bearded man strokes said beard. "I told him kitchens. Place farthest from kitchens is elf living quarters."

Jack removes himself from under the desk with great difficulty. He nods, and salutes North as he grabs his staff and flies out.

North can't be sure, but he's almost positive he heard the boy say something sounding remotely like "Bazinga!" as he leaves.

He stares at the open door for a moment more, before laughing, shaking his head and returning to his race car.

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