This is a GKM response to a prompt made by an anonymous user. LingeringLilies thought it would be a good idea for everyone to fill these, since the fandom has been slacking off lately. I took an easy one that wasn't so much kink. Although there will be sex, hence the M rating.

I don't know how long this story will be, maybe a few chapters, maybe more.


She was sitting in class trying not to doze off listening to Professor Langham talk about his theories on existentialism when her cell phone buzzed. She reached down and rifled through her purse until she found her phone tucked away in the side pocket.

A text from Sam.

Brittany recked her bike at her mortar cross practiss.

Santana had to reread the text a couple times to make sure Sam was telling her what she thought he is telling her. Motherfucker didn't have the decency to call, the least he could do was use the spell check on his phone.

That's when she realized her face was reddening and her ears were burning. She was furious. Not at Sam and his idiocy though, but at the fact that Brittany got hurt and she wasn't there. She's always been there. Ever since Brittany took up this ridiculous sport in the 7th grade.

It took Santana a moment for everything to register before she was simultaneously closing up her book and dialing Sam's number. She walked out class with out so much as a peek over her shoulder to see if anyone, namely the professor, noticed.

It only took two rings before Sam picked up, his voice hushed.

"Santana. I wasn't sure if you'd be in class this late or not and didn't know if I could call."

"Whatever Trouty. Is Brittany alright?"

"Yeah I think so. She was kind of out of it when we took her to the hospital but the doctor said he thinks it's just a broken leg. He won't let me in to see her though, because I'm not related to her, even though I tried to tell him I was her brother. They're going to keep her overnight."

Santana's mind was reeling with how much pain a broken leg can cause and images of Brittany's face scrunched up in agony and panic. It made her heart clench.

"I'll be there in a couple hours."

She was already lowering her phone to hang up as she heard Sam's protests that her parents would be there soon and that she didn't have to drive all the way up there.

Yeah right her parents will be there soon. Santana was there the first time she fell off her bike. She broke her collarbone and fractured a couple of ribs. Her parents only showed up when it was time to take her home and they didn't even bring the pillow Santana told them to bring, per the doctor's orders to make the ride more comfortable.

It wasn't even a question of Santana driving all the way to Lima General to see Britt. She didn't think twice. Her Brittany, regardless of who she was dating, was hurt and she always promised that she would be there for her. It was bad enough that she missed her practice for the first time in 5 years.

True to her word, almost exactly two hours later Santana was pulling into the hospital parking lot. She didn't even bother looking for the visitor section as she whipped into the first empty parking spot. She dodged an exiting ambulance as she ran into the hospital, her hand dialing Sam's number again.


"What floor is she on? "

"The 4th floor, she just got out of surgery and no one is allowed in. You really didn't—"

She didn't need to hear the rest of what he had to say. She found the elevators with out a problem and promptly hit the button that led her to the fourth floor. When she got there Sam was waiting with a scowl on his face. He stood up when he saw her and walked over to her.

"What room is she in?" Santana asked with a sense of urgency that her balling fists and frantic eyes matched.

"406, but I just tried to get in again and they won't let anyone in unless they are family. It's no use."

Santana ignored him as she walked towards room 406. She had her hand on the door handle when a nurse placed an unwelcome hand on her wrist.

"Ma'am, Miss Pierce isn't permitted any friends right now, so I suggest you take a seat next to her boyfriend."

Santana cringed at the title. Boyfriend. She wasn't sure if she could ever get used to that.

"Is Doctor Lopez here?" Santana asked with an edge of indignation.

"Um… yes… he…" The nurse stuttered.

"Mija?" As if on cue Santana's father turned the corner, surprised to see his daughter in his hospital.

"Daddy. Brittany is in there, hurt, and this woman won't let me in."

Dr. Lopez eyed his daughter and then the nurse before stepping in and opening the door to Brittany's room. Santana walked in with out any hesitation and heard the nurse apologizing and explaining that she had no idea that Santana was his daughter. Their voices drowned out as soon as the door shut behind her and her eyes fell on the sleeping beauty in the middle of the room.

On the other side of the door Sam was watching with a hint of jealousy, but mostly he was just glad that Brittany had her best friend in there with her instead of being alone, despite their past. Deep down he knew they were never going to be really over which would explain why when Brittany was in and out of consciousness it wasn't him or her parents that she was calling for, it was Santana.

Santana froze when she saw Brittany in the hospital bed. Her eyes were closed, there was a huge gash just below one of her eyebrows that looked like it had been cleaned up. Her lips were parted and her mouth hung in a slight frown. If Santana didn't know the way Brittany's face normally looked when she slept she probably wouldn't had even noticed. Again her heart hurt for the blonde.

She slowly made her way over to the chair in the corner. She was careful not to make any noise as she pulled it closer to the bed, closer to Brittany. She sat down just as carefully and watched Brittany breath in and out for a moment before her eyes drifted over too still her body.

