This is just an idea I had. Hope you like it. Let me know if you want me to continue.

The Straw Hat crew had been given a devise that looked very similar to one of the dials from Skypia. It had been given to them by an old lady as a way of thanks after they had helped her get back to her home island.

Now this devise was a portal. It can take the users anywhere they want (as long as you had been there before) all they have to do is think about where they want to go. Portals like this however only had a limited number of uses this one originally had hundreds, but by the time it came into the Straw Hats possession it only had 10. So it could only be used 10 more times.

Though the dial may have come in handy later the Straw Hats had already decided how they were going to use it. It would be an opportunity for them to visit their hometowns (those that had hometowns left) or another place that was important to them. So they decided they would all have one use of the dial each and then use the last one to bring them back to the New World which they were currently.

To decide how went first they put the numbers 1-9 on separate pieces of paper and stuck them in Luffy's straw hat, and then one by one they each drew a number out of the hat indicating which order they would go in.

Nami was first, after Nami it was Sanji, then Chopper, Robin, Zoro, Usopp, Brook, Frankie, and last was Luffy.

So Nami took the dial in her shaking hands. She was shaking mostly from excitement. She hadn't been home in over 2 years and she had changed a lot. Taking in a deep breath she closed her eyes focusing her mind on Conomi island, as she began to exhale she pressed the button on the portal. With that a large bubble (not unlike the bubble that coated their ship when they sailed to Fishman Island) surrounded the Thousand Sunny, and then everything went white.

Next thing Nami knew was that she had a splitting headache and she was lying on the deck of the Sunny. Sitting up she saw that the rest of her Nakama were feeling the same way, 'this teleportation stuff is rough' she thought rubbing her head. Suddenly her mind focused as she remember what she had done with the portal. She jumped up swaying a little as the effects of the portal hadn't quite warn off and she ran over to the rail of the Sunny.

Her face lit up as she recognised her home island. Right in front of her was Conomi island.

"We made it, it worked!" Shouted Nami bubbling with excitement. She couldn't wait to see Nojiko.

"Wow so that's your home island" said Chopper as he walked up next to Nami (along with the rest of the crew who have all mostly recovered from the effects of the portal)

"It looks Suuuupppperrr"

"Yohohohohoh, so exciting"

"Come on let's go ashore already" exclaimed Luffy as he began to get impatient.