Twilight's Attempt
Naruto x Twilight Sparkle
Author's Note
Based off of Dragonboi65's Twilight's Last Trick. Its going to be a two-chapter story.
Story Start

"Thanks for helping me rearrange my library today." Twilight Sparkle stated as she trailed down the ladder. She let out an exhausted huff as sweat dripped down her light purple fur.

A grin formed on the face of her orange skinned companion. "It was nothing," he glanced out through the library window and saw the moon and stars were high in the sky.

"Something on your mind Naruto?" Twilight asked the stallion who merely shook his head.

"No, just, realizing how long it took us to rearrange everything." he couldn't help but let out a yawn.

"Sorry," she remarked, making circles in the ground with her hoove. "You probably found the whole thing boring." she fought back a sigh. Why was this so hard? Why couldn't she tell him how she felt? The entire day he was here and she hardly said a thing. She really wished she had Rainbow Dash's confidence or Applejack's determination. Nothing in the books she read warned her that she would be this nervous.

"A bit, but you needed my help. I'm happy to help my friends," Naruto said in an attempt to cheer her up.

A smile formed on Twilight's face. It was so Naruto, he cared about those around him. "Do you want to stay for dinner? I can make you something."

"Its okay. I'm not all that hungry, I'm still full from lunch." he kindly rebuffed her offer. "Goodnight Twilight, I'll see you tomorrow."

"W-Wait..." she quickly moved in front of him, startling him. "I mean...its kind of late, I can set you up in the guest room?" she offered. She didn't want him to leave. Her feelings for him had steadily grew the more time they spent around each other. Few stallions had proven to be as kind, loyal, and courageous as Naruto. He had so many traits that Twilight not only admired, but found herself attracted to. As such she had developed a desire to be closer to him, especially with the spring season around the corner. Ever since her brother Shining Armor married Princess Candace and she danced with Naruto after the celebration her feelings for him bloomed into that of a romantic interest. After all, opening her heart to having friends made her life so much better. She not only learned many things from her experiences, but also made so many great memories. So it was the most logical thing to open her heart to love as well right?

"Thanks, but I really think I should go home. I'll see you tomorrow okay?" Naruto couldn't help but wonder why Twilight was acting so strange.

Twilight's chances were quickly diminishing and she had to think of something FAST! What was she suppose to do? She quickly began recalling everything she read about this situation. She had spent weeks researching on the topic, even on methods on how to get a stallion to spend the night. As Naruto neared the door she jumped in front of him, spun around, and crouched down low so that her hind end was high in the air which revealed her 'special area.'
This display stunned Naruto into stillness.

"Well? What do you think? Do you want to?" she asked in an anxious voice as she desperately awaited his answer. "We can do this if you want."

"Twilight, what are you..." his voice came out in a hot whisper. His face went red as he started to have a reaction. He wasn't even sure what to follow up with. He was trying to make sense of what was going on. This wasn't like her at all.

Twilight was confused. "Don't you want you to?" didn't Stallions like proving their virility and mounting mares.

"Twilight..." something passed through the blond's eyes. He was about to make a gesture, but he stopped himself.

"I...I can't." he maneuvered past her and took off as fast as he could. 'I...what was I doing back there? I almost lost control. I...I could have hurt her in such an unforgivable way.'

Meanwhile Twilight was rooted in the doorway, wondering what went wrong? Was she too forward? Not forward enough? Did she read the wrong signals? Though there was something else the books forgot to mention. And that was how much the rejection would hurt.
Chapter End
The second part will definitely be much longer, as least two to three times the size of this chapter. I hope you guys are enjoying the updates.