AN: My first Sgt frog fanfiction! This chapter's short, I just want to see what people think of my idea so far!

It was a normal day in the Hinata household (if you could call any of their days "normal") and Giroro was sitting outside his tent, polishing his guns and other weapons.

As he did so, he heard a shriek come from the second floor of the Hinata residence, a familiar shriek. He instantly sprang to action, grabbing his gun and running up the stairs as Natsumi shouted, "What the hell happened to me you stupid frogs!"

Giroro didn't remember any of Keroro's recent stupid plans mentioning Natsumi at all. He approached her room to see Kululu chuckling to himself and Keroro smirking.

"Not able to beat us up now," Keroro laughed with a sinister smile on his face.

"What did you do?" Giroro asked, hiding his worry.


Giroro then looked into her room and a gasp escaped his lips.

Natsumi had turned into a Keronian!

She had shrunk to about the height of Giroro, and her skin had turned the orange-pink color of sunset. A hat rested on her head, the same color as her hair, the tips pointed and a sun symbol resting in the middle, which was copied on her stomach.


"Kukuku," Kululu chuckled, "We can't. You smashed the gun!"

"SO I'M STUCK LIKE THIS?!" Natsumi shouted outraged.

"Kukuku, for the time being. It will take about two weeks to build a new one."

"GET WORKING ON IT!" she shouted, somehow throwing Keroro down the stairs. Kululu followed, leaving Giroro there alone with Natsumi.

"What am I going to do," Natsumi asked herself, "It's not like I can go to school looking like a stupid frog."

Natsumi, you look great as a Keronian too, Giroro thought to himself (and the entire audience watching at home.) If you were not a pekoponian, my feelings would not be betrayal.

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