A Tragic End – Chapter Eighteen

It has been over two months since the Harmon family has moved into the Murder House. I knew a husband, wife and daughter lived here. It was eerie to the fact that they were much like my family, and it was both disgusting and scary. I rarely left the basement during the day, focusing more on my son then anything else. Tate on the other hand, was becoming more and more distant towards me.

Matthew was now older, and it was amazing how he was growing. His hair was no longer dark like mine; it was getting lighter and lighter as the days went. He was a spitting image of his father, and it broke my heart. Matthew appeared to be no older then two years old, and was beginning to talk. He knew how to say "Momma", and called Moira "Nana". He has yet to call Tate anything.

"Kitten, you need to get out of this basement," Chad said from behind me as I sat on the floor with Matthew "I'm starting to think you're suicidal, and you're dead"

"I'm fine, I don't wanna leave Matthew," I spoke softly with a sigh

"Is butt boy would help you…"

"Chad, please." I looked over my shoulder towards him.

Chad was never a fan of Tate, I mean Tate is the reason why he's stuck in this house, but now it has gotten worse. Matthew let out a cry and I knew it was because he was tired, so I picked him up from the floor and walked over to his crib to place him inside. After kissing his forehead, he soon fell asleep.

"Lili, you are unhappy, and it's depressing to look at" Chad spoke, as I closed the door behind me that led into our space in the basement "You need to do…something"

"And what would that be?" I asked, "I'm stuck in this house for the rest of my immortal life. I can't leave, and I can't do a damn thing."

"Halloween is coming soon." He smiled

"And what does that have to do with anything?"

"We're able to leave this house on Halloween. You and Carter and go and do something with the little monster."

"We can leave?" I spoke with hope "For how long?"

"The whole date, we have to be back before the nights over. But I'm sure you and Carter can think of something."

I nodded and a small smile graced my face "What about Tate?"

A look crossed Chad's face, "He's set a date with the girl upstairs…"

"What?" I spoke, my heart breaking

"He seems to be getting super close with her. Violet is a lot like you kitten. He seems to be moving on."

Chad kissed my forehead before moving towards the other end of the basement. I stood there feeling heartbroken and confused. Tate promised me that we'd be together, and that we'd get through this together. But I knew the moment he saw Violet, that he was no longer mine. A loud sob ripped through my body, and I collapsed to the floor. If it weren't already dead, I could say that I was dying from a broken heart.

Night has fallen and I knew the Harmons were asleep. Moira was spending time with Matthew, and Tate has once again been MIA, that I decided to go and walk around for a moment. Chad was right, being in that basement for two months straight was fucking with my mind. As I reached the first floor, I knew no one was around. My feet slowly began to lead me towards what was once my bedroom. When I walked in, I saw her. Violet. She was listening to music and was sitting with Tate. I knew she couldn't see me as I walked in, but Tate. He looked right towards me and his face was filled with worry.

"Tate? What is it?" Violet asked

Tate shook his head "Nothing"

Violet looked straight towards me, but I knew she couldn't see me. I wasn't going to let her. The anger I felt towards this girl was making me see red and I wanted nothing more then kill her. She was ruining my family. She was ruining everything that I had literally died for.

"Lilianna," I heard Carter speak from beside me "Come on, you don't need to see this"

I glared towards Tate, as I felt Carter pulling on my arm "You better protect her Tate, unlike what you did to me."

I could see the hurt of my words all over Tate's face. He was acting as if I wasn't there, but I knew I hit a sore spot. I left with Carter and went upstairs into the attic. Hanging out with Beau, Tate's older brother was one of my favorite things to do. Beau was always happy to see me, no matter what. When I walked up the stairs and towards the area I knew he'd be staying, I could see him smile towards me and push his red ball towards me.

"You need to stop this Lili," Carter spoke as he sat beside me "Egging him on isn't going to help."

"He's cheating on my Carter. What else do you want me to do? Stand by and get walked on? I have a son with him, and he's abandoning me for some blonde chick." I spoke angrily as I pushed the red ball back towards Beau.

"Let him go then…."

I shook my head and let out another cry "I can't…I love him…"

"He's using you Lilianna. Can't you see that? He's been using you since the beginning. He doesn't love you, he's a sociopath and they don't have feelings."

From in front of me, I heard Beau let out a noise that he usually made when others were upset. I sent him a watery smile, so that he could see that I was ok. Even though inside I was really wasn't. Carter wrapped his arm around me and held me close as I cried out onto his shoulder.

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