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xoxox Aquawolfgirl

It wasn't often that he painted the toys himself. But with three of the yetis down with some sort of sniffle, he had to jump in if he was going to get the September numbers in on time.


North jumps as another yeti sneezes, the force behind the sneeze enough to knock the pile of transforming robots down off of the table. One bonks an elf on the head, while the yeti sniffles and wipes his nose on his furry arm.

"Ah, Ron?" North calls. The yeti looks up, takes in North's stern look and raised eyebrow. The yeti merely nods before lumbering off to the dormitory to get some rest.

North sighs. Well, that was four yetis down. Rimsky-Korsakov, this was getting out of hand.

He continues to work, painting the bright blue eyes of a little baby doll, then adding petal-pink lips. He sets aside that doll to be dressed by a healthy yeti, before moving to the next doll.

By the time lunch came around, his pants, shirt and hands were covered in paint. He was willing to bet that his white beard wasn't exactly white anymore, either.

He wasn't used to dealing with color – that was the yetis' job. And Bunny's.

He makes his way to the bathroom to wash his hands before consuming his lunch-time batch of cookies.

North wets his hands, humming as he sees the color swirl down the sink. He pours a bit of soap into his hands, expecting bubbles to form as he scrubs.

He frowns. No bubbles. No sugar-plum scent wafting from the gel either. Perhaps the elves switched it?

He continues scrubbing away from the water, hoping that this would help. But no, instead it just made it harder to move his hands back and forth. They were stuck together, as if by-

North groans as he puts two and two together. "Glue." He looks at the soap bottle as if it had done something to offend him.

"Bazinga!" Jack calls, beaming brightly as he flies down from the rafters. His staff swings about so it sits atop his shoulders, and his smile is brilliant. "I was expecting Phil, but this is even better!"

North chuckles. "Ah, yes, very clever. Though I do have cookies to eat, so-?" He holds his hands up expectantly.

Jack taps his hands, freezing the glue before flying off. The glue now brittle and fragile, North breaks his hands apart easily and watches the frozen glue fall off.

His fingertips were blue, covered in frost. He chuckles softly, dusting his hands off before making his way to the kitchen.

"I suppose this would count as an excuse to drink hot chocolate, da?"