Chapter 5

Athena's POV

It was about 8:30 when I heard yelling from downstairs. I need to apologize for my breakdown… Anyways, Aphrodite and Hephaestus were watching T.V in their room and didn't want to eat. Not that there was any, but Aphrodite said that Poseidon was ordering pizza. I wonder why he's taking so long… I walked down the stairs in my PJ's and the yelling continued. I opened the door and found Poseidon with a pizza box on the ground. "Poseidon! What took you so long?" I asked as he entered. He glared at me… "What took me so long? I have been out there for like 2 hours!" He yelled. "OOHHH because I got locked out! You didn't answer the door!"

My eyes widened as he put the pizza down. His glare softened. Ha-ha he can never stay mad… "Listen, I'm sorry, its just I got yelled at by an old man an-" My eyebrows rose. "You got yelled at by an old man?" I asked. He put his hand up.

"Long story. Anyways, I've had a long night you?" he asked. I shrugged.

"Eh the normal, reading etc." I simply stated. He smiled.

"The usual. Anyways, what the hades happened to you today? I've never seen you break down like that." He said taking out a slice of pizza. I looked down.

"I don't actually know…" He spit out the chunk of pizza and it landed on my face. "You don't know? Oh my us! The know it all doesn't know something?" He yelped.

Poseidon's POV

I looked at her. Her face red with anger. Just then, I realized what I had done. My eyes widened as I sprinted up the stairs with Athena trailing behind me. "POSEIDOOOONNNNN!" she yelled wiping cheese off her face. I immediately rushed into the room and locked the door leaving a very angry goddess outside knocking and threatening me. The room had a flat screen T.V, a bed, a fur rug and best of all, an AQUARIUM! "Yo boss!" the fish yelled. I waved hi. To mortals, I would have looked like an insane little kid. Well don't blame me, the aquarium spread along one of the walls and was glowing! Probably glow I the dark glass or something.

I was staring at the fishes when suddenly…. The door swung open. An angry Athena shoved me out. "Kelp face! You are sleeping out there tonight!" She yelled as she locked the door. I was still holding my pizza eh whatever. I knocked on the door. "But whyyyyyyy!" I yelled.

"Just because okay and stop acting like a little kid!" she yelled.

"B-but… MEANIE!" I yelled.

"That's what I was born for! Annoying you! Now go!" She yelled.

"Fine." I muttered. Great, just as we were about to make a truce.

I made my way down to the kitchen and fell asleep on the couch. Still holding the pizza.

Next morning…

I woke up to a squeal. A rather loud one. I got up to notice something a teddy bear…. A big one… and I was hugging it…. "What the…." Aphrodite was jumping up and down. "OMG OMG OMG! School starts in like 4 hours!" She screeched. I looked at the clock. Oh come on! Still four am! Who wakes up at four a.m.! Just then, a rustle was heard from the stairs. "Aphrodite! I'm using the bathroom first!" Athena's voice echoed. Aphrodite stood with her arms crossed. "I take way more time than you though! You know there is a beautification process!" Just then, I heard the door lock. Guess thena won this time….

2 hours later…

Everyone was downstairs eating breakfast from McDonalds. Hephaestus ordered it. Hephaestus had on a shirt that said 'this boy is on FIRE!' which I guess made sense and a white hoodie. He had ripped jeans. Just then, the phone rang. Athena walked over and picked it up. She started nodding and suddenly a look of horror passed her face. "Hephaestus, they need you back there. No questions, you just have to go." She said. With a 'poof' of smoke, Hephaestus had gone without a word.

"What was that?" I asked. She nodded a no and sat down. Anyways, that was awkward… Aphrodite had her blonde hair down which reached just below her shoulders. She had on a hot pink tank top and a vest over it. She had on white-checkered shorts and white heels. The typical… Athena, well she had on an off-shoulder t-shirt which was gray and sky blue shorts. Her brown hair was in a side braid and wore vans. I had my messy hair in its normal messy state, a blue plaid mid arm shirt and blue jeans. Teenage clothing!

Athena looked at her watch. "OMG! We're going to be late!" she yelled out. She stood up and grabbed her sling bag that read NYC. I rolled my eyes. "I don't wanna go to school though!" I whined. Aphrodite was already skipping out of the door which left Athena and I. She face-palmed herself. "Poseidon, or should we be calling us by our code names? Yes, we should. DYLAN ANDREW CARSON, JUST GET YOUR LAZY A** OUT OF THAT CHAIR!" she screamed. I jumped up really scared.

"Yes ma'am!" I saluted. She dusted her hands off.

"Now, that's better! Now, hurry up, we need to catch the subway."

I stumbled out of the door following her ears still ringing. Aphrodite was standing by the elevator giggling. I cocked my head sideways. "Umm, Maya? Why are you laughing?" I asked.

"I could hear you all the way here!" *DING* yup, saved by the bell.

When we got to the ground floor, I found the subway station. We walked down the stairs and waited. Yup, more awkwardness… suddenly, "Hurry up wise girl!" A voice shouted. "OMFG! Kelp head wants to actually be early!" A female's voice echoed. I looked behind me to see… Percy, Annabeth, Travis and Katie. I smiled. They didn't notice us. I looked towards Aphy and Athena. I signaled them to be quiet. "Say hi when we get to school." I whispered. They nodded. The subway arrived and we entered. Staying as far away from the demi-gods as possible…

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