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The Tormented Soul: Chapter One

I hate that we were moving. Marilyn was in love with the idea, thinking it was giving my family a new beginning. And my father would do anything that bitch told him to, even if it involved murder. I started at the back of my parent's heads as my father drove down the freeway towards our new home. It was long drive from Seattle and I knew that I'd miss it. Washington might not be the bright and sunny Los Angeles, but it had my friends, didn't have many of those – but it was better then the zero amount I was going to have at my new school.

"Stop frowning, Lilianna, it's unattractive." Marilyn, my step-mother, spoke, breaking the silence of the car.

"Leave her alone, Marilyn" My father whispered softly towards my mother "Once she see's the new house, she'll be in a better mood."

"Doubt it," I scuffed and turned my eyes towards the passing traffic.

My pale green eyes glared towards the cars as they passed; wanting nothing more for my father to turn around and have us head back home.

"How much longer till we get home?" I asked

"Soon," My father looked at my through the rear view mirror "This is going to be good for us Lili, I promise."

I smiled a little, knowing I could resist my father. I was in fact a daddy's girl. His eyes shifted out of the mirror and back onto the road. Grabbing my black Ray-Bans from inside my purse, I slipped them on and grabbed my iPod. Once the music turned on, I was over taken by the fell of the music and it helped this dreadful drive be just a little bit better.

When my dad pulled up into our new driveway, my first impression of the large red brick horror house my father bought for our family. Over grown weeds over took the front yard and the driveway was covered in debris. The rot iron gave along the perimeter of the property was beautify, but dead vines covered it.

"Dad, are you trying to have us live like the Addams family?" I spoke as I got of the car and walked towards the front door.

"No, but you'd make a perfect Wednesday" He smirked

Behind me I could hear the sound of the movers van pulling up to the house, but I didn't turn around to help. Instead I walked through the front door and was welcomed to a large front hall. The aged floorboards creaked beneath my feet. Wood paneling covered the front hall and carried on up the stairs. When I looked to my left, I saw a living room and then to my right was sliding stain-glass doors that went into an office. For my dad no less, seeing as he was a doctor and would want a home office.

"Coming through,"

I side stepped to allow the movers past me as they carried boxes down the hall and towards the kitchen. Ducking up the stairs I walked around and peeked into the room to see which one I'd want for myself. When I came across and room that was painted a faded blue, something inside me told me this was the room. It was large, large enough for my bookcases and everything else for my room.

"Lilianna, come down here please."

I growled at the sound of my mother's voice and turned to leave the room and head back down the stairs. My mother stood at the bottom of the stairs and watched as movers moved about our home, placing boxes and furniture in the places they belonged.

"What do you think of the house, darling. Isn't it fabulous?"

"It's wonderful, Marilyn."

Her fake smile faded from her pale face, I couldn't help but notice her smeared red lipstick that failingly matching her fake red hair "You aren't to call me Marilyn. I'm to be addressed as your mother."

I glared down towards her, my blood running hot with rage "You're not my mother, and you never will be. So I'm going to call you Marilyn, or would you like cunt instead?"

Her mouth fell open and I turned away from her and headed back towards my room. I ran my hands through my dark hair and squeezed my eyes shot trying to rid the thoughts running through my mind like a bad movie. All I saw was red, and it wasn't from the anger I was feeling. When I opened my eyes again, something caught my eyes. A head of blond curly locks. Reaching up I whipped away the traitor tears falling down my cheeks as I followed them down the hall. But when I turned down the corner, I was welcomed to a dead end; two doors on each other my side.

"What the hell?" I whispered to myself in confusion

I shook my head trying to clear my mind and turned back towards my bedroom. When I got to the door I saw two movers with boxes in their arms, my name written across the side.

"Where'd you like these?" He asked

"In here," I whispered softly as I pointed towards my bedroom door.

I looked around my packed room and already felt tired from the word I'd have to do. Boxes were pilled in the middle of my room filled with clothes, books and other trinkets. My bed was already set up and dressed, so I knew that if I grew tired I'd just be able to go to bed. The movers set my bookcases in the corner wall already set up for me with my desk right in front of the slanted window. Walking towards one of the boxes, I opened it up and was happy to see my iPod dock sitting at the top. After having it set up, and my shuffle play list playing, I started to get to work.

Box by box my room started to come together. Slowly my bookcase was filling and my pictures were being hung. When I got to a box full of clothes, I put it to the side, deciding I'd tackle it tomorrow. Just as I was placing picture frames on my beside table, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. Turning around, I saw that my father was standing in the door way. A small smile was across his face and he took a few steps into my bedroom.

"Why aren't you helping Marilyn assemble her Barbie dream house?" I asked, placing a few of my scenery photos of my bedside, and then walking back towards the box

"She passed out an hour ago," He sighed and sad down in my desk chair "I'd really wish you'd warm up to her."

I rolled my eyes and reached down to pick up a photo of my mother "I don't like her, and I never will. I had a mother, and she's dead."

I walked towards him and placed a photo of my late mother on the desk. Looking over towards it, a look of sadness crosses my fathers face before he looked up towards me, and it changed to be even sadder.

"You look just like her," He whispered "You've got her eyes."

Before he could reach out and touch me, I moved away from him and moved to sit at the end of my queen sized bed. My dark lavender bedding surprisingly went with the faded blue of the room, but was contrasted with crazy printed pillows and a quilt made of graphic t-shirts.

"Dad, what is that you need, cause of you just came in here to harass me, and then you can get the fuck out."

I didn't look up towards my father, instead I looked towards my lap and picked with my bitten down chipped nails. Soon my attention moved to the hole that was on my upper thigh of my black opaque tights, I picked at it, causing some of it to run down around my leg.

"I just…wanted to make sure that you were ok." He spoke softly

"I'm fine…" I whispered

"Marilyn told me you snapped at her"

I looked up towards him "I'm not calling her mom. She's going to have to get over it."

My father stood up from the chair and walked of my room, shutting the door behind him. I rubbed my hands over my face and let out and aggravated growl. Since I'd sat down my energy to go anymore unpacking had left and I wanted nothing more then to crawl into bed and never wake up. Tried that already, and you failed. After stripping down and replacing my tights and dress for my tank top and shorts, I turned off my lights and slipped into bed. I stared off into space and looked up at the ceiling, wanting nothing more then to fall asleep, but it wouldn't come.


Just as I was about to fall asleep, a soft voice whispered through my room, snapping me out of my slumber. Well, half slumber. But when I looked around my room, I didn't see anything. But the feeling of someone's eyes on me was definitely there. This house is going to drive me insane, and I could already tell.

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