My family, my home – Chapter Seventeen

I looked towards Tate with wide eyes, shocked at what he just told me. I felt my whole body freeze as I digested the news. Tate walked towards me and looked a little hesitant about approaching me.

"O-Our son?" I whispered, and could feel the prickle of tears in my eyes.

A bright smile spread across Tate's face "Yeah. I-I haven't named him yet, wanting you to be here for something for us to do together."

I hand cupped of my mouth as a cry sounded from my mouth. Tate rushed towards me and wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me close. I wrapped my arms around him and cried deeply into his chest.

"I thought I'd lost him…wh-when Nora stabbed me…I thought we'd never get to see him." I cried happily

"He showed up shortly after you…died." Tate spoke softly to me, as he comforted me "Moira said that he died with a soul, seeing as you were two months pregnant when you died. He died too, so he's here…with us."

I pulled back slightly "Can I hold him? See him?"

"Of course"

I quickly whipped away my tears as Tate led me towards the red crib that I knew Chad had put together. Lying in the crib was a beautiful baby boy. He was chubby with my dark hair and Tate's dark eyes. The moment I saw him, I fell in love. It was like he knew that I was his mother, because his little arms reached up and towards me, and I quickly bent down to pick him up.

"Oh, my god. He's beautiful" I gushed as I held him tightly to my chest.

"He likes to play with fingers, so don't be too shocked if he takes your hand tries to fit the whole thing in his mouth."

I chuckled softly "My dad said I did the same as a kid."

Tate stood beside me as I held our son in my arms and couldn't take my eyes off of him. I heard a soft footstep behind us and turned around to see Chad and walk into our small room. Moira smiled towards me the moment she saw I was holding my son.

"Isn't he precious?" Moira spoke with a smile

I nodded with tears in my eyes "He is. Moira, I wasn't able to ask you this before…everything…but would you be the godmother? You've been more of a mother to me then Marilyn was,"

"I would love nothing more, child" She kissed my forehead "But we came in here to let you know that'll we'll watch the angel as you two have some time to yourself. You've been without each other for three months, I think you need alone time."

I looked around with panic and towards Tate "I don't wanna leave him,"

"We have eternity with him," Tate spoke, "I think one night is ok. I've missed you Lili. I wanna see you,"

I looked down towards my son and watched him. His wide brown eyes looking up towards me with wonder as his toyed with my hand and tried to suck on my finger. His face broke out in a smile and it warmed my heart.

"We need to name him," I spoke softly as I looked down towards him.

"You name him," Tate spoke "He'll have my last name, so I think that's already my choice…you get the first one."

"Matthew," I said without hesitation "I don't know why, but he looks like one."

After holding Matthew for what seemed like forever, Tate was becoming impatient for alone time. Matthew stayed down in the basement with Moira and Chad, while Tate and I moved back to my old bedroom. It was slightly depressing to walk inside and not see any of my things. Nothing of mine left behind.

"It's like I never existed." I whispered sadly

Tate walked over to stand beside me and took my hand gently. He walked me over to the window seat and we sat down together, the sun of the outside world coming in. When I peeked outside, I saw the world moving forward, and knew that I wouldn't be going with it.

"I was happy before, and now I'm just sad again." I whispered, and looked towards Tate "How are we going to be able to do this?"

"Like we always have been, together." He smiled towards me and then it faded slightly "I've missed you Lili. We waited so long for you to come back – and after three weeks, we gave up. I thought Matthew was going to live without you. That you possibly died outside of the house."

When I saw tears start to fall down his cheeks, I suddenly felt terrible. I reached towards him and whipped away his tears before kissing him softly on the lips. He pulled me close to him and brought me onto his lap, crushing out chest together. We sat there for a moment and held each other. To me, sitting in that dark place, didn't feel like three months, more like an hour or something. But the thought of him suffering that long without me made my heart hurt.

"I'm here now, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere." I whispered to him.

"I'm sorry for everything," Tate said as he pulled back to look towards me "But I'm going to be here for you, and Matthew, now. I won't let you down again."

Caressing his cheek softly, I whipped away the left over tears on his cheeks, before kissing him once more. His grip on my body grew tighter as our kiss became a little heated. He pushed me back down on the window seat and settled between my legs as we kissed each other passionately.

"I've missed being with you," Tate spoke, his voice thick and heavy with arousal "Have you missed me baby?"

I whimpered softly and nodded my head as his hand moved between my legs and rubbed against my hot core. He reached for the button of my jeans before pulling them away from my body. Quickly the two of us were bare against each other, grabbing at each other when we could.

"I want you so fucking badly," Tate moaned against my lips, before he slowly thrust into me.

My hand moved up and fisted the back of his head, grabbing and pulling at the hair. Tate began to move above me, slowly and lovingly. His forehead rested against mine as we moved slowly together. My cries we soft, but grew the more and more he moved within me.

"I-I love you," Tate moaned "Oh, Lili. Fuck, I've missed this."

"I love you, too." I whimpered "Fuck…I'm right there…"

Tate moved his fingers towards his lips and licked the tips before moving it down towards my clit, rubbing it in small circles. My head fell back as I felt my climax wash over me, making my back arch towards his chest. Tate's lips met my neck and down towards my shoulder, before he bit down on it softly. We slowly held onto each other.

"God…didn't realize how much I missed that," Tate whispered

My hand moved up and caressed his face softly before kissing him softly on the lips. We shifted so that I was lying beside him, my head on his chest. The day soon went to night and I didn't want to stay away from Matthew too long. Tate understood, and the two of us dressed and went back down to the basement to be with our son.

"You two weren't gone for long," Chad teased when I walked into the small "home" Tate made in the basement.

"I couldn't be from him for too long, I've already missed three months." I smiled as I took Matthew from Moira's arms and move to sit on the rocking chair.

"Well, we should go, leave you kids alone." Moira smiled

Soon enough Chad and Moira were gone, leaving Tate and I alone with our son. Matthew was already falling asleep when I took him for Moira, so I rocked him softly to lully him to sleep.

"He's so much like you," Tate spoke as he pulled a crate over and sat beside us "I could see it everyday that you were his mother."

"You did a good job with him, Tate." I smiled

The smile I loved most crossed his face, showing off his dimples, as he looked down towards his son. Matthew was fast asleep, but I couldn't get up and place him in his cage. I loved the weight of him in my arms.

"How are we going to make a home for him? We don't have furniture or anything" I asked

Tate shrugged "I'm sure if we go up into the attic or something, we can find a few things."

"I'd like that." I stood up and moved to the red crib beside the rocking chair, and softly placed Matthew into the crib "Where did you get the clothes?"

"Some stuff in my hideaway that I'd kept." Tate shrugged

"You are so perfectly good to him." I moved towards him and placed my hands softly on his chest "It's kind of sexy, you as a daddy."

"Yeah?" Tate asked, catching on to where I was going.

"Mmhm, very sexy."

Tate smirked softly before moving down to kiss me once again. My hands moved underneath his shirt and let my hands wander beneath his shirt.

"We possibly have an hour before he wakes," Tate whispered huskily in my ear "I saw we use that hour to our benefit."

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