"Hello, and welcome to "The padawan series show" Valentine special." I exclaimed. There was red and pink everywhere I turned, I'm not a big fan of pink (unless it's the singer), but I thought our special guest would like the color. Well, everything wasn't just pink and red.
The girls and the dudes were wearing outfits that had nothing to do with Valetines. Then again, my outfit didn't have anything to do with today either: A sleevless sky blue turtle neck, white jeans (It's freakin -5 degrees, of course I'm wearing jeans) and a pair of my favorite boots. They were brown with fringes on them. "I would've posted this earlier, but I just started a FictionPress profile. My user name is Waterlover13. I would've went with OceanLover, but someone already has that." I informed. "I wrote a story, a musical and a poem. You'll hear the poem later today on the show. Anyways, in 'Lawless' you thought you saw Satine "die", but no sirree! She's here on "The padawan series show", with Obi-wan Kenobi!"
Just as I finished my sentence, Satine and Master Kenobi walked out on stage. Em, Raven, and Drake applauded the loudest while the other padawans smiled and muttered a "Hello". Finn and Dawn looked plain bored. "Hello, Duchess Satine, it's great to have you and not your ghost here." Satine grinned, possibly sympathetically. And I believe that sympathy was for me. (T_T)
"Today, we're doing a Whose Line Is It Anyway theme!" And the crowd goes crazy! "We had people write down ideas, so if you don't like any of the suggestions, blame it on the person who wrote it. Felix?" Felix got up from his seat. "Here points DO MATTER, 'cause the winner doesn't get embarrassed. There'll actually be teams, girls .vs. boys. Emerald.H doesn't count 'cause sadly: she's the host and she gets to torture us with humor. Let the humiliation begin... Again." I clap as the girls + Satine sat on the same couch as me, and the boys + Obi-wan sat on the opposite couch. I had the purple and pink couches traded with snow white couches. "Alright-y, first up: Obi-wan vs Zasha *cue laughter from audience*, you are working at Walmart when Zasha starts trash talking your boss. *More laughter* And Obi-wan decides to take up for your boss. First one to laugh and\or grin, loses. P.S. The store is closed, and you guys are getting ready to go home." Zasha got up, as did Kenobi. The coffee table was moved and the couches were more far apart.

Zasha: *Pretending to mop floors* I can't believe he didn't give me a raise!

Obi-wan: Who are you talking about?

Zasha: Mr. Gibson!

Obi-wan: Our boss?

Zasha: No duh, Sherlock!

Obi-wan: Well, why are you mad?

Zasha: *Face-palm*

Obi-wan: *Copies Zasha*

Zasha: I swear, that piece of bantha poop is purposely trying to make me mad.

Obi-wan: Mr. Gibson isn't a piece of "Bantha poop"

Zasha: *Laughs* I'm sorry, but you sounded like a kid saying "I don't pick my nose!"

I chuckled. He really did sound like that. I looked around the studio and saw Olivia shoving a strawberry in Dodge's face. I have no clue why, but I went "Hey, Olivia. Quick question: If you eat meat, and then you shape shift into that animal, doesn't that make you a cannibal?" I asked. Olivia stopped messing with Dodge and looked at me with with confused brown eyes. [I know in the padawan series begins, she has green eyes. But I changed it.] "BRB" She said as she got up and went to go possibly puke. Dodge nodded at me. "Thanks."

"For what exactly?"

"Making Olivia stop shoving that thing in mah face."

"Actually, I wasn't trying to. I honestly thought transforming into the animal she eats make her a cannibal." I replied. O-mer was keeping track of the score, so on the score board he wrote


Lilly took one look at the score, took my cards and started flipping through them. "Nope... Nu-uh... Not gonna happen... Bingo!" She exclaimed after a lot of muttering. I snatched the cards. "After Coral reads her-slash-my poem." Coral walked on stage.

"Oh human, oh human,
So lazy and stupid
Just so you know, I just made a poopeth

It's your turn to clean out the box,
Once you're done yelling at the mutt who ate your socks
Where's my food, you lazy human?
I prefer fish on a golden dish

Uhhhh... The last part scares me... "Anyhoo..." I said. I looked down at my cards and read them. "No... Not like this." MY WORST NIGHTMARE IS COMING TRUE!
Barney the dinosoar walked on stage with clowns behind him, singing that horrible 'I love you, you love me' song. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" I screeched. Then I fainted.

To be continued