The blue hospital blanket covered her for the most part, all expect for a single leg that was suspended in the air, in a huge cast. One of her hands was lying on her stomach over the blanket and Santana could see a few minor scratches on her pale skin. She shifted her gaze to Brittany's face as she blindly took her hand in her own. The moment Santana's tan skin mingled with Brittany's and warmed her chilled hand, Brittany's features softened.

"I'm so sorry Britt-Britt. I should have been there. I should have been yelling from the sideline to be more careful. I should have… I should have…. I should have never left." Santana choked out, tears forming in her eyes. Her mouth quivered and she used her free hand to wipe away the tears. She was crying for so many different reasons. She wasn't sure if she was even allowed to cry. She caused this.

After a few moments of Santana whispering "I'm sorry"s and even quieter "I love you"s there was a knock on the door. Santana stiffened and straightened up before quietly telling the knocker that they could come in. Her hand never left Brittany's as she subconsciously moved her body closer to the sleeping girl. It was a protective gesture with a splash of territoriality.

Santana's father opened the door and peeked inside.

"Hey baby girl. I see she's still knocked out. She was put on a pretty hefty dose of morphine so she should be out of it for a while."

Santana nodded as fresh tears started to blossom under this new information. It was a reminder of how much pain Brittany must be in to require so much medication.

"Shh. It's okay. Brittany is going to be just fine. I read her report and it's just a fractured femur and a few cuts and bruises." Dr. Lopez reassured his daughter, noticing her turmoil. He walked over to her and began stroking her hair lovingly.

"It's all my fault. I always remind her to stay focused before each practice…" She wipes at a falling tear, trying to stay poised "…and the first time I'm not there this happens." Santana said in a half hearted laugh while she motioned to Brittany's casted leg.

She was trying to lighten the mood that felt darker than the deepest cave at the moment. Not only was the love of her life laying a hospital bed because of an injury that she wasn't there for, but she wasn't even her girlfriend anymore and she didn't know if Brittany would even want her there when she woke up. What if she blamed it all on Santana too, and then banished her from her life for not being there in the first place?

"Oh mija." The man shook his head and smiled at his daughter. "This isn't your fault. These things happen when you enter such a dangerous sport. Brittany knew that going into it, and that had nothing to do with you."

Santana wanted to believe her father, she really did, but maybe being with Brittany made her a little superstitious. Maybe Brittany did rub off on her a little, because her heart and her head were telling her that this was all her fault.

"I came in to see how you were doing and to tell you there is mighty persistent young man waiting out there to see Brittany." He turned his head to see if Sam ignored his advice and did in fact follow him to the room. He hadn't. "Should I let him in or send him home... what do you think Brittany would want?"

Santana was so close to telling her father to send Sam home until he added in that last part about what Brittany would want. Of course Brittany would want her boyfriend in the room, probably instead of Santana.

With a sad voice she began to answer her father, "You should probably let him—"

Santana's hand was being squeezed. Her eyes widened and shot down and sure enough Brittany's grip was tightening around hers. She looked up and saw dim blue eyes searching her face.


Santana opened her mouth but instead of words, a sad squeak was her answer.

"What are you doing here?" Brittany asked in a curious voice that was still hoarse from sleep.

It took her a few seconds but Santana was finally able to clear her throat and form words. "You got hurt. I drove up."

Brittany seemed to be thinking about her answer as her eyes scanned the room. She was confused. She looked over the room realizing where she was. Then she looked from Santana to Dr. Lopez and finally to her leg… bound in a cast and hanging in the air.

"My leg is floating." She said in a pout.

"Your leg had to be suspended to make sure you didn't move in your sleep and cause further damage. We can take it down if it would make it more comfortable for you and if you make sure not to move it." Dr. Lopez put on his doctor voice as soon as Brittany spoke up about her injury.

"What's wrong with it?" Brittany asked, trying to remember what happened to her through her grogginess.

"Well you suffered from a femoral shaft fracture. The weight and speed of your motorbike when it hit you caused your thigh bone to fracture. Your surgeons went in and inserted a metal rod into your bone to repair it. We'll be keeping you for a couple of days to make sure that its the only damage that was caused. Your Xrays came back it doesn't appear as though you have any internal bleeding, so that's a plus."

Brittany was grateful for the laymen terms Santana's dad tried to put everything in, knowing Brittany wasn't the most knowledgeable person when it came to things like anatomy. She was still kind of confused though, and when Santana saw it written all over Brittany's face she leaned in closer to her and explained what happened.

"You got in an accident during practice today and your bike slammed into your leg. It messed up one of your bones and the doctors fixed it. You're going to be okay but it has to stay in a cast for a little while."

Brittany's bottom lip quivered. "Coach Sylvester is gonna be so mad at me. I'll be too heavy for the other girls and I'll have to be on the bottom of the pyramid."

"Britt, you can't cheer with a broken leg."

Brittany was already starting to cry when she thought she was going to be on the bottom of the pyramid, but now that she was told she wouldn't be able to cheer at all she was struck with an onslaught of sobs.

"What…am…I…gonnna….do-o-o?" Brittany asked, her tears never slowing down as they streamed down her rosy cheeks.

