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Deeper chapter 4


Elizabeth felt lonely.

For the very first time in her life, she felt completely alone.

She felt abandoned, deserted, isolated from the world. Although, that was ridiculous considering she had a family of three residing in the compartment with her, whom were currently talking about Quidditch. Yet she paid no mind, considering she held no particular interest in the sport, not to mention the fact she hardly even knew the basic dynamics of the game, nor had she ever ridden a broom. Nor would she ever want to...

Besides, she understood very well that the boys did not want Elizabeth involved in their conversation in the first place.

Elizabeth resisted again and again to move from her current position, hands clasped together on knees, nose pressed to the window. She dearly hoped that her proximity with the glass would not attract the Weasley boys' attention, as she had undergone enough embarrassment by merely sitting in that room.

It had taken her a while to realise -having that she was too preoccupied with her throbbing nose- that one of the boys had told her to stop "staring" at him. Were they not aware that she could not see them, let alone "stare" at them?

She was quite certain that her disability would be easily distinguishable, considering the many years of enduring sympathy and, if not family, hushed whispers. Elizabeth assumed for so many years that a part of her body had some type of horrid anomaly, possibly a second head or even unstandardised teeth. But she brushed those possibilities aside, recalling that it was in fact her eyes that were the problem. She had never inquired to why her eyes created such a commotion, relying only on the fact that most people who confronted her with apologies, knew of Elizabeth's condition prior. Besides, she did wear sunglasses, but was that all?

No, usually when in town or otherwise at a family member's house, Elizabeth would be hanging off either her father or cousin's arm, or if not in their presence, she would use her walking stick.

Although she was aware that her condition was rare amngst wizards, she found none of this to be strange for her, as she had been doing it her whole life.

"Of course you'll get in Gryffindor!" Charlie roared, slamming his fist onto the seat. Elizabeth startlingly jumped, causing her nose once again to slam into the glass. She held her now aching snout, certain that she would get a tender bruise soon enough.

"But what if we don't?" One of the twins asked. Elizabeth had realised a while ago, that what they meant by 'twins', was that Fred and George were most likely identical. Even their voices were the same! But she paid no mind to that fact, as it had little to no substantial reference to herself- she had no use for that information at all.


"I'm George."

"Right, sorry. George, trust me, you two will get into Gryffindor."

"But what if we're separated?"

"You won't be, George!"

"Charlie... I'm Fred, we didn't even change seats..."

"Do you really have that bad a memory?"


"Shut up!"

Elizabeth couldn't help but slightly smile at the family exchange. It reminded her vaguely of how Elizabeth and her cousin fought, aside from the mistaking of identity, of course. Yet, when that fact registered in her heart, it pulled. Her smile soon turned into a frown and she lightly rested her forehead on the glass. Her glasses were pressed uncomfortably onto the bridge of her nose, so she begrudgingly pushed them down to the tip, huffing irritably.

"Look you two, the whole entire family was put into Gryffindor; I am, Bill is, mum was, dad was, all your aunties and uncles, cousins, and grandparents were put into Gryffindor. so I highly doubt you will not get in." Charlie implored, his voice lowering in comfort.

Elizabeth scrunched up her nose in detestation. That was an absolutely awful way to placate someone...

~a few days before~

"Now Elizabeth," Father placated, wiping a tear from his daughter's face, rubbing her back in comforting motions. "You really mustn't worry yourself so much. If you keep going then we may have to rethink the school..."

"N-no!" Elizabeth breathed, sniffing and wiping roughly at her nose.

"Then you need to calm down, 'Lizbeth." Dionysus said as he poked her pointedly in the ribs, causing her to squirm in protest. "Or you'll get in trouble~~"


"No no, don't worry Elizabeth. Dionysus is just trying to tease you." Father said as the sound of him slapping Dionysus halfheartedly on the arm sounded.

"Dion!" she snapped as he ran put of the room, chuckling darkly.

Elizabeth heard father sigh as he once again wiped the tears from under her eyes. "Elizabeth Athena Rabbelia, listen to me."

"Mm." Elizabeth replied, sniffing and once again wiping her sleeve under her nose. He rarely used her full name, only using it if she was misbehaving or he simply wanted her to listen. She didn't think her middle name fit well with the rest of her name. It was placed awkwardly and frankly she didn't particularly care for the name 'Athena' in the first place. Unlike her namesake, to which she loved dearly.

"Now sweetie, what's wrong?" Father asked softly.

"W-what if the hat doesn't put me in a house. I-I can't even see. What happens if I can't put it on my head. Wha-?" Elizabeth whispered, each word causing her voice to become more strained and quick.

"You won't have to worry about that Elizabeth." Father placated, placing a hand on her head. "All witches and warlocks are placed into a house, not to mention that you are a child of a long line of Hufflepuffs. All our family was in Hufflepuff -not including your mother's family, of course-, I was, your uncle was, grandmother, grandfather...You have nothing to be afraid of."

Elizabeth cried harder.

Why did people do that? Put so much on other people? All she wanted was a pat on the head and to be told that everything was going to be alright. That she was no different from anyone else, and therefore would not be treated any differently. She however did not want an elaborate speech about people whom the the only thing that connects her to them, was the blood coursing through her veins. So with that, Elizabeth could relate to the twins, if not only a little bit.

"There you are!" sighed a strong-accented, female voice, followed by the door slamming open.

"Ah! Tonks! Where the bloody hell were you, I looked in all the carriages when I got on!" Charlie roared.

"Well I was...ya know..." the girl called Tonks murmured awkwardly trailing off.

"Oh...well never mind that, want to sit down?"

"Ah no, well actually, that's why I'm here. So-"

"Hi Tonks." the twins chorused.

"Some Slytherins -hi boys- came into our compartment before and now the others are angry, they said their going go give them a piece of their mind. They won't come back no matter what I say. Help. Me."

"Really? Again?" Charlie sighed, before Elizabeth felt herself slightly go down into the cushions, indicating that Charlie had stood up. "Alright then. I'll come."

"Thank you!"

"But Charlie!" one of the twins yelled.

"You said you were gonna stay!" the other griped.

"First of all; I said no such thing. Second; it's alright because i'll make sure to find you when we get off, alright?" Charlie reasoned, voice slightly quickening in panic for his friends. There was a distant crash. "'Alright?" he repeated.



"Good, thank you so much! I'll see you two later! Er, bye Elizabeth, hope you do well!"

And with that, the pair left, leaving a flustered Elizabeth alone with the disgruntled twins.

"He lied to us..."

"Well, it was mum who told him to stay. He never actually agreed."

"Yes but...this is mum we're talking about..."

"Fair point."

"Maybe we should give mum a letter telling her how he left us, huh?"

"Another fair point."

Elizabeth was both intrigued and disgusted by how sinister these twins were.

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