Poseidon's POV

I was sitting in my palace on Mount Olympus reading a book .I know. WHAT! Oh my us! Poseidon's reading! But don't get your hopes up. It was a comic book. Anyways, I was just sitting there when Hermes barged in. "Hey, uncle P! There's a meeting and you're late!" He yelled.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I slouched into the throne room when I noticed something. Athena wasn't there. Wait, why should I care? I sat onto my throne and ran my hand through my messy black hair. "Poseidon, where is Athena?" Zeus boomed.

"How should I know?" I asked taking a sip from my coconut juice.

"Because Poseidon, she's your girlfriend!" Aphrodite squealed. I spit my coconut juice out and Apollo and Hermes burst out laughing. "What! Where did you get that idea?!" I cracked.

"You'll see Poseidon you'll see." She whispered. Everyone looked at her awkwardly.

Just then, Athena walked in. "Sorry guys, I had to try and get away from Amphitrite trying to beat me up. Something about hearing Aphrodite say that I was Poseidon's girlfriend?" She said rubbing her shoulder. Gosh, her grey eyes were as beautiful as always. Wait, what am I thinking? "Athena what happened to your shoilder?" I asked rolling my eyes. "Oh don't go rolling your eyes at me! It's not my fault that your psychopathic wife stabbed me with your trident!" she yelled. I stood up. Even though I was three and a half inches taller than her, her glare actually scares me. "Bu-" I was cut off by Zeus.

"This is why I called you here! You call yourselves gods? You guys act as if you are teenagers like our kids!" He boomed. I facepalmed myself thinking of how many times he had said that in the past years. "Just get to the point." Hera said. I smirked. "Anyways, since most of you have been fighting all these years, you have chosen to behave like teenage demigods. Therefore, I will make you teenagers for one school year so you can see how it feels." At the end of Zeus' 'little' speech, everyone was speechless. The first one who recovered was Athena. "What! What do you mean we have to be teenagers for a year!" she screamed.

"oh, but only the people who fight the most must go. So that means you Athena, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Hepeastus." Zeus said smirking. Oh my us… "WHAT!" we all yelled.

"Oh my us! You know what that means… MAKEOVERS!" Aphrodite squealed.

"No, no, no, and NO!" Artemis and Athena yelled. But before we could all object, the transformation happened.

Golden light started to shine against us. I felt as if I was being hit by a bus. And trust me, that has happened. I felt dizzy as the world started to swirl before my eyes. I could hear screams and shouts. I couldn't see Olympus anymore. I felt a hand grip my shoulder. I turned around to see a pair of eyes. That was when my pair of sea green eyes met those worried gray eyes. Athena. I thought. Then, I completely blacked out.

Athena POV

30 min. later…

Gosh, that hurt. I woke up sprawled onto the throne room floor next to someone. I looked to my left and saw a young man moving. Oh, now I remember. The whole 'turning into teenagers thing'. "Oh my us! I look gorgeous!" I heard Aphrodite scream. I looked up to see myself in front of a mirror. Well, younger me. I had the same stormy gray eyes and my hair was about four inches below my shoulders and wavy. Still chocolate broown. My skin was a nice tan colour and I looked about 16 years old. I turned to my left to see a very happy Aphrodite. She looked about 16 as well and her eyes seemed to change colour every minute. Her hair was blonde and came about three inches past her shoulder. She looked amazing. "Athena! You look amazing! OMG thi-" Aphrodite was cut off by a young man moaning. He opened his sea green eyes a-. wait, see green eyes? "Kelp breath?!" I asked. Poseid raised his eyebrow and said," What? You and Aphy look like you have just walked in on two people." He was completely transformed.

His hair almost looked the same, the messy black hair he had always had. He was about four inches taller than me and he had grown some muscles. His sea green eyes twinkled as it met mine and it made me turn red. Stop it stop it stop it! "A-athena, you look amazing" he stuttered. Meanwhile, Aphrodite was staring at Hepheastus. He looked really good actually, he was tall and muscular. His brown eyes popped out and his curly hair brought out his tan skin. "umm, guys, we should make names." Poseidon said. I turned to Zeus who was the only one left in the throne room. "Well, you can choose your names, but you will be attending Goode highschool and you will be living in a penthouse suite Veranda residences. The key will be waiting for you there and go by the last name Tharson. You will be demigods with the power of , pick your names and see you in a year." Then, he poofed off.

"Okay, I'll go by Kaycie Chamberlain." I simply stated.

"Umm, I'll be Dylan Tharson. I like the name Dylan." Poseidon said smiling.

"I'll be Maya Dallison." Aphrodite squeeked.

"And I'll be Jacob Williams but call me Jake." Hepheastus said. I thought about it for a while and I think the names are pretty good. What bothers me is that Goode Highschool sounds so familiar. And I don't know why! "Now, we need to make reputations." Poseidon said smirking.

"Don't worry, I already thought about that." I said

"When do you stop thinking?" Poseidon asked. I stuck my tongue out.

"Okee, Aphrodite, you are a teenage model and a cheerleader, Hephaestus, you are a football player, Kelp Breath, you are a very good swimmer, and I am a volleyball player and on the debate team." I listed. I'm guessing that everyone liked their titles since by the time that I finished, they were smiling. "I think we should go now." Hephaestus said. A bunch of nods were given as we entered the elevator. "OMG! School starts in a week! You know what that means…. CLOTHES SHOPPING!" Aphrodite screamed. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" we all yelled. It was too late. We were dragged out of the Empire State building getting ready to face our doom.