I walk out on the huge round stage, with two purple-ish, pink-ish round couches facing each other and a glass coffee table sat between them. The audience starts clapping. The sixteen padawans followed me out. "Hello everybody! I'm sure you all know these guys." Em, Olivia, Leith, Finn, Felix, Dodge, Jason, Raven, Drake, Dawn, Zasha, Lilly, Claire, Ahsoka, Jynx and O-mer all wave and smile at the crowd. "I'm just gonna explain what this is: This is where we just goof off like the idiots we are. But anyways, Olivia? " She stands up, having trouble with the three-and-a-half inch heels Massie Block from the clique forced her into. Told her it made her look "ah-mazing", sadly she tricked me into that too. I tap my nails against the couch arm that was on the left side. "Please take all the time you need, it's not like we have an audience falling asleep over here." She glares at me. You can here Drake whisper in a sing-song voice. "Someone needs a midol." Emelia glanced at him and said "Your mic is on." He looked down at his shirt where there was a itsy-bitsy mic. "Oh! Is that what it is? I thought it was some type of transporter!" I face-palmed myself. Olivia finally managed to regain her balance long enough to speak. "The first four lucky reviewers will win a 'I *heart* the padawan series' T-shirt for your characters in your 'fanfics'." She made quotes around fanfics. "And you got until the next episode to review. All you have to do is review and put the shirt in your fanfiction, the T-shirts come in many colors and up to a size 21X. That's about it." I stand up off the couch and say "Let the gut-busting laughter begin!" Zasha spoke before the gut-busting laughter could begin. "Oh girl I love your nails!" I held up my hand, to show my pink and purple nails. "Thanks! Now can we begin?" She gestures for me to continue. "I would like to begin with my favorite video involving a certain youngling and togruta." I reach for the remote and hit play. A huuuuge plasma TV slowly came down from the ceiling, then reached for the tiny gold bell on my table. "Anyone like seafood?" They all nod while I ring the bell. Dooku comes out wearing a maid outfit that shows his hairy, hairy legs while pushing a long cart with platters on them. He tied a napkin around the padawans necks, then threw a napkin at my face. "Now play." Lilly hit play on the remote.


Dodge did a spit-take. I took the remote from Lilly. "Fast forward! Rewind! Fast forward! Rewind!" I exclaimed while hitting buttons. Gagging noises came from crowd. Without turning around, I told them "There's barf bags under the seats!" I was officially laughing like a hyena from the lion king. "Miss?" My manager Coral came out on stage. I'm gonna say something now: Coral is my cat. My actual cat. I'm not joking for once. I call her quote, un-quote "Snooty-booty" Her tail lashed. "Yeah... Bad human!" Coral took the remote of wonders from me and started hitting me with it! "Uncle! Uncle!" The evil calico cat that stood before me stopped hitting me with that... Remote... "That's all for today!" I tell the camera dude. Or is it a dudette? The crowd and the padawans were still barfing, so I said goodbye for them. "And the padawans say goodbye." *Retching noises from everyone* "They'd do it themselves, but they're busy puking their guts out. Be sure to review for your OC's T-Shirt. Peace out!"