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Most of you guys wanted Bunny to get revenge on Jack, and I've had this idea in my head for a while now. Many of you wanted Jack's hair to be dyed.
So I thought, why not the rest of him too? And this chapter was born.
Hope you guys enjoy Bunny getting his well-deserved revenge, and please tell me in a review who I should prank next! Should I go with Sandy, Phil the yeti, or maybe Jamie? Tell me and leave prank submissions! I love new ideas!

That bloody show pony needed t' be taught a lesson.

But what to do?

That was a big question. North seemed t' be sidin' with the annoying little bugger, so Bunny's on his own.

Nothin' too serious, he didn't want t' hurt the boy.

But enough that he got sweet, sweet revenge.

Because if ya prank E. Aster Bunnymund, you're gonna get your arse handed t' ya at some point.

Scare him? Nah, too simple. And most likely expected.

Make his food really spicy? Come t' think of it, he's never seen the kid eat. So that's out.

Bunny taps the end of his paintbrush against his head, scratching between his ears with it.

His eyes widen.

That's it. That's the prank that he could do.

Bunny jumps up, already planning the execution.

Egg dye? It's readily available, humiliating, and only comes off with saliva. Or at least several dozen showers.

The next question is how to capture the prankster. Bloke's not gonna stay still, not for a minute.

So he's gonna have t' trap him.

There were several ways he could go about this. A cage, a net, a bear trap (just tight enough t' get him, not enough t' hurt him).

But there's always the good rope-and-pulley system.

So, he goes with that.

It takes some testing, a bit of color-mixing and about 10 yards of rope to get everything set up. It took a while to get the pulley system down pat, but he manages to do it.

Luring Jack to the Warren is easy - all he has to do is tell North he's settling down for a nap, and the prankster takes advantage of the "sleeping" rabbit.

"Hey, Easter Kangaroo! You home?" Jack's voice echoes through the Warren, and Bunny smirks, hidden behind one of his warriors.

And there's the galah now.

Bunny watches as Jack lands on the fresh green grass, swinging his staff and freezing one of his poor little egglets. The multicolored egg falls, frozen in place. Jack frowns as he looks around, scanning the rocks and bushes and trees.

"Bunny? You here?" He calls.

Bunny watches his movements. One more step-

Jack steps right into the grass-covered trap. The rope tightens and secures around his ankle, yanking him straight up into the air with a high-pitched yelp.

"BUNNY!" Jack yells, dangling upside down by his ankle as his staff is dropped to the grass.

Bunny smirks as he emerges from behind one of his egg warriors, tossing an egg bomb up and down. "So, finally gotcha, mate." He strolls over to Jack, slowly and deliberately. He ain't getting away with this one, no sir.

Jack frowns, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at Bunny. It would have been much more effective if he hadn't been hanging upside down, or spinning slightly, or if his hair and sweatshirt hadn't been turned upside down with him. "Yeah, yeah, very funny. Now let me go."

"Oh, no, mate." Bunny grins. "I'm gettin' me some revenge."

"I'm hanging upside down by my ankle – what else could you want?"


The egg bomb hits Jack in the shin, and he yelps as his leg instantly becomes covered in pastel dye. "Hey!" The impact has him swinging and spinning a bit faster.

"Up for a little art lesson?" Bunny asks, nailing him in the back. Jack yelps again as the back of his sweatshirt, and the skin of his lower back where the sweatshirt had fallen become the colors of a typical Easter egg. "That hurts!"

"Oh, relax, it ain' that bad." Part of him feels kind of bad, but most of him feels joy at seeing the spirit become rainbow.
He times the next eggbomb to explode before impact, so that the frost spirit doesn't get hurt.

Jack's face and hair becomes a bright, vibrant combination of lemon yellow, robin's egg blue and rose pink. He sputters – even his tongue isn't saved from the dye.

Bunny burts out laughing. "Set yourself up for this, mate!"

The bombs continue until Jack looks like an Easter egg explosion – which was indeed the point. He's squirming, attempting to get away from the colorful bombs. His body and hair is a multicolored mess, looking quite like a small child's water color painting. Bunny throws his last multicolored egg bomb, and steps back to admire his handiwork.

Yeah, that should prevent pranks for a while. "Ready t' come down, mate?" He calls, moving to stand under him.

"YES!" Jack shouts down, his squirming and wriggling resulting in him spinning in a slow circle.

Bunny laughs, and uses a boomerang to cut him down. The rope snaps and Jack falls gracelessly to the floor of the Warren. He attempts to brush the dye off, only to find that it ISN'T coming off.

"Only comes off with saliva, mate." Of course, Bunny could tell him that he could take a shower and scrub his skin a few times, but what's the fun in that?

Jack's eyes widen, and he licks the back of his hand. Only a small portion of the dye comes off. "Dang it." He mutters, glaring at the spot.

Bunny chuckles as Jack sticks his multi-colored tongue out. "Ya had it comin', mate."

"You're going to pay, Easter Kangaroo." Jack promises, already planning a new prank for the Guardian of Hope as he grabs his staff (leaving a rainbow hand print) and flies out of the Warren.

Bunny smirks as he watches the rainbow boy streak off. "I'll be countin' on it." He laughs as he walks away. "Rainbow snowcone."