"Oh sweetie. It's okay. Shh." Santana caressed Brittany's hand as her own was being squeezed even tighter with each rack of sobs. The Latina leaned onto the hospital bed so that Britttany could bury her face into her shoulder. Santana wrapped her up into the best hug she could, given their position. "It's only for a few months, then you can go back… probably in time for Nationals."

Santana looked to her father for support but he was already looking skeptical about her last statement. He cleared his throat to try and get Brittany's attention. When Brittany finally ran out of tears enough to where she was left with just a few sniffles she looked up and into Santana's eyes. The pools of brown always had the same affect on her and she was slowly feeling herself calm down. No matter what was going on Santana's eyes always told her that she was never alone.

"Brittany I'm sorry about what happened, but I need to run through a few questions with you. Okay?"

The blonde finally eased herself out of Santana's arms and her sure gaze as she moved herself to a somewhat sitting position. She nodded for Dr. Lopez to continue when she felt situated.

"Are you feeling any discomfort?"

Brittany gave him a weak nod.

"Where at?"

"Everywhere." She hadn't realized until he asked but she ached all over. Her head was pounding, her chest hurt, her stomach hurt and not only did her leg hurt but it itched like crazy.

"On a scale from one to ten, ten being the worst amount of pain what would you say your pain is?"

Brittany looked at Santana hoping she would have the answer for her like she always did in the classes they shared. But the brunette just looked at her and raised her eye brows, asking the same question with out so many words.

"A 6 I think. Maybe a 6 and a half."

"Okay I'll have them put you on a rotation to get a drip of morphine every 45 minutes starting as soon as I leave, how does that sound?"

Brittany just shrugged. Santana's dad asked a few more routine questions and wrote them down on her paperwork.

"Okay, I think that just about covers it for now. The nurse will be in here shortly to get you started on some more pain medication." He turned to leave before spinning around as if he forgot something. "Oh yeah, there is a boy out there wanting to see how you are doing, Sam I think. He's been waiting out there since you arrived, would you like for me to send him in."

Santana shot her dad a glare, to which he responded with kind but firm eyes. This was up to Brittany, not her.

"Yeah, I guess." Brittany said slowly.

As soon as her dad left the room to go fetch Sam, Santana started sliding her hand out of Brittany's. When Brittany noticed this her brow furrowed and her bottom lip jutted out in a pout. She chased after Santana's hand and put it back where it belonged. Holding hands was not something they needed to hide just because Sam was coming in. Brittany holds hands with lots of people, and right now Santana's hand was the only thing that she was sure was keeping her from floating away with her leg.

A second later Sam was speed walking into Brittany's room and rushing to her side. The opposite side of Santana.

"Brittany, I'm so glad you're okay! I tried getting in so many times, but they wouldn't let me. I guess it's a good thing Santana's dad works here." He said before placing a soft kiss on Brittany's bruised cheek.

Santana rolled her eyes and squirmed in her chair. She didn't want to see them but she knew she couldn't leave, not with Brittany holding on so desperately to her hand. Besides, she knew she wasn't going to leave Brittany's side…

"Santana can you give us a minute?"

…unless she asked her to.

Santana mumbled a "yeah" as she slipped her hand out of Brittany's and walked out of the room. She was already missing the other girl's hand in her own, but as she looked back once more before leaving the room entirely she saw her hand was already being replaced by Sam's.

Santana kept her head ducked and avoided all eye contact as she made her way back to the main floor and out through a side door. She just needed a second to gather her thoughts and fill her lungs with a little smoke.

She didn't smoke cigarettes often, she never did. She thought it was kinda gross and cigars always looked much cooler, but after she ended things with Brittany she found the world to be a much more stressful place.

She was leaned up against the side of the building, just about to take a final drag, when someone settled up beside her.

"I have to go home and get dinner started, and Brittany's about to fall asleep again. I told everyone else to wait until tomorrow to come and visit. But, I'm sure she'd want you in there, since apparently her parents aren't going to be able to make it tonight."


"Look, I know you don't like that me and Brittany are dating and I'm sorry about that. But, I know how important you are to her and you're still her best friend and that's never going to change. She really misses you. Like, all the time. I hope there's no hard feelings between us."

"We're good." Santana nodded slowly. She wished she could hate him, but how could she blame him. Brittany was perfect and she let her go. It was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of Brittany's singleness. At least it wasn't Finn or Artie.

Sam took what he could get and started walking back to his car.

"Hey Sam." Santana called for him.

He turned around and waited.

"Thanks… for letting me know."

He wasn't sure if she meant for letting her know about the accident, or for what he just said, but he smiled. "Of course, Santana."

Santana tossed her cigarette into a nearby ashtray and took in a deep breath before going back inside the hospital and up to room 406. It didn't matter if Brittany was sleeping. She would be in there fighting off any bad dreams that Brittany might have and waiting for her when she woke up.

PS: I'm not a doctor and no nothing about the practice. So I apologize for any errors regarding Brittany's injuries and/or cast.