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AN: This takes place the year after one of my previous Christmas fics, 'How Faith And Her Little Helpers Saved Christmas', So Sophie is Six, Lily is two, and Jesse is just over one.

"It's December!" cried Xander excitedly on the First day of the twelfth month of the year, as he bounced excitedly into the Kitchen, where Anya was feeding their son. "The 19th of December!"

"Dember!" Jesse giggled.

"That's right, Buddy" Xander grinned. "One week until Christmas, and Christmas means.."

"Everybody spending an obnoxiously large amount of money on things they don't really need and will have forgotten about by this time next year?" Anya replied.

"Boy, way to kill the mood, Ahn" Xander frowned. "I was going to say Christmas Specials."

"You were too little to really appreciate this last Christmas" said Xander, rummaging through a box of old VHS tapes while Jesse, newly walking, stumbled around the room, "But this year, I know you're going to love it! Ah, here it is!" He pulled a well-loved, slightly faded video case from the box. "'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. Want to come sit and watch it with Daddy?"

"Dada!" Jesse beamed, toddling over and plopping himself down on his little diapered butt near Xander. He loved his Daddy.

Xander grinned and placed the tape in the VCR, only to be met with fuzzy black and white blurs when it played.

"That's funny, it worked okay last year." He frowned, gently banging the top of the machine. Maybe the tape was in the wrong position.."

"Deck the halls with bells of Holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la..."

Meanwhile, the rest of the Scooby Gang were singing Carols as they decorated their Christmas tree.

"'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la.."

"Auntie Faith!"

The force of her six-year-old favorite niece's glare caused the Dark Slayer to freeze like a naughty child, popcorn filled hand halfway to her mouth.

"You're not 'sposed to eat the popcorn!"

"Yeah, Auntie Faith" Buffy playfully mocked. "You're supposed to be making a chain for the tree."

"I was! But.. Well.. Lilypad was eatin' it.." Faith grumbled.

"Lilypad is two" Buffy reminded her.

"Okay, fine, I won't eat anymore" She sighed, going back to working on the chain as she was supposed to.

When they were all engrossed in their designated Christmas tasks once again, none of them noticed the sprig of mistletoe that seemed to float away by itself..

The Mistletoe floated into the Kitchen to hover over the heads of Willow and Tara, who were assembling a Gingerbread House.

"What the.." Willow looked up at the sprig, and, in typical Willow fashion, began to panic and overreact. "How is the Mistletoe floating by itself?!"


"Oh God, what if all our Christmas decorations are possessed.."


"By ghosts..


"Or demons.."

"Willow!" Tara grabbed her Wife's shoulders to calm her. "It's not a ghost, or a demon."

"It's not?" Willow frowned.

"No" Tara chuckled, pointing towards the grinning two-year old standing behind them. "It's a Lily."

"Oh" Willow relaxed, smiling. "That's okay then."

"Kiss, Mommies!" Lily giggled. "Misslytoe mean kiss!"

"That it does" Willow agreed seriously.

"It's a Christmas tradition" Tara nodded, pulling Willow closer. "And we can't break a Christmas Tradition.."

"Nope.." Willow leaned in.

"Definitely not.."

"Yay!" Lily cheered, clapping her hands.

Jesse watching his parents, confused.

"This is horrible! Seriously, this is up there with one of the worst things that's ever happened!"

'Why does Daddy look so sad?', Jesse wondered. Lily told him that nobody was 'sposed to be sad at Christmas.

"I don't see why you're so upset about this, Xander" Anya frowned. "It's just an old video.."

"Just an old video?!" yelled Xander in disbelief.

Jesse covered his ears. Daddy wasn't usually so loud.

"Well.. Yes."

"It's not just an old video, Anya, not to me!" cried Xander in despair. "I've watched that movie every year since I was a kid. It's one of the few pleasant memories of my childhood. Without it.. Christmas is ruined."

Jesse's little face twisted into a frown. This wasn't right at all. Somebody had to fix Christmas for his Daddy..