Raise from the Dead – Chapter Sixteen

They say when you die that you're supposed to see a light, and then you're supposed to walk into it. But that's not what it was like for me. Everything was dark, cold and I felt constricted. Like someone was pressing down on my chest making it hard for me to breathe and move. It felt like forever that I was trapped in that state.

But it wasn't till later that I found myself back in my bedroom. For what I thought was going to be another day in the darkness, I opened my eyes to see my bedroom ceiling. Confused at first, I got up from the ground and looked around to see that it was completely empty, not a trace of my things left.

"What…" I whispered softly to myself and my bare feet padded across the bare floor, the floor I once had covered with my custom rugs. "Dad? Step-monster?"

I called out for my family as I moved out of my room and into the hallway. Our family photos and furniture in the front hall of the top level was gone. My heart started to beat faster with panic as I rushed towards my parents' room and slammed the door open. Gone, everything was gone.

"No, no, no…oh, god. No!" I cried as I ran down the hall and towards the stairs. When I got to the front of the house, I could see that everything that my family had owned was out of this house. A sob sounded from deep within my body with a shaking force and I collapsed down to the ground.

"Oh, child."

I felt Moira wrap her arms around my shaking body and pulled me towards the staircase. She placed me on her lap and held me as I cried.

"What happened? Where is my family? Where are my things?"

"Calm down for me child, and I will tell you everything."

My cries turned from hiccups and my hiccups soon went away. The room fell silence. Moira continued to hold me and I felt nothing buy comfort and motherly love from her. She brushed some hair from my face and I whipped away the tears on my cheek.

"Where have my parents gone?"

Moria sighed softly "They left, three months ago."

"WH-Why would he leave me here? Why would my father leave me here?" I began to cry again.

"He left after the funeral. The grief of being in this home was too much."

"Moria, you-you're not making any sense."

"Just get on with it already; dragging it out isn't going to help the girl."

Looking up I was just able to see Chad walk towards us and stand directly in front of me. He was looking down towards me with the same ones as Moira. Sympathy, sadness, understanding.

"You're dead, kitten. That Nora bitch tried to cut your baby out of you, and you died."

My eyes widened "But, I-I don't remember…I don't remember any of it."

"Most of us don't if it's a violent one." Moira spoke softly

Another sob left my lips and I dropped my head into my hands. I was dead. Some part of me already knew, but something about seeing my house empty. And for someone to tell me, made it even more real. Moira moved forward and hugged me once more and held me tightly.

"Everything is going to be perfect ok, Lili. You've got me, Chad and Tate. You're not alone, we will protect you." She whispered softly, and then it hit me.

"Where's Tate?"

Chad and Moira led me down the stairs and it was like I was stepping into a new place. I was able to hear the voices more clearly, and able to see the other ghosts more also. But I kept my head down and ignored them as much as I could. Even though I was one of them now, I wasn't ready to be one of them completely.

"Tate's right through there," Chad said pointing straight ahead.

Looking up I saw that it was the room his hideaway was in, the place I would usually find him in when searching for him. My hands fidgeted with the hem of my sweater and I walked through the open door.

When I walked in, I saw Tate sitting in the rocking chair, holding something. It was wrapped securely in a blanket, and was clenching tightly to Tate's finger. By the way he was smiling down at him; I was able to see that Tate loved whatever he was looking down at.

"Tate," I whispered softly

To the sound of my voice, Tate looked up towards me with surprise and quickly stood from the rocking chair, but the small bundle in his arms made a noise, distracting him slightly. He looked down towards it before turning and placing it in the crib off to the side in the room, I watched him with confusion. Soon Tate turned back towards me and looked at with shock and wonder.

"You're here," He whispered, almost in disbelief.

I nodded "H-How long have I been gone?"

"Three months, we didn't think you…"

"Tate," I moved towards him till I was only inches away from him "You have to tell me what happened, I-I can't remember anything."

I could feel the tears starting up again, and I could see the panic on Tate's face. He wrapped his arms around me and shushed softly in my ear, holding me close and kissing my forehead. Before the tears could truly start, he moved me over to the chair and sat me on his lap, holding me in his arms.

Slowly he began to tell me everything. From when I went upstairs to get ready for our movie night, to him walking in on Nora trying to cut the baby out of my stomach. Tate also explained how he tried to get me help, but that I bled out too quickly. My father came home from his job to see Tate holding me in the front hall, covered in my blood, and on the brink of death.

"He called 911 and when the paramedics arrived they tried to revive you. They did at one point, and tried getting you to the hospital, but you died before they could get there." Tate cried softly as he held me.

"When did my dad…leave?"

"Three weeks after the funeral." Tate spoke softly "He took everything of yours; I had to stand there and watched as you left with them. It had been so long, and I didn't think that you were coming back to me."

I buried my head into the crook of his neck and held onto him, loving nothing more then the feeling of having his arms wrapped around me once more.

"Tate," I whisper "What were you holding?"

When I looked towards Tate, the smiled that was on his face before returned. The love and excitement was back, like I just reminded him of his favorite thing.

"It's our son." He smiled brightly

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