Chapter 2

"I'm Reimu Hakurei and this is Marisa Kirisame. So, who are you strangers, exactly?" asked Reimu.

"I'm Goten and this is my best friend, Trunks", replied Goten. "We don't know where we are, right now…"

Marisa giggled at them. "Goten? You must be from the sky and what kind of a name is Trunks? Boy, Trunks, I bet you're a living underwear!" tears fell down her cheeks as she laughed, making the two boys embarrassed. Reimu hit her head, quieting the black witch and giving her a bump. "Sorry, sorry…" Marisa grumbled.

"Anyways, are you thieves, youkai, or anything else dangerous?" Reimu asked again but with a more serious look.

"We're definitely not thieves and we're nice people. What are Youkai, though?" replied Trunks.

"Ah, I see…you're from the outside world." said Reimu.

"Outside world?! What do you mean?" said a surprised Trunks.

"This place is called 'Gensokyo'. It used to be part of the outside world but since the youkai and the humans didn't get along, it was sealed off. Now there is a 'Hakurei' border in these two worlds and I guard this border since, some humans along with my ancestors were sealed along with it." explained Reimu.

"So you mean, we're in a different world?" asked Goten.

" Our point, exactly!" replied Marisa.

"And to answer your question, Trunks, youkai are..well… Japanese folk creatures . That term can apply to any supernatural being." said Reimu.

"Um…Could you help us find these seven, orange, magical orbs with a number of stars that go from one to seven? When we were in the 'outside world', our radar didn't beep at all but now here, it signals there are orbs here. The orbs are called 'dragon balls'. " said Trunks.

"What are they for?" asked a curious Marisa.

"Whenever somebody collects them, an eternal dragon grants us wishes, but only if we say 'arise Shenron!' " replied Goten.

"Why do you want to collect them?" asked Reimu.

"In our place, a member of our team said that somebody stole the dragon balls and now she couldn't find it anywhere, despite looking all over the earth."

"What's this team of yours? Is it a crime- fighting, justice team?" asked Marisa.

"Yeah…you could say that." replied Goten.

"Well we have a case here ourselves", said Reimu. " The sun has not risen up yet and the moon is still there. Maybe we could discover the dragon balls on the way, so yes, we would help you."

"Yes!" said the two boys as the they and the two girls prepared for their next journey.